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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #263

YouTube handed out its 2007 YouTube Awards in several categories last night. Here are two of the winners.

BATTLE AT KRUGER: I posted about this back in May of last year. Absolutely my favorite of the bunch, and one of the best amateur wildlife videos ever. Winner for " Eyewitness".

HUMAN TETRIS: Winner for "Creative".

Check out the other winners here.

*** The following are not award winners:

PENIS STRAWS: Mother offended that Walmart is selling drinking straws to her kids. She "can't think of any other thing." (source: slog)

CHRIS CROCKER: The Chris Crocker video of a blink which has received more than a million views.

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News: Iran, Rosie O'Donnell, Halloween, Zagreb, Gay Ghetto

road.jpg Amnesty: Death penalty imminent for gay youth in Iran. "Child offender Makwan Moloudzadeh, an Iranian Kurd, is believed to be at risk of imminent execution. He has reportedly been convicted of lavat-e iqabi (anal sex) for the alleged rape of a 13-year-old boy. Makwan Moloudzadeh was aged 13 at the time of the alleged offence. His death sentence has been passed to the Office for the Implementation of Sentences and he is due to be executed in public, near his home."

Confederateroad.jpg Confederate flag that hangs at site of Cheney's weekend hunting trip stirs up anger from Al Sharpton: "It’s appalling for the VP to be at a private club displaying the flag of lynching, hate and murder. It’s the epitome of an insult." The good news is, nobody got shot in the face.

road.jpg Rosie O'Donnell ambushed at book signing by Bill O'Reilly team. (Rosie's Video, O'Reilly's Video)

road.jpg NYT: Cancellation of Halloween fest in San Francisco a sign that gay ghettos risk becoming passé. "For many in the Castro District, the cancellation is a blow that strikes at the heart of neighborhood identity, and it has brought soul-searching that goes beyond concerns about crime. These are wrenching times for San Francisco’s historic gay village, with population shifts, booming development, and a waning sense of belonging that is also being felt in gay enclaves across the nation, from Key West, Fla., to West Hollywood, as they struggle to maintain cultural relevance in the face of gentrification."

road.jpg Did Avril Lavigne dress as Chris Crocker for Halloween?

Fsfroad.jpg Miller Brewing apologizes for allowing its brand logo to appear on posters for San Francisco's Folsom Street Fair that parodied The Last Supper.

road.jpg Opposing accounts offered at trial of Navy doctor accused of secretly taping midshipmen having sex: "A Navy doctor who served as a sponsor for U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen 'violated the trust' of the students by using surveillance equipment installed in an air purifier at his Annapolis home to make 'secret sex tapes' of them, a Navy prosecutor said yesterday at the start of the doctor's court-martial. But Cmdr. Kevin Ronan's attorney, William T. Ferris, said the tapes were made by a former midshipman who used them in an attempt to extort money from his client. Ferris said the tapes became public after his client refused to give money to the former midshipman, who had been dismissed from the Naval Academy for academic reasons and needed money for expenses. 'This was a plan to extort money from Commander Ronan that went awry,' Ferris said during his opening statement at the Washington Navy Yard."

Lupo_2road.jpg Meet the first Mr. Gay Brazil, Luciano Lupo.

road.jpg Frank DeCaro looks at Paul Lynde's Halloween Special from 1976, along with a clip of Margaret Hamilton dressed as the wicked witch introducing Paul to members of KISS.

road.jpg Queer community at NYU holds drag ball.

road.jpg Croatian man charged with hate crime in Zagreb for attack on gay parade: "The man, identified only as Josip S., is charged with endangering lives and property by an act of hatred toward the participants of the Gay Pride parade in July, the Zagreb district prosecutors' office said. The man is the first person in Croatia to face hate crime charges since it was introduced into the Penal Code last year. If convicted, he faces up to eight years in prison. No date for a trial was immediately set. Police spotted the man as he prepared to throw homemade Molotov cocktails — bottles containing gasoline — at the parade participants gathering at Zagreb's main square. He fled the scene, but was tracked down later at his home."

