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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #164

THE BUBBLE: Trailer for new Eytan Fox (Walk on Water, Yossi & Jagger) film centered around a gay Israeli/Palestinian love affair.

IRAN: The latest in the "FOX Attacks" series exposing the "fair and balanced" network's biased effort to push us towards war.

TED NUGENT: His ugly rant on Clinton and Obama, while holding machine guns.

MISSIONARY MEN: Former Mormon missionaries in new 2008 pin-up beefcake calendar.

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Laguna Beach's Boom Boom Room to Shutter After Labor Day


The Orange County Register is reporting that Laguna Beach's historic bastion of gay nightlife, the Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn, will close its doors for good after Labor Day weekend after its co-owners were unable to reach an agreement with landlord Steven Udvar-Hazy.

MolbDespite valiant efforts by local resident Fred Karger who spearheaded a Save the Boom campaign that went so far as to plead with Brad Pitt and George Clooney (who were once rumored to be interested in the property) to rescue the landmark, the Boom will shutter on September 3rd. A Men of Laguna Beach calendar was also produced to help publicize the cause and raise money for it. Karger said he still has hope that someone will still arrive to save the day.

Said former Laguna councilman and mayor Robert Gentry: "It's not as much the actual place, but a symbol of the gay community's role in the city of Laguna Beach – its development, shape and sense of character. There is a certain sense of history there that is really important. I don't want the gay community to return to second-class citizens in that wonderful seaside community that it helped develop."

Landmark gay bar to close [oc register]
Boom Boom Room's Last Swish [curbed la]


NYC Firefighter Calendar Canned After Michael Biserta is Exposed


After numerous websites published the report of NYC firefighting calendar coverboy Michael Biserta's appearance in a "Guys Gone Wild" video showing off his own firehose, Fire Commissioner Nicholas Scoppetta announced that from now on New York City firefighters would be prohibited from posing in the beefcake calendar.

BisertaThe calendar, published by the FDNY Fire Foundation, raises money for FDNY equipment and training. The 2008 issue will be its last.

Said the foundation's executive director Jean O'Shea: "We are in agreement with the decision. We're disappointed, but the department's reputation is more important than raising money."

The FDNY was taken by surprise with the news of their firefighter's extracurricular talents. Biserta reportedly joined the FDNY in April 2006, after the "Guys Gone Wild" video was filmed, and will not be disciplined for appearing in it.

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NYC Firefighter Cover Model Michael Biserta: Insert Hose Joke Here [tr]

NYC Firefighter Cover Model Michael Biserta: Insert Hose Joke Here


Staten Island's Michael Biserta of Ladder Co. 131 in Red Hook, Brooklyn graces the cover of the forthcoming FDNY Firefighters Calendar of Heroes. But as Patric (Warning: NSFW) and Fleshbot (Warning: NSFW) point out, he's already had some experience with the media, appearing in a "Guys Gone Wild" video where he shows that a skill for fighting fires is not his only gift (Warning: NSFW).

A few more of this year's models after the jump...

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David Beckham Irked To Be Cleaning House in the Nude

Calendar4Thou shalt not soil Brand Beckham. Or hire a nude look-alike to clean it up.

Although a rep. for the British footballer says that a look-alike calendar featuring a scantily-clad David Beckham clone "isn't even on his radar", there are some reports that Becks is angry about his inclusion in a 2007 "Celebrity Hunk Around the House" calendar.

The calendar features models meant to look like Becks, Prince William, and Brad Pitt doing household chores in the buff and is being sold on gay (and adult) websites.

Said one source to "The calendar has become a bit of locker-room joke for David’s old England team-mates. They all think it’s hilarious, but David doesn’t find it quite so funny. He’s upset and angry about the calendar because it’s basically making him look a bit of a fool. Also there’s the children to consider. Brooklyn, especially, is of an age where if he or any of his friends see the calendar they’ll think it really is David. And if it’s being sold on the high street, everyone will be able to see it. It’s on adult sites, which isn’t something David is happy about. He also doesn’t like the fact they’ve copied his tattoo designs, which see the names of his three sons etched on his back."

It looks like Becks' look-alike is the same chap sent out to hawk the Posh and Becks fragrances earlier this year. This time, however, he's selling something entirely different, and it certainly doesn't come close to the real thing.

See the full front and back calendar shots after the jump...

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News: Testosterone, Dolphin Flippers, New Jersey Civil Unions

road.jpg POLL: New Jersey residents prefer civil unions to gay marriages: "People in New Jersey are very supportive of equal rights, but the concept of marriage is more complicated. This is an issue people are struggling with. They seem to be trying to decide what is reasonable or fair."

Dolphin_1road.jpg Does dolphin with four fins provide evolutionary link to land-based ancestor? "It is thought the dolphin's land-loving ancestors first crawled into the sea to escape predators or seek food between 50 million and 35 million years ago. Their hind legs became smaller and smaller before eventually disappearing altogether. The new aerodynamic shape reduced drag in the water, speeding their swimming."

road.jpg Dick Cheney will spend election day hunting with his lesbian daughter Mary. Cheney hasn't been out hunting since he shot his friend Harry Whittington.

Oppedisano_1road.jpg Our friend Joe Oppedisano will be celebrating the launch of his brand new 192-page book Testosterone this Thursday November 9th from 5:30-7pm at Rizzoli at 31 West 57th Street in NYC. Joe, whose work I featured quite often in my stint at Genre magazine, prefers the hairy blue collar stud over the Abercrombie twink. Expect to see the former at his book launch this week, and look for a collection of his images this week at Undies Drawer. There's also a 2007 calendar on the way.

road.jpg Blogger put into a chokehold by Senator George Allen's staffers last week was taken into custody at Allen rally this weekend.


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