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Florida Rep. Bob Allen Guilty in Oral Sex Solicitation Trial

Florida GOP Rep. Bob Allen, arrested last July after offering a plainclothes police officer $20 for the opportunity to performer oral sex in a public men's room, was found guilty of soliciting prostitution by a jury that deliberated for 3 1/2 hours on Friday.

Bob_allen_2Immediately afterwards, the Orlando Sentinel reports, fellow lawmakers began demanding his resignation.

Said Florida House Speaker Marco Rubio: "This conviction makes it impossible for Rep. Allen to represent responsibly the citizens of his district. Furthermore, it is my personal belief that it harms the reputation of the Florida House of Representatives. We will now take the appropriate steps."

The Tallahassee Democrat reports: "Florida law provides automatic expulsion for legislators convicted of felonies but not misdemeanors. Speaker Marco Rubio, who already stripped Allen of his Energy Committee chairmanship, said the House would act further if Allen didn’t resign. Allen listened to the verdict, watched the jury leave and reached into the gallery to touch his wife, who sat behind him all week. 'We’re going to continue to seek justice,' Allen said. 'I am innocent; I’ve done nothing wrong.'

Allen's conviction on the second-degree misdemeanor charge carries a possible sentence of 60 days in county jail and a $500 fine, which prosecutors say they intend to seek. Allen must also now undergo testing for sexually-transmitted diseases, the results of which will be made public.

As Bob Allen Trial Begins, Jury Tours Men's Restroom and Park

As Florida Rep. Bob Allen, his wife Beth, and Allen's attorneys watched from a distance, the jury in Allen's trial toured Space View Park in Titusville and the men's rest room where Allen's alleged solicitation took place. Allen was arrested in July after offering an undercover police officer $20 for the opportunity to perform oral sex in a public men's room.

BoballenFlorida Today reports: "The five women and three men also checked out the handicapped stall Allen is accused of entering to speak with Officer Daniel Kavanaugh. The layout of the park and restroom has been a key part of the testimony in Allen's trial, which continues today...Both the defense and prosecution had requested the jury make the 30-mile trip from the Moore Justice Center to the park. Afterward, the defense said the visit, which lasted under an hour, helped their case. 'I think it just drives it home,' defense attorney Greg Eisenmenger told reporters."

The latest excuse for why Allen was in the men's room (Allen previously claimed he was there because he was afraid of black men in the park and inclement weather) is that he has a small bladder: "State Rep. Bob Allen wasn't searching for sex when he entered a park bathroom five times in about an hour, he just needed to relieve himself after drinking too much iced tea, his attorney told jurors Wednesday during the first day of testimony in the legislator's trial on a charge of solicitation for prostitution. 'Unfortunately, nature does take its course,' said Greg Eisenmenger, who spent much of the afternoon grilling one of three Titusville police officers who played a role in Allen's arrest July 11 at Veterans Memorial Park in Titusville."

Lawyers have been arguing over what "hitting on someone" amounts to: "Allen attorney Greg Eisenmenger questioned how Jackson knew Allen was hitting on them. 'What was significant about someone looking at you?' Eisenmenger asked. 'From a men's restroom? There's something strange about it,' Jackson said. Jackson said he knew from a previous experience that men will look or stare at someone if they are trying to hit on them. Eisenmenger replied, 'Officer Jackson, I've been looking at you the entire time. Do you think I'm hitting on you?'... 'I don't know. Have you?' Jackson said, triggering laughter among the spectators."

Finally, one juror was released because she had a flight to catch.

With Jury in Place, the Trial of Florida Rep. Bob Allen Begins

Opening arguments began at 9 am today in the trial of Bob Allen, the Republican lawmaker from Florida who was who was arrested in July after offering an undercover police officer $20 for the opportunity to perform oral sex in a public men's room. According to Florida Today, "The second-degree misdemeanor brings with it a potential 60 days in jail and a $500 fine."

Bob_allenThe site reports that three men and three women were chosen for the jury: "The jurors include a Christian school teacher, a county parks and recreation employee, a Florida Power & Light employee and a retired bookkeeper. One of the eight jurors is black. In addition to the questions about prostitution, prosecutors asked potential jurors Tuesday about biographical information -- their previous experiences in the courts, with law enforcement and their knowledge of Space View Park in Titusville, where the alleged proffer occurred. Defense questions, meanwhile, pried into the ability of jurors to find a defendant not guilty if evidence presented in the trial either doesn't match or doesn't prove all the elements of the crime."