road.jpg Best Week Ever's Top 10 most humiliating pet costumes, judged by the expression on the pets' faces.

road.jpg Leak reveals Cheney's plan for Iran attack? "In the scenario concocted by Cheney's strategists, Washington's first step would be to convince Israel to fire missiles at Iran's uranium enrichment plant in Natanz. Tehran would retaliate with its own strike, providing the US with an excuse to attack military targets and nuclear facilities in Iran."

road.jpg 1884: The oldest known photograph of a tornado.

News: Britney Spears, Matthew Shepard, Soft Cell, Gay Cruising

road.jpg Retrial begins over gay Tucson murder: "For the second time, a jury will decide whether a disabled gay Tucson man was stabbed to death over a TV and VCR or as the result of an impulsive rage. Nine years after Mark Truesdell, 29, was slain in his North Campbell Avenue apartment, Ronnie Gene Sartin Jr., 30, is being tried on a first-degree murder charge. Sartin was living in Tucson at the time of the slaying. Sartin was convicted by a jury in 1999 of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. The Arizona Court of Appeals ordered the case returned to Superior Court last year for retrial after changes were made to the law regarding how premeditation is explained to jurors."

Chriscrockerroad.jpg Halloween scare-a-thon: Chris Crocker recreates Britney Spears cooch flash.

road.jpg Britney Spears' new album Blackout being called the best of her career.

road.jpg Utah lawyer on crusade to testify against gay marriage in Vermont: "Monte Stewart will travel more than 2,300 miles this weekend to appear before the Vermont Commission on Family Recognition and Protection as the only lawyer opposed to same-sex marriage scheduled to speak Monday at its second public meeting. Stewart, the president of the Utah-based Family Marriage Law Foundation, will explain to the 11-member legislative committee why marriage rights should not be extended to gay and lesbian couples in Vermont. 'The law has clearly been decided in favor of marriage being between one man and one woman,' Stewart said Wednesday morning, from his office in Orem, Utah. 'There are clear reasons why this institution needs to be preserved.'"

road.jpg Matthew Shepard foundation launches new community site for LGBT youth.

road.jpg British group Soft Cell to release remix album.

Beckhamroad.jpg REPORT: Beckham miserable in the U.S.

road.jpg UK: Police add to patrols at Hampstead Heath's gay cruising spots.

road.jpg Gay lawyer Aaron Charney settles bias lawsuit with NY firm Sullivan & Cromwell, where he worked: "The settlement, the terms of which are confidential, brings to a close a dispute that had fascinated the New York legal community over the past several months, both with its allegations concerning partners at one of the city’s most prestigious firms and its bizarre twists and turns in the courtroom. In January, Mr Charney, who had worked in the firm’s mergers and acquisitions practice, sued the firm, accusing several partners of discriminating against him because he is gay and then papering over his complaints."

road.jpg U.S. asylum denied to gay Mexican.

road.jpg Lithuanian gay rights conference attacked with smoke bombs.

News: Britney Spears, Yale, Plaza Hotel, Lou Pearlman, Lost

road.jpg High school student paper editorial "characterizing homosexuals as victims of reproductive error or an unwanted upbringing" causes firestorm in Georgia: "Principal Trudie Donovan said Monday that she had reviewed the article before it was published last Friday, but said she had no authority to censor it. 'My job is the safety and security of the school, not censorship,' she said. Cobb County schools spokesman Jay Dillon said principals have no legal standing to say articles of student opinion can't be printed. Under court rulings and school district policy, students can express their opinions and ideas publicly, privately, orally and in writing. 'There may be no interference with that, even if a student's opinion is unpopular,' he said."

