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Canadian Mayoral Race Marred By Homophobic Campaign Tactics


The local politics of Burnaby, B.C.’s mayoral race have taken a turn for the homophobic in light of rumors that the Barnaby First Coalition is attempting to convince voters that their competition, The Burnaby Citizens’ Association, is using a serum to turn children gay. Supporters of the BCA allegedly caught wind of the allegations against them while going door to door throughout Burnaby’s Chinese-speaking neighborhoods.

"What I am concentrating on as a candidate from an immigrant community--I feel like it is an attack on the minority community,” said Karen Chen, a BCA member running for a local school board position. “They are taking advantage of that. Taking advantage of our language barrier and cultural differences.”

In an interview with Yahoo News Canada, Chen explained that she first heard about the supposed conversion serum from a waitress at a local restaurant who claimed to have been contacted by a BFC campaigner with a warning. Though the rumor was initially brushed off by BCA supporters, some are reporting that it’s begun to be taken seriously by some of Burnaby’s immigrant constituents.

“I had an encounter with one family, and I heard that others had some information come their way as well,” said school trustee Harman Pandher. “It’s pretty outrageous, in this day and age, these types of things are being believed.”

Current mayor Derek Corrigan [above right] is a member of the BCA and political frontman for the party’s candidates for various positions. In the past the BFC, fronted by mayoral candidate Darren Hancott [above left], has supported conservative, “pro-family” positions and opposed legislation designed to protect LGBT children in schools.

in 2011 the BFC opposed the Burnaby School District’s policy 5.45 that laid out action plans for schools to use to prevent the bullying of queer students. Recently a Chinese-language website and flyers targeting calling policy 5.45  an example of the government’s pro-gay agenda have begun to spring up. The fliers, interestingly, urge voters to support members of the Burnaby First Coalition.

Lawyers Vote Against Trinity Western University Accreditation Over School's Anti-gay Pledge

Trinity western

A substantial block of lawyers working in British Columbia are moving to petition the provincial law society to withdraw accreditation at a proposed law school at Trinity Western University.  A poll conducted throughout the province found that 75 percent of practicing lawyers agreed that the law school should not be given accreditation due to the University’s policy of asking its faculty, staff, and students sign a Community Covenant pledge. Within the pledge are a set of beliefs including the forbiding of all sexual conduct outside of marriage between a man and a woman.

“Trinity Western believes in diversity and the rights of all Canadians to their personal beliefs and values,”  University spokesperson Guy Saffold told the Vancouver Sun.“A person’s ability to study and practise the law should not be restricted by their faith.”

Saffold insisted that moving forward with the decision to remove TWU’s accreditation would ultimately hurt the university’s LGBT students by robbing their legal educations of their prestige.

“I thought it was a fantastic showing, for the second time, by the legal profession,” said Michael Mulligan, a Victoria-based lawyer and proponent of the proposal.

“The large return and clear result sends an important message about the core values of the legal profession that include upholding the legal rights of all persons. The clear message to TWU is this: if you wish approval from the legal profession in B.C. you will need to cease your discriminatory practices. The discipline or expulsion of students and staff for private sexual activity is unacceptable.”

Canadian Councillor's Campaign Signs Vandalized, Sprayed 'Homophobe'

Jeff earle

A candidate for a seat on the city council in Brockville, Ontario, has had five election campaign posters defaced, one of them with the word “homophobe” in black spray paint, reports The Recorder. 1297620912487_ORIGINAL

Jeff Earle, a council veteran of 23 years, is convinced the “homophobe” charge stems from a vote last February preventing debate on a motion to fly the rainbow flag behind city hall during the Winter Olympics.

A unanimous vote was required to get the motion to the floor. Earle, the only councillor to oppose hearing the motion, says he blocked the vote because of a desire to keep politics out of the Olympics.


Earle, who says the vandalism should be treated as a hate crime, resents being tarred as a homophobe because of that vote:

“I treat it as a hate crime. For them to label that, I find it a little offensive. That vote was not about whether you support individuals.”

City police are currently investigating.

In June, Ontario elected its first female and lesbian premier Kathleen Wynne.

[sign photo via Ronald Zajac/The Recorder and Times]

Multiple Gunmen Involved In Attack On Canadian Parliament: VIDEO


Two to three gunmen have attacked the Canadian Parliament, the War Memorial and possibly a mall in Ottawa, Canada, killing one soldier who was on guard at the national War Memorial according to USA Today. CNN reports:

The Canadian government has informed the United States that one shooter is dead in Ottawa, a senior U.S. official said. So far, there is "no indication the shooter has ties to violent Islamic extremism," but it is still extremely early in the investigation, the source said.

In response to the ongoing situation at Canada's Parliament, the North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, has increased its alert posture, CNN has learned. That means that it has increased the number of planes on a higher alert status ready to respond if needed. NORAD and Canadian authorities are in contact, an official told CNN.

From The New York Times:

Police officers rushed to secure the Parliament building and move occupants to safety as they hunted for what Canadian news reports said were possibly two or three assailants, in what had the appearance of a coordinated attack.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that one assailant was killed. The condition of the soldier who was shot was not immediately clear. Witnesses reported earlier they believed the soldier had been killed.

