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Former NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn Joins Cuomo Administration as Adviser

Former NYC City Council Speaker and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn is joining Governor Andrew Cuomo's administration as a special adviser to the governor, the NY Daily News reports:

Nyt_quinnQuinn will be a part-time staffer until mid-April when she finishes her stint as a resident fellow at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics, a source said. After that, she will jump on board full-time. Her salary is unclear, though it will be lower while she's on the payroll part-time, the source said.

Said Cuomo in a statement: “Christine Quinn is a proven leader and champion of progressive causes, and I am proud to have her join our team. I am confident that she will fight for the issues most important to New Yorkers just as she did as Speaker of the City Council and during her many years as a public servant and advocate.”

The WSJ adds:

The former speaker made her first public appearance in her new role Saturday morning at New York University, where the governor announced a proposal to combat sexual assault on college campuses.

“I want to take a moment to thank you, governor, because you have made the issue of women’s equality–women deserving full equality–a priority,” Ms. Quinn said...

...Mr. Cuomo and Ms. Quinn exchanged a few jokes before their announcement. “Chris said to me, ‘I’m glad to be here, but let me ask you: Do we always work on Saturdays?’ ” Mr. Cuomo said. “I told her, ‘No, just once a week, really.’ ”

Christine Quinn Speaks Out Against Anti-Gay Marriage, Anti-Abortion NYC City Council President Candidate

Outgoing NYC City Council President Christine Quinn commented yesterday on the race to succeed her, with regard to one candidate who opposes gay marriage and abortion, Capital New York reports:

Williams"I don't think that anyone should be elected to citywide office or statewide office, really any office quite frankly in the City of New York, who isn't pro-LGBT or pro-choice," said Quinn, the Council's first openly gay speaker, in response to a question from Capital during an unrelated press conference at City Hall.

Brooklyn councilman Jumaane Williams, who recently joined the seven-candidate race to replace Quinn, has been criticized by some of his colleagues for his opposition to abortion and gay marriage. In an interview with Capital last week, Williams described a nuanced view on both issues, saying his opinions were informed by personal experience.

Quinn didn't mention Williams by name in her comments on Tuesday, but made clear his views would be disqualifying for her support.

Added Quinn:

"Elected offices everywhere in this country but in this city, in New York, have tremendous power to move forward issues of equality, to move forward issues of recognizing family, to protect women, to protect a women's right to make their own decisions over their bodies. These are really important issues. They're issues in some areas where we're making progress, in some areas where we are terribly on the defensive. They're issues that have enormous impact on people's lives and they're ones that I feel strongly about and really push candidates for elected office that embrace those issues and those values."

The WSJ adds Nyt_quinn:

Mr. Williams supports Roe v. Wade, and believes a woman must have the right to do what’s best to protect her health and well-being, though he is personally opposed to abortion, said spokesman Nick Smith. Mr. Williams also believes marriage is between a man and a woman, but he thinks government should recognize everybody’s unions as equal, Mr. Smith added.

The council is slated to elect its next leader in January. The front-runners are Council Members Melissa Mark-Viverito and Dan Garodnick, both of Manhattan. Council Member Mark Weprin of Queens is considered the prime alternative to those two, and Mr. Williams is viewed as a long-shot.

NYT Releases 30-Minute Documentary on Christine Quinn's Failed Mayoral Campaign: WATCH IT


Christine Quinn might have been New York City's  first woman and LGBT mayor.

The New York Times just released a documentary called Hers To Lose, about the campaign:

From the start of the New York City mayoral race, Christine Quinn had it all: name recognition, an overflowing war chest and a seven-year record of accomplishment as City Council speaker. She was Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s heir apparent, on track to become the city’s first female and first openly gay mayor. Then, a month before the primary on Sept. 10, she began to slide in the polls.

This is the story of her collapse, as witnessed from within her campaign.

Watch the full documentary, AFTER THE JUMP...

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NYC City Council Speaker Christine Quinn Endorses Bill De Blasio for Mayor: VIDEO


City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, who was defeated in last week's Democratic primary, put her support behind Bill De Blasio's NYC mayoral campaign at a press conference earlier today.


A new poll shows De Blasio with a 43-point lead over Republican opponent Joe Lhota.

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Christine Quinn, Corey Johnson and Identity Voting in the NYC Primary Election


QuinnChristine Quinn lost in dramatic fashion in yesterday's New York City Democratic primary. She is an out lesbian, with a record of accomplishment. By virtue of her position as City Council Speaker, sometimes those accomplishments involveed working with Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who was almost universally disliked among Democratic primary voters in the City (though certainly not disliked by all Democrats, in general). Ms. Quinn would have been the first woman and first member of the LGBT community to run NYC. She had also been the front runner for 11 of the 12 months preceding the election. Unfortunately, only the last day matters.

How did this happen?

The evidence suggests that this election represents the best and worst of the political side of the gay community. First, the worst. Our collective liberalism can, at times, be self-defeating: the liberal purity coming from the mouths of anti-Quinn LGBTs reminded me of the conservative purity of the Tea Party. Yesterday, we "ate our own," some are saying.

But, did we?

Now, the best. Ms. Quinn would have been a great Democratic nominee and a great mayor. But yesterday's election proved that being a woman or being gay is not enough for voters to gloss over certain policy and personality deficits they have with a candidate. And that's a sign of remarkable progress.

In a world where the LGBT community is under attack, hated, victimized and alone, we have to look to our own. In that case, when one candidate wants to suppress us and the other one is us, identity matters. When you're given a choice between a free trip to Mykonos and a two-night stay in a Moscow prison, you choose Mykonos. Plus, the symbolic value for women and gays of having Ms. Quinn helm this city would have been unmistakable and enormous. But the symbolism was not enough. When the choice is between Maui, Hawaii and Bali, Indonesia, the decision is tougher. When the choice is between a 100-percent pro-LGBT equality candidate and a 100-percent pro-LGBT equality who actually happens to be gay, other things -- their policies on stop-and-frisk, their personalities, their campaign tactics, their plans to raise (or lower) taxes -- become more important.

That's what happened yesterday. The newly minted Democratic nominee for NYC Mayor, Bill De Blasio, is an amiable, pro-equality (and very tall!) man who will be an ally to the LGBT and HIV-positive communities in New York. Ms. Quinn could not capitalize on her identity because, in 2013 in New York City, identity doesn't matter. She needed to do more to prove to voters that she was the best candidate, not just the one that looked like them.

As a community, we have arrived. Ms. Quinn's campaign missed the boat.


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Dustin Lance Black Endorses Christine Quinn for NYC Mayor: VIDEO


Screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (Milk) argues that NYC mayoral candidate and City Council Speaker Christine Quinn will fight for those who, like her, have felt the sting of discrimination - in particular, LGBT youth who come to New York looking for a place where they are accepted.

Black believes her success and effectiveness will be an inspiration to others, "not just people from the LGBT community, not just women, but any group that has ever been discriminated against."

Watch Black's clip, put out by the Quinn campaign today, AFTER THE JUMP...

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