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Chris Crocker Doc Premiers MONDAY (UPDATED)


(UPDATE: Mea culpa. This thing's premiering Monday night, 9 p.m. Not Tuesday night, as previously reported. Read on. - BKT) 

As Andy reported in May, Chris Crocker, internet celebrity and creator of uniquely diquieting YouTube videos, is the subject of a documentary entitled Me @ The Zoo, which premiered last winter at Sundance. It's been picked up by HBO, and debuts on that channel on Tuesday, at 9 p.m. It looks extremely cool -- a meditation on internet celebrity from two whip-smart fiimmakers who know exactly what they're after, and who may be seen discussing their film AFTER THE JUMP.

To plug the film, Crocker chatted this week with HuffPo's Noah Michelson. As always, he's a lot saner in interviews than his videos would suggest. A sample:

HuffPo: With the documentary coming out, some people are saying this is your second chance at fame. Some are even calling it your last chance. How do you respond to that? Are you plotting how you can ride the current interest in you to the next level?

Crocker: That’s so funny. I think that people -- especially people I work with and that are around me -- they want me to be more strategic, but I genuinely did this documentary because of the therapeutic relief of just needing to be understood as a person. It was never for the fame in the beginning and it’s not about the fame now. It’s so interesting because, yes, I have played up being this "fame whore." And I’ve played up to that because I knew that’s what people thought of me, so I wanted to be in on the joke. But the whole time it’s never been about fame for me. It’s literally been an outlet. I do consider myself an entertainer and if entertaining people happens in the process of having therapy, then great.

I’ve met with some really amazing people recently -- I was just at John Waters’s party in Provincetown -- and I’ve really been encouraged by people who it’s so hard for me to even walk into a room with because there’s all these preconceived notions about me wanting to be famous and these preconceived notions of me not being genuine -- like I'm this 15-minutes-of-fame, desperate person. That kind of gets to me. It’s like, if I do have any ambition about me whatsoever, that’s perceived as me being a fame whore. If I do something I want it to really be grassroots -- maybe an indie film? I’m not sitting here wanting to be on tabloids. It’s not what I’m in it for.

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Chris Crocker on His Mom, Britney Spears, and the Haters That Made Him Famous: VIDEO


Chris 'Leave Britney Alone' Crocker is the subject of a forthcoming HBO documentary Me @ The Zoo.

V Magazine talks to Crocker in a new interview.


Writes V in the print issue:

“Back in 2006, when I started posting videos, there really weren’t many visible gay teenagers making videos about their own lives,” says Crocker. Home-schooled after being relentlessly bullied over his ultra-femme/trans appearance, he found strength, paradoxically, in being as visible as possible in the online world. “I was used to the hatred, so I didn’t care,” he says. “I was paying attention to the fact that there were actually people out there who related to me. Having people write and tell me that I gave them confidence and made them feel better about going to school, that’s what I was drawing from. I never took the death threats seriously.”

Crocker also never saw himself as different from other kids—at least not until they started teasing him—in part because of the way his mother had raised him. “She’s very free-spirited and didn’t care if I had long hair in braids or played with Barbies and was feminine,” he says. “The years with her really had an impact on me.” Me @The Zoo makes the connection between Crocker’s relationship with his troubled mom—who still struggles with addiction and homelessness—and his compassion for Britney Spears, which is what led to the video that made him famous.

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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #1076

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GRAN CANARIA: The island's annual drag contest has produced a winner.

CHRIS CROCKER: His latest foray into pop music.

BRITNEY SPEARS: The journey of a face.

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Watch: Chris Crocker on Masculine Gays vs. Feminine Gays


Chris "Leave Britney Alone" Crocker talks about discrimination within the gay community by masculine gays against feminine gays.

"Listen!" (warning: language), AFTER THE JUMP...

(via ed kennedy)

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Chris Crocker Gives His Pork and Beans to Weezer


Chris Crocker appears up close and personal with Weezer, in their new video for "Pork and Beans" which honors geeky individualism, web personalities, and viral videos, and also features Miss South Carolina Lauren Caitlin Upton, the guys behind the Mentos and Diet Coke video phenomenon, Kelly of Shoez fame, and Kevin Federline.

The video is already an internet phenomenon in and of itself, with over 3 million views in just four days.

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

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