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road.jpg Don't forget to vote for Sally Kern, Larry Craig, Jerry Sanders, Ellen Degeneres, or Al Gore in our NewNowNext award category!

Archuletaroad.jpg Archuleta dad banned from American Idol rehearsals.

road.jpg Civil union efforts in Illinois boosted by student-generated Facebook group: "At first, his site detailed the bill's progress for friends, who began inviting hundreds of other friends. Within weeks, Miatkowski and students from across the state organized online 'rallies' to flood legislators with e-mails, faxes and phone calls. Members also have held petition drives at train stations, written editorials and set up campus events. The group's efforts made enough of an impression that Illinois lawmakers mentioned it to Harris, sponsor of the civil unions bill. Harris contacted Miatkowski and other student leaders to discuss how to gather more momentum on the bill." The group's Facebook address is here.

road.jpg Chris Evans leaves the foxhole.

road.jpg Possibility of constitutional same-sex marriage ban pushes Floridians into action.

road.jpg Mork and KT: Does wearing rainbow suspenders make you a gay icon?

Paddickroad.jpg Brian Paddick's diaries during his run for London mayor revealed.

road.jpg Catholic leader in the Philippines says being gay not a sin, but acting on it is: "Malolos Bishop Jose Oliveros, chair of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) Office on Bio-ethics, said on Sunday the Church had learned to accept homosexuality as part of reality. 'We try to be compassionate and understand homosexuals and guide them towards the right path where they should not act out on their desires,' the bishop told the Philippine Daily Inquirer."

road.jpg It's official: Ugly Betty moving to New York.

Nickroad.jpg Are street artists Banksy and Nick Walker one and the same? That's what some people are saying.

road.jpg "Ex-gay" and Exodus spokesman accuses "Ex-Gay" watchdog organizations of being hate groups. Stephen Black: "There are actual GAY hate groups who wish to silence the voices of ex-gays. These groups are like the brazenly named ‘Ex-Gay Watch’ and their klan of bloggers who use hatefully sarcastic words in addressing ex-gays."

road.jpg Carson Kressley to make visit to Big Brother Australia house this week: "The pink thinker, famous from his days as a makeover queen on Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, won't be bedding down with the BB housemates, limiting his visit to a few hours of fashion critique."

road.jpg British Big Brother contestant Chanelle gets the gong at G-A-Y in London.

road.jpg Cycling with Scott Speedman.

road.jpg Malaysian police raid gay sauna, seize 14 men, and 1800 condoms.

road.jpg Justin Timberlake producing reality show called The Phone: "The series, which is based on a Dutch reality show format, begins each episode with two hidden cell phones ringing at opposite ends of a major city. Contestants who answer the phones will have five seconds to decide if they want to play along for a cash prize, and a guide on the other end of the line then gives contestants a mission to complete before time runs out. As they race through the city on their adventure, a helicopter tracks their every move. MTV described the show as a wild and cinematic ride reminiscent of such films as 'The Bourne Identity' and 'The Game.'"

road.jpg Sean Cody interested in whites only"? (warning: site NSFW)

Boris Johnson Wins London Mayoral Race


Conservative Boris Johnson beat incumbent Ken Livingstone and former openly gay top cop Brian Paddick to become London's mayor.

The BBC reports: "The Conservative candidate won with 1,168,738 first and second preference votes, compared with Mr Livingstone's 1,028,966 on a record turnout of 45%. He paid tribute to Mr Livingstone and appeared to offer him a possible role in his new administration. Lib Dem Brian Paddick came third and the Greens' Sian Berry came fourth."

Said Livingstone, who had pledged to make London the most gay-friendly city in the world, after his defeat: "There is absolutely nothing that I could have asked from the Labour Party that it didn't throw into this election, from Gordon Brown right the way down to the newest recruit, handing out leaflets on very wet, cold days. I'm sorry I couldn't get an extra few points that would take us to victory and the fault for that is solely my own. You can't be mayor for eight years and then if you don't at third term say it was somebody else's fault. I accept that responsibility and I regret that I couldn't take you to victory."

The BBC reports that former top cop Brian Paddick "paid tribute to Ken Livingstone as 'an amazing mayor' and indicated that he would not be interested in working with Mr Johnson."

WolfJohnson's election has not made gay Brits happy. The vote was not seen as a response to Livingstone's tenure, but a show of disapproval for Gordon Brown's Labor Party and is, by most accounts, being seen as a forecast of the general elections in the coming years.

