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Rick Scott Defeats Charlie Crist in Florida Gubernatorial Race

6a00d8341c730253ef0147e1c6faeb970b-800wiFormer Republican Governor Charlie Crist, who was seeking Florida's top office again, this time as a Democrat, lost to incumbent Republican Rick Scott yesterday. The New York Times reports: 

Despite Mr. Scott’s lack of popularity among voters, his victory was a testament, in large part, to an aggressive campaign that highlighted Florida’s economic turnaround during his tenure while also pummeling Mr. Crist with negative advertisements.

His win, although slight, came with the Florida Republican establishment’s full support, something he did not enjoy in 2010 when he beat out Bill McCollum, the party favorite, in the primary.

Still, Mr. Scott failed to capture a majority of voters, which may complicate his efforts to lead a politically mixed state in his second term.

Mr. Crist was unable to overcome months of attack ads, which constantly referred to him as a “flip-flopper” for switching his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat.

Scott's victory means that the fate of gay marriage in the Sunshine State continues to be uncertain, as Scott has made it clear he intends to leave the question of how to handle legal challenges to state Attorney General Pam Bondi, who for her part has been adamant about defending the ban. Scott has meanwhile been unswayed by calls (including one made by Crist) for him to stop defending the anti-equality law that voters passed in 2008. 

Though now a proponent of marriage equality, in 2006 Crist signed a petition supporting a state-wide constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. 

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Have a Field Day Over the Florida Gubernatorial Electric Fan Debate: VIDEO


As anticipated, the Wednesday debate night snafu between Florida Governor Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist over the use of an electric fan was first-rate fodder for both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - with the two late night hosts having a blast mocking the absurdity of the whole "fangate" debacle. 

Said Colbert:

"Folks, clearly for Scott's campaign last night blew - and, if you turn the switch the other way, it sucked. But the whole thing is unfair. I don't blame Crist for wanting to bring his own coolant - based on that skin tone I'd say his core temperature is about 450 degrees."

Said Stewart:

"Honestly, we could have delved into all the terrible, actual answers Rick Scott gave in the debate about his horrifying policies for Florida, but that is not nearly as fun as him missing four minutes of a debate because his opponent had a fan pointed at his balls."

Check out the funny segments, AFTER THE JUMP...

And if you happened to have missed the "extremely peculiar situation" from Wednesday's debate, you can watch that HERE

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'Extremely Peculiar Situation' Delays Florida Gubernatorial Debate: VIDEO


Florida Governor Rick Scott refused to come out on stage for a debate against challenger Charlie Crist last night because of an "extremely peculiar situation."

"As you can see, the two candidates who were invited to take part in this debate, right now, are not stepping up on the stage."

Watch the madness go down in the Sunshine State, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Charlie Crist Pens Letter to Florida Gov. Rick Scott Asking Him to Stop Defending Gay Marriage Ban


Charlie Crist has written an open letter to Rick Scott asking the Florida governor to stop defending the state's gay marriage ban in court, writing that "Florida deserves a governor who will stand up for all of the people of this state."

Four years ago, a district court of appeals ruled Florida’s ban on gay and lesbian adoption unconstitutional.
When the ruling came down, I believed it was my job as Governor to exercise the authority vested in me by the people and our Constitution. The day the judge ruled, I declared Florida’s adoption ban over. Gay and lesbian parents began adopting the children they loved immediately.
It is one of my proudest moments as an elected official.
Last Thursday Federal District Judge Robert Hinkle gave you the same chance to speak out for what is right when, in a ruling that would apply statewide, he struck down Florida’s ban on same sex marriage. By declaring the marriage ban finished you could discourage any future appeals and end the nightmare that loving same sex couples all across our state endure every single day, ending court battles that could drag on for months or years.

You can read the full letter HERE

Crist, who as Republican governor supported the constitutional ban on same-sex marriage when it was passed by Florida voters back in 2008, is now running as a pro-equality Democrat in this year's gubernatorial race.

Pam Bondi, the state attorney general working with Scott to defend the ban, has refused repeated calls to stop defending the ban, saying "I am just getting started"

Charlie Crist: Florida Governor and Attorney General Don't Have to Defend Gay Marriage Ban: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 7.58.37 AM

In an interview with the Miami Herald, Charlie Crist says Republican Governor Rick Scott and Attorney General Pam Bondi do not have to defend the state's ban on same-sex marriage in court and can make the choice to "make sure new and better things happen in Florida." 

Crist, who as Republican governor supported the ban when it was passed by Florida voters back in 2008, is now running as a pro-equality Democrat in this year's gubernatorial race. 

Watch the video, AFTER THE JUMP...

[via Good As You]

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Former GOP Florida Governor Charlie Crist Files Amicus Brief In Support Of Same-Sex Marriage

Former GOP governor of Florida and current Democratic gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist previously apologized for a blatantly anti-gay political track record. Now he has made good on part of his promise to do everything he can to help achieve equal rights for same-sex couples and the LGBTQ community. He filed an amicus brief today in support of same-sex marriage in the Pareto v. Ruvin case set for a July hearing. 

CristEquality Florida reports:

"As former Governor, and as someone who previously supported this measure, Charlie Crist's words matter a great deal,” said Nadine Smith, CEO of Equality Florida. “He has taken the same journey the majority of Floridians have taken in realizing that this ban serves no purpose but to disparage and discriminate against gay couples and our children."

In the brief, Crist stated that as a former Governor and Attorney General who previously supported the ban, he is in a unique position to provide the court a perspective on why it is wrong, harmful to Florida and harmful to gay couples and children who are denied the protections only marriage provides. 

In his brief, Crist references his own evolution, in conjunction with the American public's:

“Thus, with the arc of history now, in fact, bending toward justice, this issue of marriage equality will almost certainly not even be an issue for the children and grandchildren of this State. But it is still the duty of those in the present to recognize that the legitimacy of government depends upon its willingness to fairly, transparently, and equitably administer the law. That goal is frustrated by denying an entire class of citizens equality in the institution of marriage simply because of who they are and whom they love.”

Crist's brief is an exciting addition to this case, following others filed by the Orlando and Miami Beach city councils. 


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