Ex-CNN Employee Reaches Settlement in $60 Million Anti-gay Discrimination Lawsuit


William Kane, the former CNN microphone technician who filed a $60 million discrimination lawsuit against his former employer for wrongful termination, has reached a settlement according to the Daily News. This past May, Kane alleged that his supervisor John Silva used Kane’s notoriously loud wardrobe as justification for firing him after hearing that Kane was gay.

In addition to purportedly being told that he might be better suited to the “entertainment or makeup” departments, Kane recalled being offered $100 to go to TJ Maxx and buy another outfit during the middle of one particular work day. Since being let go from CNN in 2013 Kane has struggled to find work, according to the lawsuit, and has remained in therapy to deal with the emotional stress.

"Mr. Kane is pleased with the resolution and wishes to put this chapter of his life behind him and move on," Kane’s attorney Rocco Avallone said in a statement. "Mr. Kane hopes that his future employer will be more respectful of his lifestyle and embrace his individuality.”

St. Louis Cop Retires On Full Pension Following Vile Homophobic Rant - VIDEO

Dan page

Dan Page, a St. Louis police officer who was last month suspended after a homophobic, racist, misogynist and Islamophobic video came to light, has retired on his full pension and benefits, reports New York.

Discussing what he sees as the persecution and prosecution of Christians in the U.S. today, Page said:

“There are three phases that a society goes through. One is persecution. That means your faith is being challenged, everybody mocks you, everybody ridicules you. They stand for nothing. If you stand against sodomy and abortion - you are a terrorist ladies and gentlemen. The next phase is prosecution. There's a couple out there in New Mexico that are being prosecuted and put out of business and were arrested because they refused to take pictures of sodomites. What about my freedom of religion from that? And the military right now - you have open sodomy. People holding hands, swapping spit together. It's sick. It's pitiful.”

Page, who first caught the media’s attention when he pushed CNN anchor Don Lemon during a demonstration in Ferguson, decided to retire in order to avoid an internal review set to begin last week.

However, despite his vile rant, the 35-year veteran is expected to receive his full pension and benefits.

Watch an excerpt of Page's homophobic rant and a video of Page confronting Lemon, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Jon Stewart Launches $10 Billion Kickstarter to Buy CNN: VIDEO


Jon Stewart on Tuesday launched a $10 billion Kickstarter campaign to buy CNN, the news network "that has been terrible for many, many years, according to a new page set up by The Daily Show.


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Ex-CNN Employee Files $60 Million Discrimination Lawsuit Claiming He Was Fired For Being Gay

William Kane yellow mariachi suit

William Kane worked in tech for CNN from 2002 to 2013 and was known for his ostentatious sense of style: hot pink designer shirts, bright red track jacket, neon green soccer jersey, yellow track suit with matching shoes and hat, even custom-made mariachi suits. His attire never caused any problems, and in fact was well received by several guests on the station. Fareed Zakaria called his mariachi suit "incredible," Christiane Amanpour tweeted out a picture of herself standing with William in one of his outfits, and anchor Erin Burnett even called him the "best-dressed man" on her show.

When Kane's supervisor, John Silva, learned that Kane was gay the workplace allegedly turned hostile. In Kane's lawsuit, Silva is alleged to have said that Kane's outfits had to go “because [they were] too flamboyant for a male in our department,” and that Kane might be better suited in the “entertainment or makeup department,” which Kane interpreted as Silva stereotyping him as a gay man.

Kane was once offered $100 to go buy a different outfit from TJ Maxx and was told that his light blue tracksuit was distracting host Piers Morgan. Morgan denies having ever complained and instead said, "I love your track suits. ... I want Billy (Kane) to wear the brightest-colored clothing when working on my show."

Kane was fired last June and says he filed the lawsuit after receiving a "right to sue" letter from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Kane fears that he will never be able to work in TV again, blackballed and typecast as the "track suit guy" or the "gay guy."

Said Kane:

“I feel like the Rosa Parks of CNN. Maybe someone else won’t have to suffer the way I have,”

A CNN rep said they had not yet seen the lawsuit, but noted that Kane's original claim with the EEOC was dismissed with no violations found. 

'The Daily Show' Proves It Can Do the Important Stories as Well as CNN: VIDEO


The Daily Show demonstrates that like CNN, it can use visual gimmicks to report on serious issues like climate change. And more importantly, they involve Jason Jones in a hot tub and wearing a ping pong ball on his crotch.



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Jon Stewart Ruthlessly Mocks CNN for Sucking the Missing Plane Story Dry: VIDEO


How can CNN continue for day after day of coverage of the missing Malaysia flight MH 370 with absolutely no real news to report? The Daily Show rounded up all the ridiculousness into two bite-sized, hilarious segments.

"CNN actually seems to be bored with the idea of reporting real things that have happened. They've decided they no longer want to be pigeonholed in the non-fiction section. CNN's not the future of news. CNN is news...of the future."


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