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Woman Calls Obama a Communist: VIDEO


Chris Matthews talked to the crowds about the candidates outside the Vice Presidential Debate last night, including this woman, who's sure of one thing about Obama:

"All you have to do is study it out. Just study it out. You haven't done your homework buddy. He's a Communist, and those of us who aren't voting for him know it. I know what I mean. I know I'm on national television. You just study it out. Just cause he was born here doesn't mean he thinks like us. He's a Communist, buddy."


(via americablog)

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Chris Matthews Wonders 'Where Was Obama Tonight?' VIDEO


Saying President Obama simply "endured" the debate, head down, shoulders slumped, and that Mitt Romney was on stage for a fight, MSNBC host Chris Matthews excoriated the commander-in-chief for a lackluster performance during last night's face-off.

Rather than keeping himself isolated in the White House, removed from actual debate, Matthews said Obama needs to spend more time watching cable news, specifically his and his colleagues' shows.

Watch Matthews let loose AFTER THE JUMP.

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Chris Matthews Explodes at RNC Chair Reince Priebus for Playing Race, Birther Cards: VIDEO


MSNBC host Chris Matthews tore into RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on Morning Joe today over Romney's crack late last week about Obama's birth certificate and accusing Republicans of playing the race card over welfare.

Said Matthews: "It is an embarrassment to your party to play that card...This stuff about getting rid of the work requirement for welfare is dishonest — everyone's pointed out it's dishonest....And you are playing that little ethnic card there. You can play your games and giggle about it, but the fact is that your side is playing that card."

Priebus tried to downplay Matthews' attacks and asserted that Obama is looking to Europe for guidance on healthcare, prompting more outrage from Matthews:

"What? Where do you get this from? This is insane! You mean the Keynesian fiscal policy, you mean the fact that every president we’ve had has tried to offset the economic cycle with stimulus going the other direction is somehow European?...What’s this got to do with Europe and this foreignization of the guy? You’re doing it now! Saying he’s influenced by foreign influences? You’re playing that card again. What’s this European thing of yours? What are you up to with this constant that he’s not really domestic?"



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Barney Frank and Chris Matthews Argue Over the Democratic Party's Proposed Marriage Equality Plank: VIDEO


Chris Matthews and Barney Frank had a sharp exchange tonight on Hardball over what the Democratic Party's reported marriage equality plank would mean in terms of federal laws, with rank yelling "you're wrong!" at Matthews after he suggested that the Civil Rights Act contained precedent for federal law.

Matthews also argued that the marriage equality plank would hurt Obama in swing states in the upcoming election and warned that news of the addition would dominate headlines during the first days of the Democratic Convention. Frank believes everyone has already made their position known and it's a non-issue.


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Andy Cohen Does Not Understand Log Cabin Republicans: VIDEO


Bravo host Andy Cohen appeared on Chris Matthews' MSNBC show last night to discuss his past work for CBS News, his new book and tonight's pro-Obama fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker's house.

Then, toward the end of their interview, Matthews asked Cohen why a gay man would ever join the Log Cabin Republicans.

Here's Cohen's response:

It's something I've never understood. I was executive producer of a documentary years ago called Gay Republicans. I'm interested in why someone would support a party that doesn't necessarily support equality for that person. And I can only assume it's about the wallet. It's about 'I'm a fiscal Republican'.

But for me — and it's funny. I'm not political on my show at all, but gay issues are something that not only are of a great concern to me, but just as a human being, I feel so obviously passionate about being treated equally to everyone else that it is the one thing that I really speak up about on my show.

So, I can't — I can't understand, Chris, the idea of saying, 'Oh well, they're going to put more money in my bank account. Who cares if they don't believe I can get married?' I don't get it.

Watch the video AFTER THE JUMP...

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Andrew Sullivan Holds Back Tears Talking About What Obama's Gay Marriage Endorsement Meant to Him: VIDEO


Andrew Sullivan, whose Newsweek article "The First Gay President" is getting a lot of attention as much for its text as its cover image, appeared on The Chris Matthews Show on Sunday and offered an emotional account of what Obama's announcement meant to him.

Said Sullivan:

It's hugely important and to tell you the truth, i didn't realize how important it would be until it happened. Beforehand, I was kind of steeled. I was like, 'I don't care, he's going to disappoint us again.' And then I sat down and watched our president tell me that I am his equal, that I'm no longer outside, I'm fully part of this family and to hear the president who is in some ways a father figure speak to that, the tears came down like with many people in our families, to be included.

I never understood the power of a president's words until that day, really. I thought, all that matters is the states and the Congress and the Defense of Marriage Act and I had all this in my head and suddenly this man saying, 'I'm with you, I get it, you're like me, I'm like you, there is nothing between us, we are the same people and we are equal human beings and I want to treat you the way you treat me.' That -- that was overwhelming. That's all I can say. I was at a loss for words.


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