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Bob Vander Plaats Joins Right's Flailing Starbucks Protest: VIDEO



Social conservatives are keeping up oppositional pressure on Starbucks over the company's support for gay marriage and equality in general.

Though the coffee giant has basically shrugged at the protest, Iowan anti-gay activist Bob Vander Plaats, a three-time failed gubernatorial candidate who wields mind-boggling power as head of the Family Leader, yesterday released a new video explaining to his followers that he's given up on Starbucks because the company "turned their back on God's design for the family," and he's urging others to, as well.

As we know, of course, this protest has had no impact on Starbucks: the company's stock has only risen since the protest began.

Watch Vander Plaats' desperate plea, AFTER THE JUMP.

Update: Joe.My.God points out that this video is an updated version of a previous Vander Plaats video, one in which he erroneously claimed Starbucks believes "God's design of marriage is bad for America."

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NOM's Brian Brown, Bob Vander Plaats Lead Crowd of Chanting Bigots at Anti-Gay Iowa Rally: VIDEO


NOM's Brian Brown was on hand with The Family Leader's Bob Vander Plaats yesterday at the Iowa Capitol to demand lawmakers put a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage to a vote.

Check out videos of Brown and Vander Plaats' speeches, plus a news report, and a clip of red-shirted 'Family Leader' bigots chanting for the right to vote to take away the rights of gay people, AFTER THE JUMP...

The AP reports:

Bigots_iowaVander Plaats, a former gubernatorial candidate who led the campaign to oust three state Supreme Court judges after their decision to allow gay marriage in 2010, joined other gay marriage opponents at the Statehouse for a Tuesday news conference. They unveiled petitions, signed by about 20,000 people, demanding that lawmakers debate the resolution that would put the constitutional amendment to a vote.

IAThe Republican-controlled House has approved the resolution, but it hasn't been brought up in the Democrat-controlled Senate. Senate Majority Leader Michael Gronstal, D-Council Bluffs, said he will block debate on the measure during the final month of the session, which is scheduled to end in the middle of April.

Check out videos of Brown and Vander Plaats' speeches, plus a news report, and a clip of red-shirted 'Family Leader' bigots chanting for the right to vote to take away the rights of gay people.


Blogger AKSARBENT has a good report on the counter-protest and response from LGBT rights group One Iowa.

As does Ames Patch:

Democratic senators shot back at Vander Plaats, who unsuccessfully ran for governor three times and is now the front man in the effort to ban gay marriage.

“The truth needs to be told: Bob Vander Plaats needs to get a real job instead of working on spreading a message of hate and discrimination,” said state Sen. Matt McCoy, D-Des Moines, who is openly gay. “It’s time for Bob Vander Plaats to hang it up. He’s been running for governor for what seems like the last 20 years.”

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The Family Leader, NOM, and Catholics to Hold Hate Rally in the Iowa Capitol Today

Iowa's most virulent anti-gay activist, Bob Vander Plaats, is holding a hate rally in the Iowa Capitol today at 10 am, the Des Moines Register reports:

VanderplaatsThe Family Leader, a conservative Christian organization, will hold a rally in the Capitol Rotunda aimed at convincing the state Senate’s Democratic leaders to take up a proposed constitutional amendment prohibiting same-sex marriages...

...The Family Leader rally, sponsored in conjunction with the National Organization for Marriage and, will implore the Senate to “let us vote.” The organization, headed by former gubernatorial candidate Bob Vander Plaats, also expects to deliver a petition containing more than 20,000 signatures in favor of the amendment in the coming week.

“Even though the economy dominates the legislative discussion, it is apparent that Iowans want to be heard on this issue as well,” Vander Plaats said in a statement announcing the rally. “Teaming up with the Catholic community for this rally sends a strong message to Democratic Senators to ‘let us vote.’”

IALGBT rights group One Iowa will be holding a counter-protest outside the building. According to the paper, it "will feature speakers from Iowa Republicans for Freedom, a GOP group that supports same-sex marriage, the Interfaith Alliance of Iowa, the AFSCME Council 61 union, state Sen. Matt McCoy and a married couple from Solon."

Think Progress LGBT has posted a video of some of Vander Plaats' ugly video moments.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Starbucks Support for Marriage Equality Leaves Bitter Taste in Iowa Hate Group Leader's Mouth: VIDEO


Iowa's leading anti-gay activist Bob Vander Plaats has had his last cup of Starbucks because the company endorsed marriage equality in Washington state.

Watch Vander Plaats call for a boycott of the coffee chain, AFTER THE JUMP...

We suggest you listen to Vander Plaats and do the opposite.

(via good as you)

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Iowa Anti-Gay 'Family Leader' Activist Bob Vander Plaats Charged with Selling Endorsement

The Family Leader's Bob Vander Plaats, who endorsed Rick Santorum last week, is under fire for reportedly asking for money for that endorsement, and some are saying the amount he was looking for was close to $1 million.

VanderplaatsAn Iowa Christian conservative leader who bestowed his highly sought-after endorsement on presidential candidate Rick Santorum this week is now at the center of a controversy over whether he asked for cash in exchange for his public support.

Less than 48-hours after receiving the backing of Bob Vander Plaats, the head of the prominent evangelical group The Family Leader, Santorum disclosed that the prominent Iowan told him he needed money to make the most out of the endorsement.

And sources familiar with talks between the conservative heavyweight and representatives from several of the Republican presidential campaigns went a step further, describing Vander Plaats’ tactics as corrupt.

“Clearly the endorsement was for sale — without a doubt,” one source said.

Iowa Conservative Leader Mired in Controversy After Rick Santorum Endorsement [abc news]

Iowa's Leading Anti-Gay, 'Pro-Family' Activist Endorses Rick Santorum: VIDEO


Appropriately, Rick 'Frothy mix' Santorum gets an endorsement from Iowa's leading gay-hater, Bob Vander Plaats:

FrothyBob Vander Plaats, who has sought to put his imprint on the Republican presidential race for months, announced Tuesday that he would support Mr. Santorum. Mr. Vander Plaats and other evangelical Christians have talked openly about their struggle to unite behind one candidate, but he urged others to follow his lead.

At this late stage in the campaign, it remains an open question how the endorsement will affect the Iowa caucus campaign. Mr. Vander Plaats’s political activity, including leading the effort to remove three judges from the Iowa Supreme Court last year in a battle over same-sex marriage, has made him a lightening rod in some Republican circles.

Vander Plaats' group, The Family Leader, will not be giving an endorsement:

The Family Leader said Tuesday that it would remain neutral in the race, a decision that was reached after several lengthy meetings with members of the board, according to Republicans familiar with the discussions. But in the end, participants said, Mr. Vander Plaats decided to make a personal endorsement.

Right Wing Watch adds:

Chuck Hurley of the Iowa Family Policy Center also endorsed Santorum. Speaking as an individual and not on behalf of his organization, Vander Plaats lauded Santorum as the “Huckabee in this race” and a “champion of the family.” Echoing Huckabee, who frequently reminded Religious Right voters, “I come from you,” Vander Plaats concluded, “I believe Rick Santorum comes from us, he’s not to us, he comes from us, he’s one of us.”

Watch Vander Plaats give his endorsement, AFTER THE JUMP...

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