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Obama Meets Pope Francis at the Vatican: VIDEO


President Obama and Pope Francis met for the first time today at the Vatican, in a meeting that lasted 52 minutes. The NYT reports:

In a three-paragraph communiqué released on Thursday afternoon, the Vatican described as “cordial” the meetings between Mr. Obama and Francis, as well as a later meeting among the president, his aides and other top Vatican officials. The discussions touched on “current international themes,” according to the statement, as the Vatican also expressed hope for respect for humanitarian and international law in “areas of conflict.” Immigration reform was discussed, while both sides shared a “common commitment” to fighting human trafficking.

As expected, the Vatican communiqué also alluded to the ongoing dispute between American bishops and the Obama administration over provisions of the Affordable Care Act, including the mandate that for-profit corporations must provide contraception coverage in health care plans. American bishops argue that the mandate is a violation of religious freedom. On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in a case challenging the constitutionality of the mandate.

In the communiqué, the Vatican noted that discussions were held on questions of particular relevance for the Church, including “the exercise of the rights to religious freedom, life and conscientious objection.”

Watch scenes from their meeting, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bill Donohue Claims NYC Pride Organizers Worry His Bigot Marchers Will 'Overwhelm' Parade: VIDEO


Last week you may recall that pathetic Catholic League whiner Bill Donohue executed an EPIC FAIL after applying to march in the NYC Pride parade behind a "Straight is Great" banner.

Donohue, who was hoping to make a crass point about NYC St. Patrick's Day parade organizers excluding gays by having his application turned down by Pride organizers, basically turned tail and ran when his application was accepted, and used the sorry excuse of having to attend a mandatory information session about the march (which he redubbed a "gay training session") as the reason for his cold feet.

Now Donohue claims that NYC Pride organizers turned him down because they are worried that there would be SO MANY people who would join his bigot contingent of "Straight is Great" marchers that the parade would be overwhelmed.


The "gay training sessions" that Donohue claims take place, are safety and rules sessions required of all participants, according to organizers:

“These trainings address line-up times, check-in locations, our moment of silence, dispersal activity, NYPD safety policies, attire and vehicle/sound permits. It is imperative that group leaders know this information.”

Says Donohue: "Quite frankly, as a straight guy, I don’t go to gay training sessions. I think I’m pretty much an untrainable guy when it comes to this thing."

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Pathetic Catholic League Whiner Bill Donohue Gets Cold Feet About Marching in the NYC Pride Parade

Earlier this week we reported that Catholic League bigmouth Bill Donohue was making a big deal about the fact that he was going to test the tolerance and inclusiveness of the LGBT community in response to the controversy over the St. Patrick's Day parade's exclusion of gay groups. He was going to apply to march in NYC's LGBT Pride parade.

DonohueDonohue was hoping to raise a stink when he was turned down, but the parade organizers said he could march.

Donohue today announced that he was not going to march, using the sorry excuse of a mandatory "information session" as a way to weasel out of it.

Read Donohue's pathetic statement below.

Writes Donohue on the Catholic League site:

For the past few days I have been engaged in an e-mail conversation with officials from the Heritage of Pride parade, New York’s annual gay event; the dialogue has been cordial. I asked to join the parade under a banner that would read, “Straight is Great.” The purpose of my request was to see just how far they would go without forcing me to abide by their rules. It didn’t take long before they did.

Today, I informed Heritage of Pride officials that I objected to their rule requiring me to attend gay training sessions, or what they call “information” sessions. “I don’t agree with your rule,” I said. They responded by saying that attendance was “mandatory.”

The St. Patrick’s Day parade has mandatory rules, too. It bars groups representing their own cause from marching, which is why pro-life Catholics—not just gays—are barred from participating under their own banner. But only gays complain: they refuse to abide by the rules. Indeed, they went into federal court seeking to force a rule change. They lost. In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled 9-0 that private parades have a First Amendment right to determine their own rules.

