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Lutheran Pastor Brad Schmeling and His Partner to Be Reinstated


The Reverend Bradley Schmeling and his partner Revernd Darin Easler will be reinstated by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the AP reports:

"A gay Atlanta pastor and his partner who have been at the center of a battle over the treatment of gay clergy by the nation's largest Lutheran denomination are being reinstated to the denomination's clergy roster, church officials announced Tuesday. The Rev. Bradley Schmeling and his partner, the Rev. Darin Easler, have been approved for reinstatement, the Chicago-based Evangelical Lutheran Church in America said in a news release. The approval came roughly eight months after the denomination voted to allow gays and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as clergy, and just weeks after the ELCA's church council officially revised the church's policy on gay ministers."

News: It's Jackson By a Nose, Heteroflexibility & Meloni's Top Guns


 roadAnother actor makes weird comments about on-screen kissing...a dozen years after the fact.

 roadSoap star Michael Muhney (also from Veronica Mars) talks "heteroflexibility" with AfterElton.

 roadWas Canada's Federal Tourism Minister Diane Ablonczy punished for approving a fund that provided $400,000 to Toronto's pride festivities?

 roadRapamycin, an antibiotic, shows signs of delaying the aging process.

 roadIt's safe to say that John Micklow (pictured) might not have the sexiest name for a male model, but he's in the right line of work.

 roadMetrosexual manual Details wonders if straight men will take to wearing male engagement rings. Marriage is sacred, but must it also be so precious?

 roadCome Together: Madonna's new single "Celebrate" from her career-spanning hits package Celebration will hit airwaves July 28.

SafariScreenSnapz001  roadMiami Social, Bravo's latest reality show, debuts Tuesday, July 14, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, featuring two out men. One is HuffingtonPost blogger Michael Cohen, who will be launching Style Lab, a sort of fashion/style version of MySpace in the fall, and the other is Ariel Stein, who I hear you might not love to hate so much as just hate.

 roadAnnouncing the arrival of Icarus, "the first magazine devoted to gay-themed speculative fiction and writing—from fantasy to horror to science fiction, and all the weird tales that fall between the cracks." The first issue features stories by Jameson Currier, Jeff Mann, Tom Cardamone and Joel D. Lane, interviews with Dan Stone and Peter Grahame and poetry by Lawrence M. Schoen.

6a00d8341c2ca253ef011570efa770970c-400wi  roadA frighteningly detailed portrait of the late Michael Jackson taken for Q Magazine's August 2009 cover reveals the netting of his wig, salt-and-pepper stubble, the most surgically tortured nose since Ann Miller and a telltale gauntness. How could people around him not have feared the worst?

 roadNo-Brainer: Jackson's family will not bury him until the L.A. coroner is done with his brain, which they're still examining. Also of note, his sister La Toya was the family member who signed his death certificate. (She infamously agreed her brother may have been guilty of molestation charges, but later recanted, saying an abusive husband had driven her to say it.)

 roadA lawyer who prosecuted an infamous 1983 gay-bashing case in Ireland (the unrepentant perps were convicted but a judge decided nothing would be served by jailing them) passes away.

 roadSwami Baba Ramdev has filed suit in India to reverse the decriminalization of homosexuality, which he terms a "disease" that "can be treated by yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises) and other meditation techniques."

 roadChristopher Meloni—have guns, will travel.


Lutheran Church Passes Historic Resolution Regarding Gay Clergy


On the last day of its annual meeting at Navy Pier in Chicago, the leaders of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America passed a resolution from Chicago's Bishop Paul Landahl urging bishops to refrain from disciplining gay ministers who are in committed same-sex relationships.

LutheransThe Chicago Tribune reports: "After emotional testimony on the biblical interpretation of homosexuality, church leaders passed Landahl's resolution by a vote of 538-431. Saturday's resolution surprised some in the church because it came a day after leaders defeated a measure that would have ended the ban on non-celibate gay clergy...The renewed debate on homosexual clergy in the ELCA stems from the case of Rev. Bradley Schmeling (above), an Atlanta pastor who was removed from the clergy roster in July after he told his bishop he was in a relationship with a man. The new measure prevents his bishop from seeking further disciplinary action, but does not re-institute Schmeling's status."

Said Schmeling: "I'm grateful the resolution passed, because now no one else will have to go through what I went through. What I hope we've done is provide some relief for others in the church who now may not face discipline. And they can live with a little less fear and a little more confidence that the church isn't out to get them. Even though we've got a long way to go to get an overall change in the policy, maybe we can take a deep breath and we don't have to be so afraid anymore."

Conservative church leaders, however, said the historic vote would open the door to "chaos" as it appears to contradict the policy forbidding the ordination of gay ministers.

Lutherans to allow pastors in gay relationships [reuters]
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