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News: Antarctica, Matt Damon, The Netherlands, Morrissey, Jalisco

 road Gays in The Netherlands to descend upon Cathedral of St. John en masse to protest Mass.

Ice  roadIceberg the size of Luxembourg breaks loose from Antarctica.

 roadTik Tok: Vintage Ke$ha.

 roadObama nominates lesbian Laura Duffy as U.S. Attorney.

 roadSome Maryland Democrats pissed that AG Doug Gansler issued his opinion on same-sex marriage when he did: "'It'll be a campaign issue, I think. And for Blue Dog Democrats, it could be tough,' said Clagett (D-Dist. 3A) of Frederick. 'Those are issues we'd rather not have to deal with in an election year,' said Sen. John C. Astle (D-Dist. 30) of Annapolis. 'We may not have a choice. If it comes to the floor, then we'll obviously have to face it.'" Face it, bitches.

 road3,500 participants turn up for inaugural Mardi Gras Pink Stiletto race in Sydney.

 roadGaydar publisher buys assets of Southern Voice and David magazine. DC Agenda snaps up Washington Blade archives.

 roadMorrissey: Caged rabbits are murder.

 roadWatch: Rafael Nadal gets busy with Shakira in new video.

Dq  roadMelbourne to Sydney flight featured drag queen cabin crew.

 road76ers and Flyers to host Gay Night: "The 76ers will host Gay Community Night March 1 for their game against the Orlando Magic at the Wachovia Center, 3601 S. Broad St., and the Flyers will stage their first-ever LGBT night at their game against the Minnesota Wild, March 25 at the same venue. The Sixers held an “Out at the Sixers” night about four years ago, and Larry Felzer, treasurer of Gay and Lesbian Lawyers of Philadelphia and an organizer of the popular summer Gay Community Night at the Phillies, said a representative of both teams reached out to him about relaunching the Sixers event and starting a new Flyers tradition."

 roadMarriage bill defeated in Australia.

 roadThe rest of the photos from Terry Richardson's Jersey Shore shoot.

 roadWhy do the Na'vi in Avatar have breasts? Cameron: "Because this is a movie for human people."

Mauro  roadHe's back. New shot of Clint Mauro for Armani Exchange.

 roadMatt Damon grows a pubestache.

 roadMemorial held in Los Altos, California for Henry Stuart Matis, a gay Mormon who killed himself 10 years ago: "He was a 32-year-old gay man and devoted member of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and after a lifetime spent struggling to reconcile the two, explained in a suicide note that 'for the first time in over 20 years, I am free from my pains. As I believed that I was a Christian, I believed that I could never be gay,' he wrote. 'Perhaps my death ... might become the catalyst for much good ... Your actions might help to save many young people's lives'."

 roadJalisco, Mexico queers act up.

 roadThings that Dr. Seuss would rather you not remember.

 roadTurkey urged to stop spate of transgender murders.

 roadParents sue Alameda, CA school district over anti-bullying curriculum: "A pair of Alameda parents is suing the school district and school board, claiming the board violated the Brown Act by voting to readopt the anti-gay bullying Lesson 9 and to adopt accompanying literature that they said wasn't included in the staff's original recommendation. Kerry Cook and Serena Dietrich filed a suit Feb. 18 in Alameda County Superior Court that seeks to nullify the school board's Dec. 8 vote to readopt Lesson 9 for Alameda's elementary schools until a replacement curriculum is approved and to adopt a Links to Literature guide."

News: Auntie Mame, Lifespan, Rea Carey, Vodafone, Blue Whales

 roadGoogle to make social media play with Gmail?

 roadRea Carey delivers 'State of the Movement' address at Creating Change conference.

Ziamame  road55-year-old Auntie Mame novel becomes surprise hit in Italy.

 roadLevi Johnston's Playgirl magazine cover revealed.

 roadScientists link lifespan to DNA: "The discovery could have a profound impact on public health and raises the best hope yet for drugs that prevent the biological wear and tear behind common age-related conditions such as heart disease and certain cancers."

 roadA stretch? Taylor Lautner to play muscled Kenner toy.

 roadFootball Association's postponement of anti-homophobia film criticized: "The video shows a man abusing workmates, tube passengers and a newspaper seller with anti-gay taunts, before doing the same at a football match. Captions make the point that since homophobic behaviour is not acceptable outside football stadiums, it should not be acceptable within them either. The FA planned to release the viral video via YouTube and its website."

 roadBrangelina emotes at Super Bowl.

 roadAll the good Super Bowl ads, if you missed 'em.

