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Buju Banton: Gay Protestors Ignorant, Stupid

Buju Banton may have signed the "Reggae Compassionate Act" but that doesn't equate to much compassion for protestors at the recent Reggae Carifest in New York.

BujubantonGLAAD protested Carifest because of its inclusion of anti-gay musicians, causing Power 105 (a station owned by Clear Channel) to pull its sponsorship of the fest.

NY1, who claims Banton didn't sign the "Reggae Compassionate Act", asked the singer what he had to say to people who say he's promoting hatred. Said Banton: “I would say to them they are ignorant, they are stupid, even though they proclaim to be intelligent."

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News: Jared Leto, Richard Branson's Fight, Yale Gay Frats

road.jpg Richard Branson announces he'll give $3 billion to fight global warming. It's the same amount pledged by the most powerful government in the free world.

Leto_1road.jpg Roofwalker Jared Leto wants to silence bloggers.

road.jpg A look at the gay frat brothers of Yale. Student: "I think that it's a testament to the beauty of Yale that it's more of a stigma for you to be in a fraternity, supporting something perceived to be very heteronormative, than for you to be openly gay."

road.jpg Like many straight men, Christian Slater may be gay after a few beers, according to Jackass's Steve-O: "Steve-O claims that Christian hit on him at a party when he was drunk, and told him he was cute and sexy and asked if he wanted to go with him. Steve-O later talked to Christians ex-wife and she said 'that's what happens when he drinks - he turns gay'."

road.jpg Anti-gay reggae singer Buju Banton's performance canceled at Hollywood nightclub Highland: "We felt it was the right thing to do after doing some research on the matter."


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