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Rupert Everett Introduces His New Face


Clearly Rupert Everett doesn't have the same aversion to cosmetic surgery as he does to Abercrombie & Fitch or gay parents with strollers.

Star magazine: "According to Dr. Brian S. Glatt, founder of the Premier Plastic Surgery Center of New Jersey, Rupert, 49, has had a comprehensive series of facial procedures. 'I think Rupert had a face-lift,' Dr. Glatt tells Star. 'His cheeks are fuller and lifted, and his jawline and neck are pulled back and smoother.' As for his forehead, Dr. Glatt says it’s simply Botox. 'I think he’s definitely using it. He is very animated, and there are no lines visible on his forehead.' The last element in Rupert’s new look, says Dr. Glatt, is a chin implant! 'The shape and projection of the chin is drastically different. It’s much more pointed,' he says."


Desperate Housewives Has Some Gay Work Done



Last night's episode of Desperate Housewives finished up with a big gay twist and a promise of more to come. Find out what's in the offing for Andrew van de Kamp, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Tom Ford on Having Plastic Surgery


"I hope to have the eye to do it in such a way that I still look my age but maybe not have my neck swinging around when I go jogging."

Please, not when we're getting ready to eat turkey.

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'Dead or Alive' singer Pete Burns Sues After Disfiguring Lip Job

Former Dead or Alive frontman Pete Burns is suing a plastic surgeon for £1 million after a botched lip transplant that he says left him unable to leave the house for months, forced him to eat through a straw, and destroyed his life and career, according to the Daily Mail:

Peteburnslips"Burns said he looked like he had been 'mutilated with a Stanley knife' after surgery to correct the original problems left his top lip hanging off."

Burns, whose obsession with cosmetic surgery is well-known, had his career refreshed in 2006 after appearing on Britain's Celebrity Big Brother. He came in fifth on the show but his verbal attacks on the other housemates gave him renewed notoriety.

Said Burns of the recent surgery: It has taken away my life and my career. I saw doctors in London who said the only option was to amputate my lips. I was suicidal. Eventually I found a doctor in Italy who knew the product and said he could remove it. I had 17 months of procedures and now I am back again having more...What happened to me after a series of injections was far worse than any nightmare I could have envisaged. Not only was it agonisingly painful but it was physically repulsive in the extreme. It was impossible to lead any life whatsoever. I was unable to leave my house as I was so distorted with swelling. At times it leaves me seriously suicidal and depressed and I could have problems for the rest of my life."

Burns claims that the lip surgery forced him to cut off recording sessions with the Pet Shop Boys (his most recent effort with them — "Jack and Jill Party" — was well received), and curtail solo projects as well as a Greatest Hits album.

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