Johnson has been an outspoken critic of same-sex marriage. He has also expressed dissatisfaction at the Tory party's attempts to strike positive notes with the nation's gays.

Gays are already expressing their dismay with the choice. Singer Patrick Wolf expresses the frustration many are feeling. He writes, on his blog:

"What in hells name is your policy on the gay and liberal and multi racial culture of london? Tell me, once again, what is your opinion on section 28? And say it once again for the bullied and bruised youth or minority cultures of london? Tell me please.. tell me STRAIGHT what is your opinion on same sex marriage? I will be watching over all your conservative actions. Tooth and nail... I was born here 24 years ago. Ken screwed this city up hard enough in the last 8 years..... now its your turn, this time, we are all watching, and we know your leanings toward right wing attitude... In the name of D Jarman, I will stick by section 28 with a sharp sword outside parliament.. dont fuck with equal rights. Use your new power with any vague wisdom you may possess. The artists and liberators of this city are ready to knock you down. We will and always have overcome."

Johnson's acceptance speech, AFTER THE JUMP...

Johnson wins London mayoral race [bbc]
Gentlemen prefered blondes... [patrick wolf]
Buck Foris [cosmodaddy]

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Excerpts from Gay Ex-Police Chief Brian Paddick's Memoir

The Evening Standard in London has published portions of former top cop turned mayoral candidate Brian Paddick's memoir dealing with violence at the hands of a former boyfriend, coming out to his wife and parents, and the moments he first realized he was gay:

Paddick_2Writes Paddick (pictured here in the early 80's): "After I took my A-levels in the summer of 1976, my parents expected me to go to university but instead I joined the police. I knew that the force would be homophobic but it provided both the perfect cover and necessary encouragement for me to keep my sexuality under wraps. Late one night, shortly after the end of my probationary period, there was a knock on the door of my room in the section house. It was Barry, the guy from the next room, whom I had been admiring from afar. He was standing there in his underpants. 'I've noticed something about you, Brian,” he said. 'The way you look at me and some of the other guys.' My heart raced. My first thought was that I had been 'outed' and my career was over. But Barry told me not to worry, he wasn't going to tell anyone. He had realised I was gay and wanted to sleep with me. I was petrified. I was 21 and a virgin. 'All I want to do is sleep with you,' Barry said. 'We don't even have to touch.' His proposition brought a mixture of desire and absolute terror. Trembling, I nodded and we went to bed. After a while we fell asleep. Several hours later I woke up to find I wasn't shaking any more; my desire overcame my fear. I had mixed feelings about this first sexual encounter. Everything I had learnt screamed that this was wrong - at the same time it felt instinctively right."

Or, as Jim McGreevey would say, "a boastful, passionate, whispering, masculine kind of love."

Paddick is the Liberal Democrat candidate for mayor in an election scheduled for May 1st. He'll face incumbent mayor Ken Livingstone of the Labour party and Boris Johnson of the Tories.

My boyfriend beat me up, says controversial gay ex-police chief Brian Paddick [this is london]

Brian Paddick Named Liberal Democrat Candidate for London Mayor

Brian Paddick, the former deputy assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan police and Britain's highest-ranking openly gay law enforcement official prior to his retirement, has been named the Liberal Democrat candidate for mayor in an election scheduled for May 1st of next year. He'll face incumbent mayor Ken Livingstone of the Labour party and Boris Johnson of the Tories.

PaddickThe Guardian reports: "In his first speech after being chosen, Paddick said that crime was the 'number one priority' of Londoners and urged them to look at his track record. 'I am going to work with the commissioner to transform the relationship between the police and Londoners so that all but the tiny lawbreaking minority will have trust and confidence in, and be justifiably proud of their police service,' he said. 'The effect on crime and disorder will be dramatic.' With all three major parties fielding well known names in next year's poll, the stage is now set for the most high-profile mayoral election since the position was introduced in 2000, as Paddick locks horns with the controversial Livingstone and the eccentric Johnson."

Earlier this week it was reported that Paddick's tell-all memoir was scheduled for publication on April 7, one month before the election, and the former officer hinted at sensational revelations: “You will be very surprised by some of the things in it, I can assure you.”

More on the potentially explosive memoir here.