Marc Coucy, a representative of the Ottawa Police Service, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that officers were looking for “multiple suspects” in shootings at three locations.

The shootings came amid heightened concern about terrorist attacks in Canada, two days after a radical jihadist convert ran over two soldiers at a suburban Montreal strip mall, killing one of them. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, an outspoken critic of the Islamic State movement and other militant groups, has been considering the introduction of new antiterrorism legislation.

The shootings began about 10 a.m., just as the leaders of Parliament were holding their weekly meetings, suggesting the possibility of deliberate timing. Many of the lawmakers were rushed into secure rooms in the basement by guards.

Watch a terrifying video of a firefight taking place in the halls of Parliament, AFTER THE JUMP...



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Norwegian Tourism Company Refutes Religious Discrimination Against Canadian Christian - VIDEO


A Christian graduate from Trinity Western University (TWU) in British Columbia, Canada, claims to have been discriminated against and "attacked" because of her religion after applying for a job with a Norwegian wilderness tourism company, reports CBC News.

All students at TWU - a private Christian liberal arts university - must agree to a covenant prohibiting sexual intimacy outside heterosexual marriage.

In her complaint to the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, Bethany Paquette outlined a series of emails from Amaruk executives.

Amaruk Wilderness Corp. has rejected the claims. 

Bethany Paquette

A rejection email from Amaruk hiring manager Olaf Amundsen read in part:

"Unlike Trinity Western University, we embrace diversity, and the right of people to sleep with or marry whoever they want.

"The Norse background of most of the guys at the management level means that we are not a Christian organization, and most of us actually  see Christianity as having destroyed our culture, tradition and way of life."

In a reply email, Paquette wrote "your disagreement with Trinity Western University, simply because they do not support sex outside of marriage, can in fact be noted as discrimination of approximately 76 per cent of the world population!!! Wow, that's a lot of diverse people that you don't embrace."

She signed the email God Bless “probably partially because I knew it would irritate them.”

Amundsen then shot back that “propaganda is lost on me” because he is “a Viking with a PhD in Norse culture. So propaganda is lost on me”:

"In asking students to refrain from same-sex relationships, Trinity Western University, and any person associated with it, has engaged in discrimination...'God bless' is very offensive to me and yet another sign of your attempts to impose your religious views on me.

“There are practical concerns about a Christian university that rejects the concept of evolution but still grants ‘biology’ degrees.

"I do not want to be blessed by some guy who was conceived by a whore, outside of marriage, and whom has been the very reason for the most horrendous abuse and human right violations in the  history of the human race. If I was to meet the guy I’d actually fuck him”

Amaruk employee Christopher Fragassi-Bjørnsen then joined the discussion, writing that while "Trinity Western University believes that two men loving each other is wrong… we believe a man ending up with another man is probably the best thing that could happen to him. But we do not force these views onto other people, and we are completely fine if a guy decided to go the emasculation route by marrying a B.C. woman.”

TWU spokesperson Guy Saffold said "Canadians shouldn't be treated this way by a foreign company. Mocking of their religion — there is a personal shaming element to it that was most unfortunate."

Micheal Vonn of the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association said employers are not supposed to express opinions about an applicant's religious background:

"You are allowed to think anything you like. But you have obligations as an employer to act in a non-discriminatory manner.

"What you have is written documentation that more or less is tantamount to a sign on the door that says no one of religious affiliation need apply for employment here. We don't usually see discrimination cases that are quite this stark."

However, in a statement issued last week, Amaruk said:

"We regret that Bethany Paquette was [em]inently unqualified for an assistant guide internship position with our company.

"We strive to make applicants aware of the minimum requirements for each position.

"Unfortunately, Bethany Paquette applied for a position when she knew, or ought to know, that she was unqualified for the position, did not meet the minimum requirements of the position, and did not hold the necessary certifications for the position."

Read the full email exchange here and watch a report on the case, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Trial Underway for Canadian Killer Who Mailed Body Parts to Government Offices: VIDEO


A criminal trial of Luka Magnotta is underway in Montreal.

Magnotta, as you may recall, is a Canadian porn actor who in 2012 was the subject of an international manhunt after he was charged with murdering a man and sending his body parts to political parties in the mail.

Global News reports:

Magnotta has admitted to killing 33-year-old Jun Lin in May 2012, of cutting up his victim’s body, videotaping the act and posting it online. He’s admitted to then mailing some body parts, discarding others in garbage bags and stuffing Lin’s torso in a suitcase, leaving the items curb-side in Montreal before taking off for France, then Germany — where he was apprehended June 4 (2012).

But he has pleaded not guilty to the five charges he is facing as a result of those actions; his lawyer Luc Leclair is preparing to argue Magnotta was so psychologically ill he couldn’t grasp the severity of what he was doing.

Leclair cross-examined Lin's former lover Feng Lin on Wednesday, attempting to paint a less than innocent picture of the victim. Also questioned was the apartment manager who rented a space to Magnotta that would later become the crime scene.

You can read many more details here, and there is a video report on the latest proceedings, AFTER THE JUMP...

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