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Movies: Haywire Punches Handsome Men In The Face


Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender, faking couplehood in Haywire

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If you've ever wanted to see Ewan McGregor or Channing Tatum punched in the face repeatedly, HAYWIRE is your movie. At one time or another, the actors take quite a believable pummelling from rogue CIA agent Mallory (Gina Carano) in Steven Soderbergh's experimental action picture. Soderbergh first spotted his new muse, a real life mixed martial arts champ, while channel-surfing and was so transfixed he ended up building a feature around her. 'Why can't there be a female James Bond?' went his reasoning. He must have meant it in a loose sense for Mallory is no Bond. She's not super verbal, isn't at all comfortable at elegant black tie events, and has no discernible signature catchphrase. She orders no martinis, neither shaken nor stirred.

Carano's lack of acting experience shows when she's not fighting but thankfully that isn't often. Soderbergh, ever a resourceful director, keeps forcing her to dodge bullets, fists, and sharp objects. His fascination with Carano's athleticism pays off in the action sequences but the movie is curiously flat story-wise. We hop around the Globe with Mallory on assignment or for escape but, like her, we're always behind the story curve. For all we can figure they're making up the story as they go along as Mallory meets each new shifty coworker or employer. For what it's worth that's one piece of man candy after another: Ewan McGregor, Channing Tatum, Michael Fassbender, Matthieu Kassovitz, Antonio Banderas. (Perhaps Soderbergh was already thinking about his follow up, the Channing Tatum male stripper movie Magic Mike?)

More Haywire (Plus: Carol Channing and Jamie Bell) AFTER THE JUMP...

Gina tops Fassbender. He's always horizontal these days!

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Uranus and Neptune are a Girl's Best Friend

Some sparkly revelations about our outer solar system:

Neptune "Oceans of liquid diamond, filled with solid diamond icebergs, could be floating on Neptune and Uranus, according to a recent article in the journal Nature Physics. The research, based on first detailed measurements of the melting point of diamond, found diamond behaves like water during freezing and melting, with solid forms floating atop liquid forms. The surprising revelation gives scientists a new understanding about diamonds and some of the most distant planets in our solar system."

High pressure and high temperatures are the key, and Neptune and Uranus have both.

Will Johnny Depp Actually Get to Play Carol Channing?


In Mid-July, Johnny Depp mentioned to the UK Mirror that his dream role would be to play Carol Channing. Said Depp: "My dream role would be to play musical legend Carol Channing in a biopic of her life. I love her, I really do, she's amazing."

Channing says she'd love it, telling Broadway World: "It is not a new concept to me. Not at all. Men have been imitating me for as long as I can remember. In fact, most of the impersonations I have seen have had a five o'clock shadow. I imagine, when or if Johnny should portray me, he will succeed. Because a true artist, such as himself, is one who loves his or her creation and therefore represents their honest view of that which they are creating. I think he is a gifted performer and I would be very proud, as well as interested in seeing what his vision of me would be. Johnny is someone I would very much like to help me and my foundation ( to bring the Arts back into the the public school system in America."

News: Carol Channing, Episcopalians, Biological Blob, Savannah

 roadBishop Gene Robinson speaks about the Episcopal church's recent moves toward accepting gays and lesbians.

Vatican  roadThe Vatican embraces Oscar Wilde.

 roadJanet Jackson is a single woman again.

 roadPepsi outraged over release of Michael Jackson hair fire video.

 roadFlorida Gay couple and lesbian couple battle for custody of child: "After considering arguments from both sides, Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Leon Firtel on June 3 found Ray was nothing more than a sperm donor. Because there was no contract before birth, he had 'no rights.'"

 roadRep. Jared Polis (D-CO) appointed to Air Force Academy Board of Visitors.

 roadESPN columnist LZ Granderson: Gay is not the new black. Pam Spaulding responds: "This nonsense about 'Is Black The New Gay,' just reached another plateau of bullcrap."

 roadBush's Justice Dept. blacklisted LGBT groups: "The Blade recently learned that among the blacklisted groups was Immigration Equality, which focuses on LGBT-related immigration issues. Also blacklisted was the immigration project for the Gay Men’s Health Crisis."

 roadJohnny Depp's dream role is to play Carol Channing.

Blob  roadBiological "blob" drifts for miles in arctic waters off Alaska: "It's certainly biological. It's definitely not an oil product of any kind. It has no characteristics of an oil, or a hazardous substance, for that matter. It's definitely, by the smell and the makeup of it, it's some sort of naturally occurring organic or otherwise marine organism."

 roadGroups assembling war chests for election marriage battle in Maine.

 roadFormer GOP Rep. Pickering's wife sues his mistress for adultery that ruined their marriage and his career.

 roadPolish European Parliament leader under fire for homophobic remark made in 2000: "The latest row has been sparked by a short video clip available online dated July 2000, in which Mr Kaminski - a member of Poland's Law and Justice Party - uses the word 'pedal' to refer to gay rights campaigners, in a TV interview. This is a derogatory Polish word for homosexual, usually translated into English as 'fag' or 'queer'."

 roadOrlando Bloom robbed of $500K in home burglary.

 roadMadonna offers tearful memorial to two workers killed by her tour stage collapse in France.