Segregation  roadTom Tancredo, opening speaker at the Tea Party convention, suggests return to segregation-era law: "The opening night speaker at the Tea Party convention suggested a return to a "literacy test" to protect America from presidents like Obama -- a segregation-era method employed by southern US states to keep blacks from voting."

 roadBBC plans 90-minute drama about Boy George's early life.

 roadSpotlight on Mexico City's marriage equality laws: "Under its left-wing mayor and city assembly, Mexico City has stretched the nation’s limits in acknowledging just how much the conceptions and realities of family have changed here."

 roadObama plans bipartisan summit on health care.

Bikers  roadVintage gay bikers profiled in new book.

 roadMurder-suicide under investigation in San Diego: "Sources close to GLTNN have confirmed that the two bodies found were Eric Schulthise, a SeaWorld employee and Robert “Bob” Agnew, a former Naval Academy instructor. The respected and well-liked Schulthise was a regular fixture in the bear community, attending many fundraisers and events throughout the city. He was also a frequent go-go dancer at Bacchus House Bear Night. Schulthise and Agnew dated off and on from September through December 2009."

Ggb  roadThe Golden Gate Bridge: as tweeted from space.

 roadMale model fix: Clint Mauro.

 roadMale cheerleader in eastern Washington claims discrimination.

 roadSuburban Chicago elementary school's efforts at tolerance shot down: "We do not want any sexuality, homosexuality or heterosexuality, discussed in the classroom for K to 5. It's inappropriate, and it's not (the school's) place to tell our children what is morally right or wrong on this controversial topic."

 roadRep at UK wireless provider Vodafone suspended after posting obscene Tweet: "VodafoneUK is fed up of dirty homo's and is going after beaver."

 roadThis was a real movie.

 roadThe changing songs of Blue Whales: "Hildebrand believes the change is tied to the elimination of blue whale hunting. Before hunting was banned in 1966, the numbers of blue whales were dangerously low. 'Worldwide in the early '60s, there probably would have been a few thousand,' he says. Those low numbers meant there were few females available to hear a male's come-hither song. For males in that situation, 'there's a push to have the sound go to higher frequency so that more of the girls can hear it.'"

Photos: Marlon Teixeira and Clint Mauro Hot Stuff for A/X


A/X features Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira and old favorite Clint Mauro in its Spring/Summer 2010 campaign. Damn!

Two more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...

Clint Mauro for Armani Exchange — A/X Underwear [tr]
Summer Shower with Marlon Teixeira [tr]

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Clint Mauro Shows Off His Hard Hat in Milan


Model Clint Mauro (you may remember seeing him splayed on the side of a bus last summer in the Armani Exchange underwear campaign) hit the runway in Milan over the weekend in Frankie Morello's construction-themed Fall/Winter '08 show.

The show featured a studly, grown-up take on "Bob the Builder". The rest of the Bobs, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Armani Exchange Announces Winner of Underwear Model Search



Last night, at an intimate dinner hosted by Armani Exchange and GQ, Ryan Barry was announced as the winner of the nationwide search for the next A/X underwear model. While I served on a consulting panel of judges (which, let me tell you, was a grueling task!), the most influence over the decision was exerted by the results of a public internet polling process.

Here are the three finalists, shot by photographer Matthew Scrivens at Pier 59 in New York this week: Ryan Barry (above), Daniel Lee (below, left) and Michael Bellantuono (below, right).

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Behind the Billboards: Clint Mauro [tr]
Clint Mauro for Armani Exchange — A/X Underwear [tr]
(note: a/x is an occasional advertiser on towleroad)

Behind the Billboards: Clint Mauro


Clint Mauro stopped by to chat about his experience disrobing for public consumption. More Clint after the jump...

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