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Redskins Wide Receiver Resurrects Troy Aikman Gay Rumors


Washington Redskins wide receiver Brandon Lloyd's remarks about Troy Aikman's sexuality were reprinted on numerous sports blogs yesterday.

Lloyd (above left) was apparently upset about a comment which former Cowboys quarterback-turned-announcer Troy Aikman had made during Saturday's Redskins-Packers game in which Aikman claimed that a pass intended for Lloyd was "tough but catchable".

Aikman's comments apparently irked Lloyd, for in an appearance on a popular sports podcast airing on 106.7 WJFK in Washington, D.C. and relayed to the web, Lloyd resurrected rumors started by sports analyst Skip Bayless in 1996 in his book Hell-Bent, that Aikman is gay.

Lloyd laughs off the exchange, saying "Troy's speculating and I'm speculating." But not before a whole round of speculation about other NFL players occurs. Lloyd is quiet on the other players, but says, "I don't know, hey, I don't know, hey, if those guys want to say something about me I'll have something to say about them, but for now it's about Troy Aikman."

Lloyd presents no solid evidence of anything regarding Aikman, but the exchange demonstrates the difficult atmosphere gay players must face in the NFL. When a player's sexuality is seen as something that can blatantly be used against them is it any wonder none of them are open about it?

The exchange begins around the 7:47 mark. A transcript (courtesy of D.C. Sports blog) follows after the jump.

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