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Student Arrested For Making Up Anti-Gay Threats

LexiPennellA Central Connecticut State University student has been arrested after allegedly writing anti-gay notes to herself and then reporting them to get attention. Local CBS affiliate WTIC reports today that the CCSU campus rallied around 19-year old Lexi Pennell, when Pennell claimed she was receiving homophobic threats.

After placing a hidden camera in her room, however, campus police discovered Pennell had planted the missives herself. They confronted her in late April, she confessed and was arrested on May 2 on 25 charges, including fabricating evidence and making a false statement to the police.

Pennell wrote an apology to her roommate, WTIC reports, and said she faked the incidents because she wanted attention from her friends and a girlfriend she feared losing. She's probably lost them all now...

Students Rally Against Anti-Gay Hate in Connecticut: VIDEO


Approximately 50 students at Western Connecticut State University staged a rally in response to several incidents of anti-gay hate on campus, including one in which a note reading "Die Dyke" was written on a dry erase board on a student's door.

Patch reports:

University President James Schmotter said Wednesday, "Enough is enough."

"The cowardly writing of such anonymous messages may be easy, but it causes real pain and discomfort for those targeted.  Such hate speech has no place at
this university and will not be tolerated," Schmotter said in a campus-wide e-mail."If, as in those previous incidents, perpetrators are identified, they will be prosecuted in accordance with campus and state and federal legal codes."

Federal law comes into play because almost every single use of the internet involves crossing state lines. The incidents are investigated as "intimidation based on bigotry or bias." ...

...In a separate incident reported at Fairfield Hall, WCSU police are investigating threatening and harassing blogs posed on a Tumblr account belonging to two students. That was reported March 6 at 10:41 a.m.

The word "Fags," was written on a paper taped to the door of a student at Litchfield Hall on March 3.

Watch a WTNH news report on the rally, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Hartford Archdiocese Launches Abstinence Program for Gay Catholics Called 'Courage': VIDEO


The Archdiocese of Hartford, Connecticut has launched a new program called 'Courage' which encourages gay Catholics to live a 'chaste' life by abstaining from having sex, whether they are legally married (as is possible in the state) or not, the NYDN reports:

The controversial ministry group, called Courage, will offer confidential counseling to gay church members who are “struggling” to reconcile their sexual orientation with Vatican teachings, a church official told the Daily News.

“We want to reach out to people in the Roman Catholic Church who often struggle with the church’s moral position,” Deacon Robert Pallotti told The News. “The church is not against people with same-sex attraction, just their acting out sexually.”

He said people who voluntarily seek out the program will be “affirmed and supported as Roman Catholics trying to remain faithful to church teachings.”

The ministry will promote abstinence, he confirmed, but it will accept that gay people are born with their sexual orientation.

Watch a CNN report on the new program, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Connecticut Wingnut Calls Gay Kiss in High School Play 'Forced Indoctrination' of Homosexuality on Students: VIDEO


Last week I wrote about the Hartford High School production of Zanna Don't which made headlines after a gay kiss prompted some students to walk out.

MSNBC's Thomas Roberts spoke today to The Family Institute of Connecticut’s Peter Wolfgang about the production, who called it a "forced indoctrination" of homosexuality on students, Think Progress LGBT reports.

"What people in the other 44 states that don’t have same-sex marriage need to know is that if you get same-sex marriage, this is coming to your state. You will not have the right to decide for yourself what your children will be taught about right or wrong.”

Kamora Harrington, director of mentoring programs for True Colors, countered that many students were supportive of the production and the kiss got a dialogue going about tolerance.


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More Than 900 Methodists in NY and CT Defy Church in Pledge to Support Same-Sex Marriage

More than 900 members of the Methodist church in New York and Connecticut, including "clergy members who will perform weddings for gay couples, lay members of the denomination who support them, and congregations who have adopted policies to formally make weddings available to all couples," signed a covenant this week in defiance of the denomination's ban, to support same-sex marriage.

MethodistWrite the signers, in part:

Pastoral care and the sacraments and rituals of the church are means of grace by which the lives of all Christians are blessed by God. Therefore we, as congregations and as individual laypersons and clergy, declare our commitment to offer such means of grace to all persons on an equal basis. We refuse to discriminate against any of God’s children and pledge to make marriage equality a lived reality within the New York Annual Conference, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

Our conference’s record, in resolutions passed and petitions forwarded to the United Methodist Church’s General Conference, already makes clear our opposition to the UMC’s prejudice and discrimination against LGBT people. While the rite of Christian marriage officiated by our clergy and celebrated in our church buildings is denied by UMC law to same-sex couples, we affirm the New York Annual Conference’s 2010 resolution urging “clergy to minister equally to all members of their churches and to consider the conference’s call to inclusive ministries in deciding how to honor their congregants’ covenantal commitments.”

We seek to embody the beloved community of hope by openly and joyfully affirming the lives and loves of all United Methodists, regardless of sexual orientation or gender expression.

Check out the covenant and those who signed it, HERE.

The We do! project, as it is called, has been over a year in the making according to Methodists In New Directions (MIND) and has been followed by similar efforts in 11 other conferences within the UMC

Gay Kiss Prompts Football Players to Walk Out of Connecticut High School Musical

A group of students, mostly male athletes, walked out of a Hartford High School production of Zanna Don't after a gay kiss made them uncomfortable, CBS Connecticut reports:

RodriguezZanna Don’t!” depicts life at the fictitious Heartsville High, where students with academically-charged interests sit atop the popularity echelon while football players are the outcasts, and heterosexuals must conceal their sexual preference to avoid public scrutiny.

During the show, two men in the cast share a brief kiss — a lip lock that became a great point of contention.

“There was a public walkout by a bunch of students (when the kiss happened) … mostly male,” [Adam Johnson, principal of the Government and Law Academy] said. “It was visually evident (due to the jerseys the team was wearing) that a lot of football players got up and walked out. It was almost a symbolic kind of thing.”

The school reportedly told parents in advance of the gay content in the play, which was planned to coincide with GLAAD's Spirit Day, taking place tomorrow. The announcement prompted a visit from "a Bible-wielding parent" and lots of phone calls.

Organizers hoped to draw attention to tolerance, and I guess they have.

The production was produced by a joint effort between a task force created by Leadership Greater Hartford’s Quest program and True Colors. It was one of 16 projects available for the taking by task forces involved in Quest, participant Louise Provenzano explained.

“Our specific task force voted for this project because we believe in it, especially in light of national and local stories about LGBTQ issues and bullying.”

(image jai rodriguez in the original production)


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