It is hypocritical for gay activists to complain about having to abide by the mandatory rules of the St. Patrick’s Day parade, and then inform me that I cannot march in their parade unless I respect their mandatory rules, rules that I reject. Good luck to the Heritage of Pride participants. I may be watching it from afar, but I sure won’t be downing a Guinness afterwards.

Notice how Donohue tried to embellish the requirements, first calling the information sessions some kind of "gay training" session as if we would want to recruit him.

Rich Juzwiak offered him some advice on that note:

" for those 'gay training sessions,' nobody wants Bill Donohue's ass and he should stop flattering himself. Take a number, buddy, it'll be in the millions."

NYC Pride Responds to Catholic League's Bill Donohue's Interest in Marching in Parade: VIDEO


Last night we reported that Catholic League mouthpiece Bill Donohue had applied to march in NYC's LGBT Pride parade carrying a "Straight is Great" banner in a challenge to its inclusiveness following controversy over gay exclusion from the St. Patrick's Day parade.

NYC Pride has responded, it tells Towleroad:

In response to email communications from Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League, NYC Pride representatives provided instructions for the March’s online registration system.

“Mr. Donohue and his group are free to participate in the 2014 March. His group’s presence affirms the need for this year’s Pride theme, ‘We Have Won When We’re One.’ Straight is great – as long as there’s no hate,” said David Studinski, March Director of NYC Pride.

Chris Frederick, Managing Director of NYC Pride, added, “Straight allies are great. We have thousands of straight people participating in the Pride March, including Catholic groups, who support LGBT youth, families and married couples.”

GLAAD's Commentator Accountability Project provided background information on Bill Donohue's recent statements on LGBT people. On February 27, 2014, Donohue gave a video interview with World Over with Raymond Arroyo in which he stated, "If I wanted to get into their gay pride parade with my own float with big banners saying 'straight is great,' they would have a right to feel put-upon and I wouldn't do that to them."

Watch (quote is at 12:30), AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bill Donohue Applies to March in the NYC LGBT Pride Parade with 'Straight is Great' Banner


Catholic League mouthpiece Bill Donohue has applied to march in NYC's LGBT Pride parade behind a "Straight is Great" banner he told conservative talk show host Steve Malzberg today and says he'll bring "a big wedding cake" if they allow him, Right Wing Watch reports.

Donohue is challenging the inclusiveness of the parade as a reaction to the controversy over the New York St. Patrick’s Day parade’s ban on gay groups.

Listen, below:

He also said that he's going to go after Guinness "non-stop" for pulling out of the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Cincinnati Archdiocese Requires Teachers to Sign New Contract Forbidding 'Homosexual Lifestyle,' Sex

For the 2014 - 2015 school year, more than 2,200 Catholic school teachers in the Cincinnati Archdiocese will be required to sign a nine-page contract explicitly forbidding the personal practice or public endorsement of the “homosexual lifestyle,” as well as living out of wedlock, pre-marital sex, abortion, surrogate mothers, in vitro fertilization or artificial insemination.

Dan_andriaccoThe contract says that these practices would "reflect discredit on or cause scandal to the school or be in contradiction to Catholic doctrine or morals,” and could be grounds for termination.

Presumably the Archdiocese revised the contract to avoid high-profile firings like that of Mike Moroskin, the Ohio administrator who was fired for publishing a pro-marriage equality blog post last year, and Carla Hale, the Ohio teacher who was also fired last year after her mother’s obituary listed the name of Carla’s female partner.

When asked about the expanded contractual restrictions, Archdiocese spokesman Dan Andriacco (pictured) said:

"There aren't any new expectations of our teachers in the 2014-2015 contract. The revised wording is just more explicit in that it lists examples of behaviors that are unacceptable as contrary to church teaching. We think that's fairer to the teachers and a help to them.

"We regard all of our teachers – not just religion teachers – as ministerial employees, even if they are not Catholic. Our contract for many years has reflected that by including a moral conduct clause. Last year we made that clause more explicit by mentioning the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and this year we've added examples of unacceptable behaviors."

Despite the Church’s entrenched refusal to support marriage equality, a December 2012 poll found a growing number of male Catholics who have begun to support same-sex nuptials.


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