Last week the judge threw out inquiries Allen made upon his arrest (wondering if his "lawmaker" status might get him out of trouble). Earlier, the judge also ruled inadmissible Allen's controversial remarks that he was in the men's room because he was afraid of black men in the park.

News: Cheney Impeachment, Gavin Rossdale, Jenkem, Iraq Gays

road.jpg As safe houses close, Iraqi gay activist Ali Hili says world has left them behind: "Over 30 gay residents who we cared for in these three safe houses now have to take their chances in a country where religious militia regularly seek out gays and execute them. Several months ago, two lesbians working with Iraqi LGBT were assassinated in the safe house they were running in Najaf, along with a young boy the women had rescued from the sex industry. We feel deserted by the international gay community. Few people seem to care about our fate."

Cheneyroad.jpg Dennis Kucinich to force vote on impeachment resolution against Vice President Dick Cheney. And he's not stopping there....

road.jpg Jenkem is the shit: Florida police investigating new fecal drug craze. Disgusting.

road.jpg Scottish parliament considering sexual orientation hate crime law: "There are no guarantees that enough MSPs will support the bill, but it appears to have received a warm welcome from the government. Today it comes before a committee of the Scottish Parliament."

Glendonroad.jpg Bush to nominate anti-gay Harvard law professor Mary Ann Glendon as U.S. ambassador to the Vatican: "Glendon, 69, is an anti-abortion scholar and an opponent of gay marriage who also has written on the effects of divorce and increased litigation on society. Her 1987 book 'Abortion and Divorce in Western Law' was critical of the Supreme Court's 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that established a legal right to abortion."

road.jpg Eric Dane is a silver fox.

road.jpg CBS News on LOGO expanding to half-hour weekly broadcast: "Brian Graden, Logo president and president of MTV Networks Music Group Entertainment, said Monday afternoon that the network had gotten to the point where it had the distribution and roster of advertisers to take things to another level. 'It seemed like there was enough news to sustain that (half-hour) format and then some, and that the audience had a concentrated interest' a year out from the 2008 general elections, Graden said. He didn't rule out further news programming based on how things go."

Rossdaleroad.jpg Gavin Rossdale flexes his tennis chops.

road.jpg Discharged lesbian nurse battling "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": "Margaret Witt's ACLU lawyer told a federal appeals court panel in Seattle that child molesters in the armed forces are treated more leniently than homosexuals because molesters don't face mandatory discharge. Witt contends the policy-driven discharge violated her right to be free from governmental intrusion in her private life, and that her lawsuit against the Air Force should be reinstated...Witt, 42, spent more than 18 years building a stellar reputation as a McChord Air Force Base nurse who saved the lives of soldiers on medical-evacuation missions. Twice decorated by President Bush, her career was on the rise until an anonymous tipster told the Air Force in 2004 that Witt, a major, was in a long-term relationship with a civilian woman."

road.jpg British boyband McFly are pube-burning sensations at G-A-Y nightclub in London.

road.jpg Slow-going as jury selection enters day two for Florida Rep. Bob Allen: "It's "very unusual" for jury selection on a second-degree misdemeanor charge of soliciting a prostitute to enter a second day, attorneys agreed. 'The typical misdemeanor trial would generally have jury selection concluded in a half-day or less, and some are done as quickly as an hour or two,' said Michelle Perlman, misdemeanor division chief for Brevard's State Attorney's Office. Many potential jurors were dismissed immediately after they said they believed Allen, accused in July of agreeing to pay an undercover police officer he encountered in a Titusville park bathroom $20 to perform a sex act, was guilty based on media accounts."

Judge Tosses "Legislator" Remark in Bob Allen Case

A judge hearing the case of Florida Rep. Bob Allen, who was arrested after offering an undercover police officer $20 for the opportunity to perform oral sex in a public men's room in July, has thrown out a remark Allen made during arrest, saying it "was not relevant to the misdemeanor charge of solicitation for prostitution."

