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Cheyenne Jackson is in HBO's Liberace Biopic Too: PHOTO


You can catch a blink-and-you'll-miss-it glimpse of him in the awesome featurette released yesterday as he plays a dueling piano as Liberace's protegee Billy Leatherwood.

Cheyenne Jackson Suits Up for the Onion News Empire: VIDEO


Here's Cheyenne Jackson in the trailer for Onion News Empire, the new show that takes place behind the scenes of the satirical Onion News Network. The pilot episode is now live over on Amazon.

Also starring Jeffrey Tambor, Chris Masterson, William Sadler, and Aja Naomi King.

Watch the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cheyenne Jackson Covers Elton John: VIDEO


"Your Song" for a Sunday afternoon, featuring Steve Bargonetti on guitar.


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Lust Blooms in Cheyenne Jackson's 'Don't Wanna Know' Video: WATCH


Cheyenne Jackson's most adorable music video to date is here, and features Jackson as a blissfully ignorant yet hopelessly-in-love romantic. Also, a cameo from several humpy members of the Broadway community, including Nick Adams as a member of New York's Finest.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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A Preview of Cheyenne Jackson's 'Don't Wanna Know': VIDEO


Cheyenne Jackson previews the video for his upcoming release "Don't Wanna Know" which features hip-thrusting construction workers dancing on scaffolding and choreographed dancing in the park with multi-colored umbrellas. Is there any question this boy comes from Broadway?


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Cheyenne Jackson is Adult Film Star 'Mandrew': PHOTO


Here's a first look at Cheyenne Jackson in his new Broadway role — adult film star 'Mandrew' — via Broadway World:

THE PERFORMERS is a romantic comedy set on the night of the Adult Film Awards. Lee (Mr. Breaker), a tabloid journalist, has come to Las Vegas to interview his high school friend, Mandrew (MR. Jackson), a hot new adult film star. Lee, who’s accompanied by his fiancée, Sara (Ms. Silverstone), first sees Mandrew as an exotic creature; but soon enough begins to question his own, more conservative lifestyle. Meanwhile, Sara is having doubts too, and she enlists Mandrew’s wife, Peeps (Ms. Graynor) -- also an adult film star -- to compare notes on intimacy and the fear of commitment. Awards, sequins, and Barry Manilow converge as everyone tries to navigate the ins, outs, ups and downs of relationships. Thank goodness Chuck Wood (Mr. Winkler), the hardest-working man in the business, is on hand to remind everyone that size matters . . . but love matters more.


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