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NY State Senator Carl Kruger's Closet Blown Open; 'Live-In Boyfriend' Helped Launder Bribes

New York Democratic state senator Carl Kruger, who surrended to federal authorities on corruption charges yesterday, took $1 million in bribes which his boyfriend helped launder. Everyone knew he was a closet case, but this corruption case has blown the door wide open for the hypocrite politician, who cast votes against same-sex marriage last year.

The NY Post reports: Kruger

Kruger and his secret longtime companion, Manhattan gynecologist Michael Turano, were among eight men arrested in a sweeping government "pay-to-play" corruption scandal.

The charges include allegations that Kruger, Brooklyn Assemblyman William Boyland and previously convicted Queens Assemblyman Anthony Seminerio -- who died in prison in January -- received bribes and other largesse to help two competing health-care companies buy hospitals, and direct state funds to those firms.

Kruger's constant companion, Turano, is accused of using bribe money he deposited in two shell companies for Kruger to pay the lease on a Bentley luxury sedan, credit-card bills and the mortgage on the garish, multimillion-dollar Mill Basin home where the two men for years have shacked up with Turano's mom and brother, authorities and neighbors said.

"Sen. Kruger had a close and intimate relationship with the entire Turano family, which includes one of the defendants, Michael Turano, along with his mother and brother," US Attorney Preet Bharara told reporters yesterday.

It's good to see Kruger go down, but it's a shame that it hasn't happened sooner.

Anti-Gay NY Senator Carl Kruger Turns Himself in to Federal Authorities on Corruption Charges

Anti-gay New York state senator Carl Kruger turned himself in to federal authorities this morning on corruption charges, the NY Post reports:

Kruger Kruger, flanked by his attorney Ben Brafman and two other men, turned himself in to the Jacob K. Javits Federal Building in Manhattan around 8:30 a.m. The senator, looking solemn and wearing a dark suit, walked silently into the building.

Brafman said he will be making a statement after the proceeding.

A teary-eyed Kruger around 6 a.m. left the Mill Basin home of Brooklyn Community Board 18 District Manager Dorothy Turano, where he regularly spends a lot of time, according to residents. When asked about the pending charges against him, he said, "I have no comment. My attorney will be releasing a statement later today." He then walked off with his head down.

After leaving the house, Kruger walked a few blocks over to a shopping center on Avenue U and was seen huddling outside a shuttered Mill Basin pharmacy for roughly 10 minutes until a black car arrived. Kruger got in and the car sped off.

The NYT adds: "Mr. Kruger had been under investigation by federal prosecutors in Brooklyn who were looking into accusations that he had helped businessmen surmount bureaucratic hurdles in exchange for assistance raising campaign money, but the charges stemmed from an investigation by Manhattan federal prosecutors and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Others, including William F. Boyland Jr., a four-term Democratic state assemblyman from Brooklyn, and Richard Lipsky, a lobbyist, and two hospital executives, were also expected to face charges in the case, according to the people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the charges had not been made public.

Kruger is a reported closet case, and cast a vote against marriage equality last year when the bill came up.

Anti-Gay NY Sen. Monserrate Expelled Over Assault Conviction

Late on Tuesday, the New York state senate voted 53-8 to expel Senator Hiram Monserrate, convicted last year of attacking his girlfriend, slashing her face with glass, and dragging her through his apartment building.

Monserrate  As you may recall, Monserrate is a Democrat from Queens who voted against the marriage equality bill when it came up late last year.

The NYT: "...rather than bringing the issue to a close, the expulsion vote could be the beginning of a lengthy legal fight that could create further instability in Albany’s volatile political atmosphere. Mr. Monserrate said on Tuesday that he planned to run in the special election. Even as the Senate moved forward with the vote, Mr. Monserrate’s lawyers were drafting a temporary restraining order seeking to have him reinstated. One of the lawyers, Norman Siegel, said the order would be filed Wednesday in federal court in Manhattan."

The NYDN: "The defiant Queens Democrat told the senators he hopes none of them slip up one day and find themselves "at the mercy of certain colleagues with unfortunate political agendas." He also apologized to his colleagues and asked for their 'forbearance and foregiveness.' 'I know that my behavior has brought unwelcome discredit to this chamber, and for that, I am deeply sorry,' he said. 'But, as Rev. Jesse Jackson once said, 'God isn't through with me yet.'' Gov. Paterson on Tuesday night immediately called a special election for March 16 to fill Monserrate's seat."

Several buddies of the anti-gay girlfriend beater voted against his expulsion, including: Ruben Diaz, Pedro Espada, Martin Dilan, Carl Kruger, John Sampson, Eric Adams, Kevin Parker and Monserrate himself.

Watch Diaz and Espada speak before their votes, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NY State Senator Carl Kruger: I'm Still Not Gay


Homophobic (and reportedly closeted) New York state senator Carl Kruger got a profile in Page Six today:

Kruger "Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger became the No. 1 target of gay activists when he voted against same-sex marriage last month. Now, his enemies are circulating photos taken of Kruger at a birthday fund-raiser last year, where cross-dressing entertainer Leonid the Magnificent performed hula-hoop tricks in a skintight cat suit. 'For hating gay marriage so much, Kruger sure loves watching tight, Lycra-clad asses,' snarked Gay activist Corey Johnson and Allen Roskoff, the openly gay president of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club, have led demonstrations at Kruger's home. Roskoff wrote on his blog, 'People ask us how we know he is homosexual. My immediate response is, how does one know that Paul Lynde and Liberace were gay?' Kruger, who denies being gay, called Roskoff 'a bottom feeder,' and said he was unfazed by the smear campaign. 'It goes with the territory,' he told Page Six. 'I have not changed my position.'"

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Video: NY State Senator Carl Kruger Protested for Marriage Vote


Here's some brief, shaky video of the demonstration held yesterday at New York state senator Carl Kruger's home in Queens in response to his "no" vote on marriage equality.


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NY State Senator Carl Kruger Protested for Marriage Vote


NBC reports on the Sunday protest:

"Gay rights activists called Kruger a 'bigot' as they marched in front of his Mill Basin, Brooklyn home. Organizers said turnout for the rally was dampened by rain and cold weather, but more protests are planned in the coming weeks. Kruger was one of 38 senators who voted against a bill to legalize same-sex marriage in New York. Fredy Kaplan said he has been made to feel like a 'second class citizen.' ... 'We can't have a regular life,' he said."


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