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NEWS: A Hugely Important Times Story, Barney Frank Salutes His Hero, And 'At Last' Revisited

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Road Journalist Ronen Bergman gets the most incredible access to the Israeli military apparatus and reports a very long, very compelling, and very grim story for the Times, in which he discusses the assassination of Iranian scientists, the secrets of the Mossad, the build-up to war, and a whole lot of unknown history. The story's too big to meaningfully excerpt here. Just pour a drink, take a deep breath, and read.

Road Pictures of poverty; shades of Walker Evans.

Road Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki Moon exhorts African leaders to respect LGBT rights:

“One form of discrimination ignored or even sanctioned by many states for too long has been discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity,” Ban said.

“It prompted governments to treat people as second class citizens or even criminals,” he added.

Road First he contracted HIV. Then he developed brain cancer. Now Richard Brodsky is running for his life.

Road Bigoted Australian tennis legend still clutching her Bible, still smiling like somebody's benign grandma, still talking:

"We get them (homosexuals) in (at church) and you'll find that many, many of them have been abused". When asked if she felt such abuse led people to homosexuality, Court said: "Yes. You look at a lot of them, that's happened."

... "The word of God is our TV guide to life. It's not the fear book, it's a love book and it tells us how to live our lives."

"I would have won six Wimbledons not three . . . if I'd known what I know now from the scriptures, on the area of the mind."

Road Parents and grandparents of LGBT folk to run a TV ad in Australia:

The advertisement, organised by the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, is designed to increase the pressure on Mr Abbott to grant Coalition MPs a conscience vote on same-sex marriage. The group's spokeswoman, Shelley Argent, said Mr Abbott was out of step with public opinion on the issue, citing a Galaxy poll from November which showed 76 per cent of Coalition voters supported a conscience vote on same-sex marriage.

... ''This is a country where we all have only one vote each," [said Ms Argent.] "Why does Mr Abbott think he has the right to the votes of half the federal MPs, namely the entire Coalition? He knows and we know that many are in favour of marriage equality and this is what he fears.

''As parents we want our same-sex-attracted sons and daughters to have the choice and right to celebrate their relationships exactly the same as their straight siblings and extended family members, and to have these same relationships validated in the eyes of the law.''

Road More fun with Sen. Stacey Campfield, a lawmaker utterly undone by Facebook byzantine privacy settings.

Road Mitt Romney will probably win Florida on Tuesday.

Picture 26 Road Barney Frank's loving tribute to his political mentor, former Boston Mayor Kevin H. White, who died on Friday:

"He was an enormously important figure for the city, for many of the values I cared about and, in my case, really made a great difference in my life," Frank said. "I was still, when I met him, planning on an academic career, figuring I would dab in politics. He was the one who persuaded me to try fulltime government political work."

"He is the reason I've done what I have done for the past 40 years," Frank said.

White also was the first major state-level political figure to open up the political system to new people, including African-Americans and gays, Frank said.

"He was just the first modern mayor," Frank said.

Road If Xtina's version of "At Last" didn't do it for you, maybe this will. A big voice and a lot of class, AFTER THE JUMP ...

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WATCH: Christina Aguilera Sings "At Last" At Etta James's Funeral

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This was yesterday in LA. On the one hand: Very impressive, in an athletic way. On the other: Just because you can sing a note, must you? Watch AFTER THE JUMP ...

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Watch: Barbara Walters, Natalie Portman, Miley Cyrus, Kathy Griffin, Christina Aguilera from One Woman's Mouth


Not usually that impressed with America's Got Talent, but I'd watch contestant Melissa Villasenor do a whole act.


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News: Alexander Skarsgard, Scotland, Anthony Weiner, Chile

 road Watch: The trailer for the US version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Alex  road Alexander Skarsgard smolders on the cover Interview magazine.

 road A sizable number of members of The Chuch of Scotland are withholding donations due to the decision by the church to allow gay ministers: "An internal report by Glasgow Presbytery described how in one church – St George’s Tron in Glasgow – the 'general disquiet and sadness about the Church of Scotland’s decision to set up a special commission on this matter had been a contributory factor in several members directing their sacrificial giving and tithing towards the congregation’s evangelical ministry and outreach, rather than the central funds of the Church of Scotland.'"

 road Weiner's Weiner? New York Rep. Anthony Weiner may have tweeted a photo of his bulge.

 road Christina Aguilera parties in West Hollywood.

 road Robert Pattinson suits up to shoot his latest film in Toronto.

 road Huge Memorial Day Weekend at the movie box office: The Hangover 2 expected to rake in $137 million.

 road President Obama tours tornado-ravaged Joplin, Missouri: "This is not just your tragedy. This is a national tragedy, and that means there will be a national response."

Chiel  road Chilean President Sebastian Pinera is pushing for civil unions in his country: "Mr. Pinera told Santiago-based El Mercurio newspaper he wanted to safeguard 'the dignity of those couples, whether of the opposite or even the same sex.'"

 road RIP gay actor and model Maurice Murrell who has just passed away at the age of 32.

 road Thousands of Serbs rally in support of recently apprehended war-crimes suspect Ratko Mladic.

 road The space shuttle Endeavor crew disembark from the International Space Station.

 road In celebration of Pride, Millennium Hotels offers hotel discount to its gay and lesbian guests.

 road Previously unseen photographs of Marilyn Monroe are unearthed.

Watch: Christina Aguilera Plants Heels in 'Gay Walk of Fame'


As I mentioned briefly in the news round-up, Christina Aguilera was the inaugural honoree in the Gay Walk of Fame at West Hollywood's Abbey restaurant and bar. Here's a short video of her speaking and placing her heels in cement.


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DMITRY MEDVEDEV: The Russian President busts a move.

I KNOW WHAT YOU SPILLED LAST SUMMER: A BP horror spoof from Counterspill.

THE KING'S WILL: Love, against homophobia.

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