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Traveling with Fashion: Into the Woods in Tenerife with Fran Otero — VIDEO


Men's fashion brand Modus Vivendi takes us on a trip to Tenerife, the largest and most populous of the seven, volcanically-formed Canary Islands of Spain, in the new campaign for its Bear Line of underwear, starring model Fran Otero and photographed by Adrian C. Martin.

MoretravelThe campaign was shot in the stunning Esperanza forest, often foggy because it is up a mountain close to the cloud zone where the moisture creates the lush green moss so prominent in the photos and video. Tenerife also boasts the third tallest volcano in the world (measured from the base on the ocean floor), Mount Teide, which is protected as a National Park and World Heritage Site. It most recently erupted in 1909 and remains active.

The Canary Islands are also a popular destination for gay and lesbian European tourists, who head there for the beautiful beaches. With this kind of natural beauty to be found, who can blame them.

Check out the full campaign video featuring Fran Otero, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Swede MP Blames His Drag Persona 'Ursula' for Accepting Free Trip


Swedish MP Frederick Federley says it wasn't he who accepted an all-expenses paid trip to the Canary Islands — it was his drag persona Ursula.

The Local reports: "The politician told newspaper Aftonbladet that his trip in early January was sponsored by around ten different companies, including budget airline Norwegian. Pressed by the newspaper on why he had accepted the paid trip, despite claims that he generally refused offers from the airline industry, Federley replied: 'Well, this was pretty much tied to my drag personality, Ursula. It's not me as a member of parliament doing this; it's more a case of me travelling as my drag personality,' he said. Federley has not made any secret of his predilection for cross-dressing, recently arriving as Ursula at the Swedish Mr Gay competition. Dismayed by the newspaper's line of questioning, Federley dismissed what he felt was an insinuation that he had only taken on the job for the sake of a free holiday in the sun at a newly built four-star hotel."

Readers of this site may remember Federley's name from a 2007 gay bashing I reported on.

Gay 'Crime of Passion' Killing Reported in Canary Islands

A 39-year-old British man from Edinburgh, Scotland is being held in the stabbing death of a German man Karl Heinz Thonningen, 44, in the Playa Del Ingles resort in Gran Canaria.

PlayadelinglesAccording to the Edinburgh News: "Spanish police, who only reveal the initials of suspects, have identified the arrested man as EB. They then passed the case on to a Spanish judge to investigate, and the man, who has not been charged, is due to appear in court in private later today or tomorrow. The area of the killing is packed with bustling gay bars and Mr Thonningen is understood to have gone on a night out while his partner stayed in the hotel. At about 5am, he was walking along a quiet street called Calle Timple where he was staying with friends, when he was attacked and stabbed through the heart. His body was found by another holiday-maker who immediately called police. Forensic officers cordoned off the area but have been unable to trace a murder weapon. Ambulances attended the scene but according to reports, Mr Thonningen had suffered a violent attack and paramedics were unable to resuscitate him."

The attacker, EB, was discovered after the attack in a drug-induced coma and authorities believe it was a suicide attempt. They also believe that the attack was motivated by EB's discovery that his victim was in a long-term relationship.

According to unconfirmed reports, both EB and Thonningen were at the resort with their respective partners.


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