Bob_allenFlorida Today reports: "Titusville police officers say Allen asked if his position as a lawmaker 'would help' after they arrested him July 11. Allen is accused of agreeing to pay an undercover officer $20 to perform a sex act. Allen’s attorneys say the Merritt Island Republican was misquoted."

Because "prosecutors are not charging Allen with any offense of bribery or misuse of authority," the statement is not relevant to the case, the judge wrote.

Allen's lawyer has asked the judge to throw out the remark at a hearing at the beginning of the month. Allen's trial begins Monday.

News: Prince Harry, Radiohead, Oscar Wilde, Robo-Bugs, Paris Hilton

road.jpg Florida Rep. and men's room-frequenter Bob Allen's trial begins on November 5th.

Sydneymanroad.jpg Matt Leveson, a 20-year-old Sydney man who went missing after a night of partying, is feared murdered: "The wildlife welfare officer, a regular at the club, was thought to be going home to Cronulla. His family reported him missing when he failed to show for work the following Tuesday. He had also stopped answering his phone. Two days later Mr Leveson's green 1999 Corolla hatchback was found dumped outside a public toilet at Waratah Park Reserve, Sutherland. Police said evidence suggested he did not park it there. They believe he 'met with foul play'."

road.jpg Funeral held in Ireland for lesbian soldier Ciara Durkin, slain mysteriously in Afghanistan. The investigation into her death is ongoing.

road.jpg Radiohead fans pissed at poor sound quality of In Rainbows digital download: "The sentiment among many fans seems to have gone from admiration for the group's willingness to let the consumer decide how much to pay for the new album to anger over the low quality of the downloads — and dismay over the band's manager's statement that the you-choose-the-price downloads were just a promotional tool for the release of the physical CD."

Wilderoad.jpg POLL: Oscar Wilde is Britain's greatest wit.

road.jpg Paris Hilton heading to Rwanda on charity mission: I'm scared, yeah. I've heard it's really dangerous. I've never been on a trip like this before. I love having everything documented. It shows people what everyday life is like for me, how hard I work. There are a lot of misconceptions about me."

road.jpg Jack Mackenroth, set to compete in the upcoming Project Runway season, denies a rumor that he was booted from the show because of a staph infection: "'He says he was the fifth designer voted off,' says the snitch. 'He is claiming that this was at least part of the reason he was booted.' Mackenroth, who had signed a confidentiality agreement, denied spilling the beans when contacted by Bravo. 'People will say things about me whether they know me or not,' he said in a statement released through Bravo's PR. 'Those were not my words and are fictitious.'"

Robobugroad.jpg Is the government employing high-tech robo-bugs at anti-war rallies?

road.jpg Same-sex couples from Australia seen heading to the U.S. in increasing numbers on the quest for designer babies: "IVF pioneer Dr Jeffrey Steinberg said an increasing number of gay and lesbian Australians were visiting his Californian fertility centre to begin a family and side-step Australian law that prohibits surrogacy. 'We see about two or three gay couples from Australia each month and that's about a five-fold increase over the last two years,' he told The Sunday Mail. Dr Steinberg said between 75 per cent and 80 per cent of same-sex couples who came to him for treatment decided to choose the sex of the baby, using the controversial IVF procedure and embryo screening known as Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis."

Deanjohnsonroad.jpg The NYT looks into the mysterious death of gay club icon Dean Johnson: "After Mr. Johnson did not show up for band rehearsal on Sept. 27, his friends called the Washington police and finally got an answer. Mr. Johnson’s body was in the city morgue; it had been there for a week. As details of his death surfaced, the mystery around it grew. Four days earlier, the police had found the body of another man, Jeremy Conklin, 26, at the same apartment — that of Steven S. Saleh. Mr. Conklin had been pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, said Inspector Rodney Parks of the Washington police. For Dean Johnson, whose heyday in the 1980s mirrored the rise and fall of New York’s bohemian downtown club scene, and who rarely kept the salacious details of his life private, it seemed an inconceivable way to go. The apartment Mr. Johnson died in was at the end of a nondescript hallway on the second floor of a stately building — a distant cry from the East Village nightclubs where he and the naked go-go boys under his command once reigned."

road.jpg Prince Harry cheers on English rugby at the World Cup. Unfortunately, no nipple-licking.

road.jpg Who had sex with Alan Cumming?


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