Brian_paddickFollowing the London Tube bombings in July 2005, Paddick was thrust into the spotlight, and made news again after he claimed he was being made the fall guy in order to protect the job of Sir Ian Blair, the Metropolitan police commissioner, following the fatal shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, a Brazilian electrician who was mistakenly shot to death in connection with the bombings.

Still, Paddick's popularity sparked rumors that he was going to get involved in politics as recently as last May.

A 2003 profile in the Guardian noted Paddick's sense of humor: "Mr Paddick is relaxed enough to laugh at himself and told a gay magazine: 'My last staff officer got promoted and went to royalty protection. In his leaving card I wrote, 'Same job, different Queen'.'"

News: Facebook Bust, Brian Paddick, Equus, Slava Mogutin

road.jpg Some students at Notre Dame donning "Gay? Go to Hell" T-shirts.

Fairy_2road.jpg Bank intern busted by boss after "something came up at home" excuse for his day off was later revealed on his Facebook profile. He does make a cute fairy though.

road.jpg Alabama gay activist Ken Baker dies at 50: "Unity United Church of Christ recently awarded Baker the Crystal Cross for his advocacy work. He was recognized specifically for his role in starting Equality Alabama and Communities of Faith for Full Inclusion. 'He's sure going to be missed around here,' said longtime friend and colleague Lynn Shaw, who is a past president of the Montgomery Chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG). 'I just can't believe how everyone's going to go on and function because he was involved in so many things.' Baker, who was gay, was known as a quiet, humble man who was creative and determined in his efforts to promote gay and lesbian rights."

road.jpg Board of Education in Jefferson County in Kentucky recommends expanding harassment and employment policies to protect gay and lesbian employees, although transgender people are left behind for now: "We decided to include sexual orientation at this time, but decided to hold off on making a decision about transgender because, as of right now, gender identification is both a new and broad definition."

Dickinsonroad.jpg Janice Dickinson has joined the cast of the UK's I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and nature is turning her into a savage: "I'm going to stab her in the middle of the night and take hers. You think I'm kidding? I'll eat her tits. I'll fry up those big old boobs."

road.jpg Politicos nervous about upcoming "tell-all" book from former gay London top cop Brian Paddick to be released one month before critical election. Paddick: "You will be very surprised by some of the things in it, I can assure you."

Equusroad.jpg Lily Allen's brother Alfie steps into Daniel Radcliffe's role in Equus.

road.jpg Inside photographer Slava Mogutin's New York City go-go diary (warning: NSFW).

road.jpg Fred Thompson to be endorsed by right-to-life, same-sex marriage foes in Iowa: "He drew an enthusiastic response from his audience when he praised the U.S. health care system and said: 'Let's not let the federal government mess that up.' The crowd also applauded when he brought up gay marriage and said: 'Whether marriage is between a man and a woman -- I thought that was decided a few thousand years ago!'"

road.jpg Hugh Jackman's back at his favorite activity: getting naked at the beach.

road.jpg Australian football club supporter mocked after receiving "gay" tattoo. Perhaps he should commisserate with the Dumbledore daddy.

road.jpg North Carolina "ex-gay" minister proclaiming his success: "To follow christ and to say no to my behavior of homosexuality, um I really felt like I could live life differently that that's what God wanted, he wanted me to pursue him, not pursue men. So people can say, you can't change and I say yes you can." See ya at the next public park sex sting!

road.jpg Gender Issues Analyst Melissa Fryrear of Focus on the Family continues to claim that all gay people have been sexually violated. (via pam's house blend)

Gay Former London Top Cop Brian Paddick to Pen Memoir

The Independent reports that Brian Paddick, who retired from his position as Deputy Assistant Commissioner of London's Metropolitan Police at the end of May, has been given a six-figure book deal and will be writing a book about his career:

Brian_paddick"Paddick met the editorial director of Simon & Schuster, Andrew Gordon, in September last year. Gordon has bought the rights and arranged for Paddick to pen the book with the crime writer Kris Hollington. 'Brian has left the force and has no restraint on what he can say apart from the libel laws," Gordon tells me. "He'll say exactly what he thinks about how the Met is run and how it might be better run in the future.'"

The book will hold potentially explosive revelations about the inner workings of London's police force. Paddick went up against Ian Blair following the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, challenging Blair's statement that he didn't know an innocent man had been killed until 24 hours after it happened.

One of Paddick's acquaintances told the paper that the former commander has a habit of not holding much back: "He's so indiscreet that I'm not sure how much will be left for the book."


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