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Cheyenne Jackson Suits Up for the Onion News Empire: VIDEO


Here's Cheyenne Jackson in the trailer for Onion News Empire, the new show that takes place behind the scenes of the satirical Onion News Network. The pilot episode is now live over on Amazon.

Also starring Jeffrey Tambor, Chris Masterson, William Sadler, and Aja Naomi King.

Watch the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Cheyenne Jackson Covers Elton John: VIDEO


"Your Song" for a Sunday afternoon, featuring Steve Bargonetti on guitar.


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Lust Blooms in Cheyenne Jackson's 'Don't Wanna Know' Video: WATCH


Cheyenne Jackson's most adorable music video to date is here, and features Jackson as a blissfully ignorant yet hopelessly-in-love romantic. Also, a cameo from several humpy members of the Broadway community, including Nick Adams as a member of New York's Finest.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...


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A Preview of Cheyenne Jackson's 'Don't Wanna Know': VIDEO


Cheyenne Jackson previews the video for his upcoming release "Don't Wanna Know" which features hip-thrusting construction workers dancing on scaffolding and choreographed dancing in the park with multi-colored umbrellas. Is there any question this boy comes from Broadway?


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Cheyenne Jackson is Adult Film Star 'Mandrew': PHOTO


Here's a first look at Cheyenne Jackson in his new Broadway role — adult film star 'Mandrew' — via Broadway World:

THE PERFORMERS is a romantic comedy set on the night of the Adult Film Awards. Lee (Mr. Breaker), a tabloid journalist, has come to Las Vegas to interview his high school friend, Mandrew (MR. Jackson), a hot new adult film star. Lee, who’s accompanied by his fiancée, Sara (Ms. Silverstone), first sees Mandrew as an exotic creature; but soon enough begins to question his own, more conservative lifestyle. Meanwhile, Sara is having doubts too, and she enlists Mandrew’s wife, Peeps (Ms. Graynor) -- also an adult film star -- to compare notes on intimacy and the fear of commitment. Awards, sequins, and Barry Manilow converge as everyone tries to navigate the ins, outs, ups and downs of relationships. Thank goodness Chuck Wood (Mr. Winkler), the hardest-working man in the business, is on hand to remind everyone that size matters . . . but love matters more.

News: Romney's 13%, Dave Mustaine, Lauren Conrad, Influential Victorians

1NewsIcon Mitt Romney claims he pays at least a 13% tax rate. From the GOP presidential hopeful: "I did go back and look at my taxes, and, over the past 10 years, I never paid less than 13 percent... Every year, I paid at least 13 percent, and if you add in, in addition, the amount that goes to charity, the number gets well above 20 percent."

Arrowposter1NewsIcon A shirtless Stephen Amell gets me even more excited for the CW's Arrow.

1NewsIcon 84% of New Yorkers couldn't give a hoot whether or not our next mayor is gay or lesbian.

1NewsIcon Whet your appetite for British period drama with the Downton Abbey season 3 trailer.

1NewsIcon One trick pony Rick Santorum will try to rally conservatives against marriage equality in Washington State.

1NewsIcon The Ukrainian Moral Commission has decided that Spongebob Squarepants is gay and therefore unfit for television.

1NewsIcon Thoughts on the late Gore Vidal's legacy: "It is difficult to overstate the courage Vidal demonstrated in publishing 'The City and the Pillar' in his early years as a writer. At that time, homosexuality was both a crime and, in the eyes of the medical establishment, a debilitating 'disease' — as well as the great American taboo. But honesty, both intellectual and moral, was an innate Vidal quality all his life — he always said and wrote exactly what he thought, no matter what the cost.

1NewsIcon Local governments are using eminent domain to help rescue residents from underwater mortgages. Could this be just the tool needed to turn solve the nation's property-related problems? From NBC News: "Critics say seizing individual properties would benefit only the homeowners who gets a break on their loan balance. But proponents counter that local mortgage seizures would serve the public good because they would help boost local housing markets and speed economic recovery."

1NewsIcon Anderson Cooper is still on vacation with Kelly Ripa as rumors continue to swirl that he booted boyfriend Ben Maisani after Maisani kissed another man.

Jausten1NewsIcon Congratulations to Jane Austen and Sir Walter Scott! A Google-derived algorithm decided they are the most influential Victorian novelists.

1NewsIcon Great Britain is pretty "disappointed" after Ecuador granted Wikileaks leader Julian Assange political asylum.

1NewsIcon As part of their effort to oust Colorado House Speaker Frank McNulty, the Republican who single-handedly squashed civil unions there, the group Fight Back Colorado is asking readers to pick the lawmaker's next profession: Chick-fil-A jockey; spin class instructor, because of all the spin he puts on his hateful politics; or undertaker, "because he killed the civil unions bill—and 30 other important bills in the process".

1NewsIcon Jodie Foster has Kristen Stewart's back.

1NewsIcon Cheyenne Jackson sits down with David Mixner to discuss a variety of topics, including his forthcoming Broadway show alongside Henry Winkler: "In my Broadway play coming up [The Performers], I have some dialogue and some costumes that are gonna take some real cojones to say and wear without some initial embarrassment. But that's why I do what I do. Cuz if something scares you, it means you should do it. Again, thank you Oprah."

Solarfilament1NewsIcon A new report that will shape the next decade of scientific research "emphasizes the need for research to better understand the sun, how it interacts with Earth and other bodies in the solar system, and the origins of potentially harmful space weather..."

1NewsIcon Former reality star Lauren Conrad took down this video of her destroying books because it rightfully upset people.

1NewsIcon Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine claims President Obama staged recent mass shootings, including the one in Aurora, Colorado, so that he can destroy gun rights.

1NewsIcon Let us not play the blame game with the FRC shooting.


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