Shoot  roadFrance bans videogame in which players shoot a gun at naked gays.

 roadSavannah Morning News: Crack down on gay cruising in public.

 roadAnderson Cooper visits David Letterman. Video.

 roadMetropolitan Museum of Art "de-gays" blockbuster Model as Muse exhibit: "Room after room is shoulder to shoulder with over seven decades of queer genius, showcasing the extraordinary visions of gay men whose simultaneous status as sidelined outsiders and ultimate insiders, dressing the planet's most visible women while their sexuality was illegal, spurred them to perpetually reinvent not only what we wear but how we live in the world. That's where art comes from and that's what the museum ignores."

News: Kelly Rowland, Sundance, Vermont, Johnny Weir, Florent

road.jpg L.A. Times columnist asks why The Kite Runner, and its controversial boy-rape scene wasn't included in the GLAAD awards. Maybe because sexual orientation had nothing to do with it.

Tatumroad.jpg Channing Tatum recruited for GI Joe film: "The 27-year-old modern-turned-actor will play Duke, a field commander and second-in-command of the G.I. Joe Team after Hawk. Other actors signed on: Sienna Miller as The Baroness, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaj (Lost) as Heavy Duty, Rachel Nichols (Alias) as Shana ‘Scarlett’ O’Hara and Marlon Wayans as Ripcord. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (3rd Rock From the Sun) is also in negotiations to join the project."

road.jpg Randy Lovely promoted to editor of The Arizona Republic, making him the nation's only openly gay editor of a major U.S. newspaper: "Lovely says he has never hidden his sexual preference, but is not among the most outspoken gay rights activists. 'There are many others who are much more involved. I support them, but I am not on the leadership,' he says of his NLGJA membership. 'I have not had to be anything other than what I am. I can't be the one to tell anyone they have to be out. But it is not something I am afraid of.'"

road.jpg New York meatpacking staple Florent, which I did a long photo piece on two years ago, may be closing...

Weirroad.jpg Johnny Weir ties with Evan Lysacek at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships but Lysacek wins for skating better in the free skate: "First place, second place, last place, I'm just happy with the way I skated. I was so nervous, and it's fantastic vindication to know I came back and didn't completely fall apart. I feel like a winner."

road.jpg Keith Olbermann would trade personal success for a decent president: "I think this has been a disastrous presidential administration. I would have given what I have, in terms of broadcasting success in the nature of this newscast, I would have easily said…if I were given the choice of this or some responsible presidency in the last four years or eight years? I would have taken a responsible presidency."

road.jpg Gay ordained Presbyterian minister Brian Webb-Mitchell shares tips for gay parents in new book: "I wrote the book because there was nothing out there that was pro-gay, pro-child, pro-family and pro-Christian. The books that dealt with gay parenting and Christianity were not very pro-Christian. If anything, they steered people toward the United Church of Christ and away from Catholic and Evangelical churches."

road.jpg Adrian Grenier brings along his own little entourage.

Ddtsroad.jpg New board game created by son of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius and U.S. Magistrate Judge Gary Sebelius set inside a prison is called "Don't Drop the Soap": "Fight your way through 6 different exciting locations in hopes of being granted parole. Escape prison riots in The Yard, slip glass into a mob boss' lasagna in the Cafeteria, steal painkillers from the nurse's desk in the Infirmary." And whatever you do, avoid those gays in the shower room!

road.jpg "Pro-family" conservatives in Arkansas launch drive to stop unmarried couples from adopting or becoming foster parents. Jerry Cox, president of the Arkansas Family Council Action Committee: "Anyone who tells you that this initiated act is only about gay adoption is not telling you the whole story. Anyone who will tell you, though, that gay adoption has nothing to do with this act wouldn’t be telling you the whole story, either."

road.jpg Sundance Film Festival winners announced...

Rowleandroad.jpg Work: Kelly Rowland is proud as a peacock at G-A-Y.

road.jpg Gay Miller Brewing executive Vic Milford shot and killed in Milwaukee robbery: "'At this time, this is a company grieving the tragic loss of one of its dearest employees,' [a Miller spokesman] said, in a statement. 'The immediate impact of this loss is being felt most by the family and friends of Vic Milford. And out of respect for the Milford family, we believe our attention is best served by caring for those most affected by this horrible tragedy.' Milford, a citizen of South Africa, had lived in Milwaukee since taking the Miller Brewing job in February 2005, Green said, and previously worked for SABMiller since 2002. Milford is survived his parents, who are residents of Zimbabwe, a sister in Australia and a man described as Milford's life partner, who lives in South Africa, according to a Miller statement."

road.jpg Carol Channing is a robber magnet!

road.jpg Gay Vermont legislator Jason Lorber moonlights as a stand-up comic: "When I first came here, people said 'You're the first comedian to come to the Statehouse.' I say 'I'm the first PROFESSIONAL comedian to come to the Statehouse'...Politics is about changing society and trying to make the world a better place. And performing makes me feel so alive. I love the creative aspect of it...Growing up, I never pictured myself being with a gay guy. Now, I've come to realize that I could never be happy being with a straight guy."

road.jpg L.A. Times columnist: FOX News host John Gibson should lose his platform over Heath Ledger remarks.

Carol Channing's "Diamond Dress" Returned

Those of you who spent your weekend worrying about Carol Channing's "diamond dress" theft, you can rest easy. The garment was returned over the weekend by a homeless man (who is apparently not the LAPD's "person of interest" in the case) and will now be headed to the Smithsonian.

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