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BRITTANY NOVOTNY: Novotny, a transgender woman, opposed Sally Kern in Oklahoma. Now she lends her voice to the 'It Gets Better' project.

MITT ROMNEY: The top 10 things you didn't know about him.

OUT YOURSELF: Parents of a gay man have advice for other parents with out kids.

ART PROJECT: Google's 'street view' for museums.

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Watch: Sally Kern Says Gays Worse Than Terrorists...Again


Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern is back comparing gays to terrorists again — saying gays are actually worse because they're everywhere, "bombarding" the nation with homosexuality — while the country has only had three terrorist attacks.

FOX25 (via dallas voice):

When you mention the name Sally Kern, most people think of the now-infamous speech she gave two years ago, declaring homosexuals more dangerous to America than terrorists. But that is the first of many misconceptions Kern says she wants to clear up.

“Here in America we’ve had what maybe three known real big terrorist attacks on our nation,” Kern said. “But every day our young people especially, all of us, but our young people especially are in a sense bombarded with the message that homosexuality is normal and natural.”

Watch the video HERE.

Oklahoma Bigot Sally Kern to Face Transgender Opponent This Fall


Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City), who once called gays more dangerous to America than terrorists, will face a challenge from transgender attorney Brittany Novotny this fall. Novotny filed papers on Tuesday, Tulsa World reports:

"Novotny, 30, said the campaign is not about her gender identity. 'For six years, we've had someone who has not represented her district, has been ineffective on problems, and is bad for business,' she said. Novotny said Kern is pushing her personal agenda instead of focusing on issues that are important to House District 84, and because of that, the state and Kern's Oklahoma City district have suffered. 'She focuses on things that aren't critical issues to the district, like education,' Novotny said, adding that that leaves many constituents feeling disconnected."

Kern has promised to focus on the issues:

"Kern, 63, said she does not plan to mention Novotny's gender identity in the campaign. 'There is so much we disagree on policywise that that is enough for us to debate on,' she said. Novotny said she wants people to understand that she is a heterosexual female who was raised as a male. She legally and surgically transitioned into a female three years ago. Kern said Novotny's attacks on her about not paying enough attention to education are campaign rhetoric."

As a side note, Novotny was representing the late Keith Kimmel in his battle to win the right to put an Oklahoma license plate on his car that said "IM GAY".


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