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road.jpg Judy Shepard's message on the 10th anniversary of Matthew's death: no progress.

Francoroad.jpg Computer proclaims James Franco essentially perfect.

road.jpg Truth or Cheetos: Preview of new documentary on Britney Spears. "I sit there and I'll look back and I'm like: I'm a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?"

road.jpg Lebanese-Croatian TV producer and writer, based in Beirut: Anti-gay attacks abound in Croatia.

road.jpg Jennifer Lopez to sue The Daily Beast over Kevin Sessums' article about her nervous breakdown?

road.jpg Socialist ex-Spanish trade minister under fire for homophobic comments: "Javier Gómez-Navarro said mothers of gay children wanted to see them out of the house...Gómez-Navarro, who is currently President of the High Council of Chambers of Commerce, has said that the mothers of homosexuals want their children to be diplomats so as not to have them at home. He said mothers of other children in Spain wanted to see them become lawyers."

Signsroad.jpg American Family Association ends McDonald's boycott following executive's resignation: "The conservative Christian group had been calling for Richard Ellis, formerly McDonald's vice president of U.S. communications, to step down from the board of the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. Ellis recently left his U.S. post and returned to an executive position in McDonald's Canadian operation, McDonald's officials said. Because Ellis is based in Canada and the gay and lesbian chamber is a U.S. association, Ellis resigned from its board, said Bill Whitman, a McDonald's spokesman...The American Family Association also said McDonald's notified it that the restaurant giant has no plans to renew its membership in the chamber when it expires at the end of the year."

road.jpg Plan for gay high school in Chicago unveiled: "The Pride Campus of Social Justice High School would be open to all students citywide but would provide a safe, 'gay-friendly' atmosphere to combat the high bullying, dropout and depression rate many LGBTQ students experience nationwide, advocates say."

Wylerroad.jpg Gay adult film actor Mason Wyler says he was gang-raped by a Captain in the U.S. Army (site NSFW).

road.jpg Paul Broussard: 17 years after gay man's murder in Houston, only one of 10 defendants remains in prison.

road.jpg STUDY: Global economy losing more money from disappearance of forests than the banking crisis. "It puts the annual cost of forest loss at between $2 trillion and $5 trillion. The figure comes from adding the value of the various services that forests perform, such as providing clean water and absorbing carbon dioxide. Speaking to BBC News on the fringes of the congress, study leader Pavan Sukhdev emphasised that the cost of natural decline dwarfs losses on the financial markets. 'It's not only greater but it's also continuous, it's been happening every year, year after year,' he told BBC News."

Goslingroad.jpg Ryan Gosling takes the pooch for a walk.

road.jpg Danny Cipriani is just as hot with clothes.

road.jpg Russian officials ban gay rights demonstrations in the city of Tambov: "Local officials said they had received numerous letters and phone calls from townspeople, urging them to forbid the demonstrations as an offense to the city's traditions, Interfax news agency reported."

road.jpg Mysterious DNA strands have resisted evolution over eons.

road.jpg Nuts: Stem cells from testicles seen as possible alternative to embryos: "The new type of stem cells could be useful for growing personalized replacement tissues, according to a study in Thursday's issue of the journal Nature. But because of their source, their highest promise would apply to only half the world's population: men. Embryonic stem cells can give rise to virtually any tissue in the body and scientists believe they may offer treatments for diseases like Parkinson's and diabetes and for spinal cord injuries. The testicular cells avoid the ethical dilemma of embryonic stem cells, which are harvested in a process that destroys the embryos."

road.jpg Same-sex couple wins right to adopt in Brazil.

road.jpg Sarah Palin refuses to issue Alaskan proclamation for National Coming Out Day.

Rugby Star Danny Cipriani Following Beckham's Beat


The British rugby pin-up boy has become a "brand ambassador" for Adidas:

Cipriani2"The deal is one of the biggest ever in the sport and comes off the back of just a single full game for the national team and just over half a game in the Guinness Premiership since recovering from a horrendous injury that initially appeared to theaten his entire career."

And it doesn't hurt that he's not shy about taking off his clothes.

Cipriani talks about his recovery, AFTER THE JUMP...

UK Male Athletes Take It Off for Cancer and Cosmo [tr]
Rugby Star Danny Cipriani Raises Money for Male Cancer [tr]
Sportrait: Danny Cipriani [tr]

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UK Male Athletes Take It Off for Cancer and Cosmo


Yesterday I posted a photo of London Wasps rugby star Danny Cipriani (warning: NSFW). Well, his fellow rugby athletes Tom Rees, Simon Shaw, and James Haskell joined him in the photoshoot that will appear in the June issue of Cosmopolitan UK.

That shot plus two additional ones, AFTER THE JUMP (warning: possibly NSFW)...

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Rugby Star Danny Cipriani Raises Money for Male Cancer


Back in March I posted about emerging British rugby star Danny Cipriani.

Cipriani, a 20-year-old fly-half for the London Wasps, recently posed strategically with a rugby ball (doing what rugby players seem to like to do best) to help kick off the male cancer Everyman Campaign. The shoot was done in conjunction with Cosmopolitan magazine and those involved will be donating items (like signed balls) to raise money.

Check out Cipriani's photo, AFTER THE JUMP (warning: probably NSFW)...

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Sportrait: Danny Cipriani


English rugby stud Danny Cipriani is set to make his debut for England against Ireland this weekend, ousting star Jonny Wilkinson from the top spot. Though the news is big in the rugby world, Cipriani's already been busy making news elsewhere, however.

He was recently rejected in a competition on the British version of the reality show My Super Sweet Sixteen for being too skinny. Huh?

Cipriani also still lives with his mother and dated transgender model Larissa Summers. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one.

Cipriani2 Cipriani3

Two more shots AFTER THE JUMP...

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