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Washington Governor to Sign Marriage Equality into Law Today as Dan Savage Plans Mass Seattle Wedding Event


Washington Governor Christine Gregoire plans to sign marriage equality into law there today with gay couples who plan to marry at her side, the AP reports:

C_gregoireGregoire and Secretary of State Sam Reed will certify the election on Wednesday afternoon in Olympia. The law doesn't actually take effect until Thursday, when gay and lesbian couples can start picking up their wedding certificates and licenses at county auditors' offices. King and Thurston Counties will open the earliest of any of the counties, at 12:01 a.m. Thursday.

Because the state has a three-day waiting period, the earliest that marriage certificates can be signed at a wedding or ceremony, making the marriage valid, is Sunday.

And on Sunday, a major event is going down at City Hall in Seattle, where more than 140 couples will marry in a wedding chapel setting conceived by Dan Savage and executed by set designer Jen Zeyl.

Writes Dan on Slog:

Jen and her team are busily preparing to move in and quickly transform City Hall on Saturday night so that everyone is ready by 10 AM Sunday morning. There are other wedding events in Seattle on December 9, but most seem to be charging the couples who want to marry. This event—thanks to the mayor, his team, the judges, Jen Zeyl and her crew, folks at the Stranger (Carey, Tone, Renee, Tim, Laurie, et al), and everyone who has donated—is the only one I know about that is completely free for the couples getting married. We've almost reached our fundraising goal to help cover expenses. Please consider kicking in a few bucks to help make City Hall—and the day—beautiful for all the lucky couples planning to marry.

Should be quite a celebration.

Watch Dan discuss the plans, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Washington Governor Chris Gregoire's Letter to NJ Governor Chris Christie on Marriage Equality: READ


As she promised to do, Washington Governor Chris Gregoire sent a letter to NJ Governor Chris Christie lobbying him on marriage equality. Christie has promised to take swift action to veto a marriage equality bill there.

Gregoire's office tells Think Progress LGBT she has received "no response to date".

And HERE are the beautiful remarks she delivered at the beginning of January, if you missed them.

Washington Governor Chris Gregoire Signs Marriage Equality Bill Into Law: VIDEO


Here's video of today's inspiring ceremony at which Governor Chris Gregoire signed Washington's marriage equality bill into law. Gregoire's remarks are a must-watch. Also speaking, out gay Rep. Jamie Pedersen and state Senator Ed Murray.

Check it out, AFTER THE JUMP...

The AP reports:

The state reception room at the Capitol was packed with gay rights supporters and at least 40 lawmakers from the House and Senate Sen. Ed Murray, a Seattle Democrat who is gay and has sponsored gay rights legislation for years, told the cheering crowd: "My friends, welcome to the other side of the rainbow. No matter what the future holds, nothing will take this moment away from us."

As the Democratic governor signed the legislation, a man shouted, "Do not betray Christ!" However, his voice was overwhelmed by gay-marriage supporters who cheered and spoke loudly during his outburst.

Bob Struble, 68, of Bremerton, was removed from the room and said he was given a warning by security. Struble said he believes the state will halt gay marriage in a public vote. "We'll be doing everything we can to overturn this unfortunate law," he said

Opponents are planning to file for a referendum that would put the measure before voters and, in the meantime, stop it from going into effect.

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Maryland and Washington Governors Speak to Thomas Roberts About Fight for Marriage Equality: VIDEO


Thomas Roberts spoke with Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley and Washington Governor Chris Gregoire about the fight for marriage equality in their respective states. He also asked them about New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's call for a voter referendum on same-sex marriage.


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WA Governor Chris Gregoire Condemns Anti-Gay Discrimination, Announces Marriage Equality Bill: VIDEO


Earlier I posted the news that Washington Governor Chris Gregoire endorsed marriage equality today. Here, via Think Progress LGBT, is her speech.

Said Gregoire, in part:

Some argue that the state should deny a marriage license to same-sex couples based on the premise that marriage is for procreation. Do we then deny a license to heterosexual couples who choose not to have children?… To those who can’t have children or those who adopt?… 
To those who have children through in-vitro fertilization?

Some argue that same-sex marriage weakens the institution of marriage. Is this a role of the state? If so, it has failed miserably with a divorce rate among heterosexual couples now at about 50 percent.

Some argue that the state must deny a marriage license based on religious beliefs.

With a marriage license, couples marry in civil or religious ceremonies.

In issuing the license, the state should not involve itself in an applicant’s religion.

The responsibility of the state is to license only. The right of a church is to decide whom to marry, and the state will honor the religious freedom of all faiths.

The arguments used today to discriminate based on sexual orientation should remind all of us of the arguments used to discriminate in the past, and specifically the laws banning interracial marriage...

Gregoire also described her "journey" in endorsing marriage equality: "Let me just tell you I feel so much better today than I have for the last seven years.


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