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Mexico Registers its First Same-sex Civil Union

LesbianmexicoMexico registered its first civil union since the northern state of Coahuila legalized them on January 11th. The ceremony took place in the city of Saltillo, according to the Associated Press:

"The couple, Karina Almaguer and Karla Lopez, traveled to Saltillo from their home state of Tamaulipas to register as a 'civil solidarity union' under a newly passed law that made Coahuila the first of Mexico's 31 states to grant recognition to such unions."

Official witness to the union was Coahuila State Assemblywoman Julieta Lopez Fuentes. Said Fuentes: "The object of this law is that unions of people of the same sex be legally regulated and recognized, so that they can have some security in their future."

Mexico City legalized civil unions last November, but the law does not go into effect until the middle of March.

Best wishes to the happy couple.

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Mexican State of Coahuila Legalizes Same-Sex Unions

CoahuilaBy a vote of 20-13, legislators in the Mexican state of Coahuila, which borders Texas, yesterday passed the most progressive same-sex union law in that country, one that goes further, according to Reuters, than one passed by lawmakers in Mexico City in November.

Said gay rights activist Silvia Solis: "It is more like a civil marriage." Among other benefits, the law "would grant social security benefits to both members of a homosexual union."

Coahuila, Mexico's third largest state with a population of 2.3 million, once formed a territory with Texas to its north, before Texas seceded to become the Republic of Texas (and then later part of the United States).

When Mexico City passed its same-sex union law in November, openly gay congressman David Sanchez said, "These reforms are going to cause a snowball effect that no one will be able to stop." Coahuila, which had its same-sex union bill in the works at the time, is the first state to follow suit.

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