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Shirtless NYC Firefighter Ready for His Close-up


From a NYT City Room column on shooting the annual NYC firefighters calendar:

“This is me out of shape,” said the fireman, Taylor Murphy, as he flexed an outlandishly large pectoral muscle. He was standing topless, applying cocoa butter to his 6-foot-5, 265-pound frame, in front of an enormous turn-of-the-century steel rotary converter.

Nearby, Alan Batt, who was photographing Mr. Murphy for a charity calendar featuring beefcake shots of smiling New York City firefighters, fiddled with his tripod. “I knew this guy was built like, ‘rrruhhhr!’ ” Mr. Batt said, grunting and making a “this big” gesture with his hands. “So I wanted him in a place that was rrruhhhr, you know?”

And, uh, I think we're ready for that close-up too...

(via the awl)

NYC Firefighters Present 2010 Beefcake Pin-up Calendar


NYC firefighters launched their 2010 pin-up calendar this week in Times Square. Proceeds from the calendar go to the Staten Island University Burn Center. Photos, AFTER THE JUMP...

Nyc_firefighter2  Nyc_firefighter3

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Flexing Farm Boys 'Bare-Chested in the Barnyard'


Here's a little Prop 8 break for you. Some shots from the tryouts for the 2010 Switzerland's Sexiest Farmers calendar. According to Spiegel Online, this year's calendar "focuses on landed men of the Jungfrau Mountains." I don't know what "landed men" means but I'm sure some of you would be happy to land one.

According to Urs Schneider, the deputy head of the Swiss Farmers' Union, "Swiss farmers still suffer under the prejudice that they are a bit conservative and uptight."

Two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...


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FDNY Calendar Coverboy Michael Biserta Burns Up 2008


Biserta2_2New York firefighter calendar coverboy Michael Biserta, who extinguished hopes for any future NY firefighter calendars after the discovery of his appearance in a "Guys Gone Wild" video caused the FDNY to drop all future plans for publishing them, has come out with his own 2008 calendar.

Biserta reportedly joined the FDNY in April 2006, after the "Guys Gone Wild" video was filmed, and will not be disciplined for appearing in it.

And just as a reminder, here's the video that made headlines for the firefighter.


Check out after the jump for a short behind-the-scenes video.

Michael Biserta [ondisplaymen]

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News: Virgin America, Rosie O'Donnell, Google NASA, Ricky Martin

road.jpg Anti-gay Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle calls in to Michelangelo Signorile, hangs up after 10 minutes.

Varoad.jpg Virgin America announces in-flight air-to-ground broadband: "But even more interesting...VA will also be offering what amounts to a fleet-wide, airborne social network. Guests on one plane will be able to interact with other guests on that plane -- and with flyers on other planes within the VA fleet -- using Red. As I understand it, they've got some pretty ambitious plans in the works for in-flight interactivity. This could get really interesting."

road.jpg Rosie O'Donnell admits to breaking own bones with a hammer as a child: "My hands and fingers usually. No one knew. My secret. Proof, that I had some value, enough to be fixed."

road.jpg British politician accused of winning local election by slinging homophobic comments, court hears: "The court heard Mr Smith was devastated by the way he had lost his seat to Ms Grell by 28 votes. He later moved to northern England. In the final weeks of canvassing, people slammed doors in his face and, after his defeat, he was abused, threatened and spat at, the court heard. Leyton resident Naomi Robinson told the court she was shocked to hear Ms Grell call Mr Smith a paedophile during the election campaign. She said: 'Miss Grell told me to ask him [Mr Smith] about his 14-year-old boyfriend as she was driving away from the front of the house. I was quite shocked actually. I was not sure whether to believe it was true or not.'" UPDATE: Accused claims political conspiracy against her.

road.jpg Scientists find "slight hint" of cancer risk for 10-year cell phone users.

road.jpg Ricky Martin closes on swank Manhattan condo at a $3.5 million discount: "Martin's 2,637-square-foot pad with 11-foot ceilings includes a great room, a gourmet eat-in kitchen, a dining room and a study off the master suite. The residence features oak floors and a master bath with a 'wet room.'"

Becksroad.jpg Becks bares it for 2008.

road.jpg UK students behind "racist/homophobic/sexist" Facebook group: "The creator of the group defends it in a disclaimer, accompanying the comments. He says: 'This group is tolerant of all racial groups, genders, people of all different sexual persuasions. It welcomes anyone and everyone. Join us. It’s just a bit of a laugh.' But the group – as demonstrated by its name – does go on to write discriminatory things about all different types of people."

road.jpg Berets and briefs rock the 2xist underwear show at NYC fashion week.

road.jpg You've seen the video, now meet the Missionaries. And watch the MSNBC report.

road.jpg Led Zeppelin to reunite for one-off comeback concert in London.

road.jpg Google founders get private jet parking space from NASA.

road.jpg Ann Arbor, Michigan man pleads guilty to a misdemeanor assault and battery charge for shouting homophobic slurs and hurling a dresser drawer at a pair of pedestrians.

road.jpg Conservatives protest gay textbook bill in Sacramento: "'The Campaign for Children and Families' claimed students would be forced to read about gay history and exposed to 'bisexual propaganda.' The group called for a veto. 'This is not teaching them the birds and the bees,' said Randy Thomasson of the Campaign for Children and Families. 'This is saying a boy can wear a girl's dress. This is saying you might want to engage in bisexuality or transsexuality. This would revolutionize sex education.'..The bill's supporters said they believe the bill would build tolerance and non-discrimination in public schools."

road.jpg 180?: CNN shortens Anderson Cooper's "ambitious programming block" to one hour. UPDATE: Variety report debunked...

France Gears Up for Rugby World Cup, 2008 Dieux du Stade


As France gears up to host the 2007 Rugby World Cup, gay clubs around the country are hoping to put a focus on combating homophobia in the sport:

Said Christophe Solignac, who trains the "Melee Alpine" (Alpine Scrum) team in Grenoble: "It always surprises people when at the beginning of a match we introduce ourselves as a gay team, but once on the pitch, we earn the other side's respect. Ultimately, we share the same passion regardless of our sexuality. Straight rugby men who play against against us know it's a very tough sport, and our sexuality doesn't stop us training in the snow in winter, when the temperature falls below freezing! And the old fantasy about gay rugby men mucking around in the showers or the locker rooms really is a load of rubbish."

Although ironically, the "old fantasy" continues to be perpetuated by the straight French national rugby team with their series of Dieux du Stade rugby calendars, books, and videos, the latest of which has just begin to hit the media.

Check out the French Rugby Team fan site for a few exclusive photos from the new calendar, shot by Steven Klein. (NSFW)

In related news, Argentina is hosting the inaugural gay football world championship later this month.

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