Plazaroad.jpg New York's Plaza Hotel celebrates 100 years: "After the park-facing façade of the Plaza Hotel had glowed with the number '100,' after white and gold jets of light had been launched from the roof into the dark October sky, and after a pigeon and a heart-shaped balloon had flown past the 12th floor, suddenly flashes of white light, syncopated to the strains of 'One' from the Broadway hit 'A Chorus Line,'burst from the windows of the venerable hostelry-turned-hotel-and-condominium."

road.jpg Sexual orientation hate crimes bill launched in Scotland.

road.jpg Britney Spears has what some might call her darkest day yet but goes out partying anyway.

road.jpg Queer Eye stages "Straight Guy Pageant" to kick off new season.

road.jpg Elton John asks gallery to shutter exhibition that showcased the Nan Goldin portrait seized in a child pornography probe.

road.jpg Lost writers/producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof give up some tidbits about the show's upcoming season.

road.jpg After appeals court ruling, Yale to allow military recruiters on campus: "At question is a statute called the Solomon Amendment, which allows the federal government to withhold funds from universities that do not extend the same welcome to military recruiters as they do to other recruiters. Since 1978, Yale Law School has required recruiters to sign a pledge of nondiscrimination. Military recruiters would not do that because of the Defense Department’s 'don’t ask, don’t tell' policy, which permits homosexuals to serve in the armed forces as long as they keep their sexual orientation private."

road.jpg Vanity Fair to tell the completely unsavory and unsurprising tales of boyband manufacturer Lou Pearlman.

road.jpg The next 25 years of video games.

road.jpg Chris Crocker speaks out about nude pictures circulating on the net: "I obviously did this behind my parents backs and I am truly embarressed for myself and my family at this time, but I just wanted to clear the air and let anyone and everyone know, that has saved these pictures that it is illegal seeing as though I was 17 at the time, so when you brag that you 'saw Chris Crocker naked!!!'..what you're really bragging that you saw a 17 year old me naked."

Chris Crocker: "I'm the Key to World Peace"

TMZ ran into Chris Crocker emerging from Mr. Chow on Saturday night. Crocker appears to be thoroughly enjoying the temporary window of fame his wailing rant about Britney Spears has afforded him.

CrockCrocker also gets a profile treatment from the Associated Press:

"It's tough to be openly gay in a conservative Southern town, he says. There have always been death threats, bullying and glares at his clothes and makeup. Oh, and he's always pushing someone's buttons. 'My grandparents can't go to their church any more,' said Crocker, his spunk clouded momentarily with genuine concern. He's fiercely protective of his grandparents, Pentecostal Christians who took over raising him when his teenage parents couldn't. Crocker said his outrageous behavior, a stark contrast to the rest of the family, started when he was in kindergarten. He raised eyebrows that year for bringing Barbie dolls to class for show-and-tell. 'What I do affects them, and I feel bad for that,' he said of his family. Crocker's grandmother, who declined to be interviewed, is seen in a handful of his videos, appearing as an uncomfortable bystander. In one, Crocker is imitating a Christian woman interviewing his grandmother, who says she loves her grandson. In another, his grandmother is patiently arguing with him over his attitude. Crocker said that when she agreed to be taped, 'she didn't really grasp the size of the audience.'"

Has Andy Warhol's "15 minutes" quote ever seemed more prescient?

Chris Crocker on Maury Povich

Is he real? Chris Crocker escaped from in front of his video camera to set things straight on the Maury Povich show.

Crocker: "You think it's acting? I did internet acting for a year. I'm signed to a production company. However, the one video I'm not acting in - honest to God - the one video that is a blog straight from the heart is this video that's getting publicized...Everyone that knows me knows I love Britney. And you know, everyone that thinks this is fake, do your research. Look at my other videos where I have thousands of dollars worth of memorabilia, you know. I have a Britney pool. That's what I call it, my Britney pool...We're both beautiful women that (bleep) wants to be, so we're underdogs. America, I want you to know that before I'm an American, I'm a Britney fan!"

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