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Music News: The Eagles Leave Britney In The Dust, Plus Ex-Boyfriends, Darren Hayes, Sheryl Crow, Prince, Justice, Peaches

GuestbloggerPlease welcome Robbie Daw, who will be penning weekly music posts for us here on Towleroad! Robbie runs his own pop music site called Chart Rigger.

Britney_3In the 11th hour (i.e., today), Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan came to an agreement to revise the music publication's chart rules to allow albums sold exclusively at only one retailer to be eligible for entry on Billboard's charts. This spelled a certain doom for Britney Spears' #1 debut. Although Blackout sold about 290,000 copies -- far lower than the 350,000 projection made by Billboard last week -- she was still expected to capture the top position on the album chart.

However, at the same time, The Eagles Long Road Out Of Eden became available last Tuesday at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club outlets, and went on to sell 711,000 copies over the course of the week. With the revised chart policy, the classic rock band's first studio album in 28 years easily beats Britney to #1 on this week's Top 200.

Regardless of whether Blackout had debuted on top or not, the writing for Britney seems to be pretty much on the wall. Her last studio record, In The Zone, racked up sales of 609,000 in its first week four years ago -- more than twice the sales of Blackout. Of course one could argue that illegal downloading has only increased since that time, causing music to sell less now more than ever. But take into consideration that Carrie Underwood's Carnival Ride -- the previous chart-topping album -- managed to move 527,000 copies its first week out.

Blackout has received a lot of goodwill and swell reviews in recent days, but perhaps Britney's shenanigans really have finally caught up with her, as America has clearly moved on to other sweethearts.

road.jpg Ex_boyfriendsSan Francisco-based pop punk trio Ex-Boyfriends (pictured left) "are looking for bands that like to take long walks on the beach, cuddle for hours on end, watch Merchant Ivory films and love taking it up the a**."

road.jpg Darren Hayes is back in the U.S. to do several gigs and Miami's White Party, and he may be hitting a Borders near you.

road.jpg Beyoncé to sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow," while Carrie Underwood takes on "The Sound Of Music."

road.jpg Turns out only two out of five listeners paid for the one million downloads of Radiohead's In Rainbows, but that's necessarily a bad thing.

road.jpg Sheryl Crow releasing "environmentally conscious" new album in February.

road.jpg Prince threatens his own fans with legal action, but they're ready for their day in court.

road.jpg Peaches, Justice, 2 Live Crew and Jason Bentley to have a Hard New Year's Eve in L.A.



New singles from Kylie Minogue ("2 Hearts"), Spice Girls ("Headlines"), Oasis ("Lord Don't Slow Me Down") and Idina Menzel ("Brave").

Nearly a year after its European release, To All New Arrivals by U.K. dance act Faithless arrives on iTunes.

Jay-Z's album of songs inspired by the the film American Gangster.

Chris Brown's Exclusive, containing the current #1 single on Billboard's Hot 100, "Kiss Kiss."

Sia's Day Too Soon EP.

News: Project Runway, Mars vs Iraq, Wes Anderson, Humanity

road.jpg The Project Runway designers are here! (Bios)

Becksroad.jpg David Beckham rushes back to England after his father suffers a near-fatal heart attack.

road.jpg ''It will take months and years to really see" if Episcopal vote on exercising restraint with regard to gay clergy and same-sex relationships will mend the rift in the Anglican church, according to church leaders.

road.jpg Milo Ventimiglia's booty makes appearance in new film.

road.jpg Darren Hayes releases new video for "Me, Myself & I" but his Attitude magazine cover story is nowhere to be found.

road.jpg Hotel Chevalier, Wes Anderson's 13-minute prequel to his upcoming film The Darjeeling Limited, is now available for download on iTunes.

Polarbearroad.jpg Fishing Polar Bear spotted for the first time in two centuries: "The Inuit people of the Arctic have always known about it. But no outsiders have witnessed it for 200 years: a polar bear fishing. Not by scooping the fish out of the water like a brown bear - but by plunging in and swimming...Last August, researchers based in Iqaluit, Canada, watched an adolescent polar bear swimming in a river estuary packed with charr, a relative of salmon, that was migrating upstream. It caught about one fish an hour, swimming and peering into the water, then diving. In the two days they saw the bear, it caught three charr and three sculpin, a spiny fish that lives under rocks - which the bear seemed to lose enthusiasm for eating."

road.jpg Clergy members in L.A.'s San Fernando Valley have come together to urge the Supreme Court to overturn the state's ban on same-sex marriage: "Ahead of what is widely expected to be the next major state Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage, reverends, pastors and rabbis met at St. Matthew's Evangelical Lutheran Church in North Hollywood to announce they would file 30 amicus briefs, formal documents intended to persuade courts on an issue. The religious leaders, who were joined by 90 civil-rights organizations across the state that also filed briefs, are hoping to influence the court's decision on an upcoming review of a lawsuit seeking to overturn the ban on gay marriage."

Marsroad.jpg The money the U.S. has spent in Iraq could have funded 11 independent missions to Mars.

road.jpg A map of humanity.

road.jpg Researchers: Is Alzheimer's memory loss due to a previously unknown third form of diabetes? " Now scientists at Northwestern University have discovered why brain insulin signaling -- crucial for memory formation -- would stop working in Alzheimer’s disease. They have shown that a toxic protein found in the brains of individuals with Alzheimer’s removes insulin receptors from nerve cells, rendering those neurons insulin resistant. (The protein, known to attack memory-forming synapses, is called an ADDL for 'amyloid ß-derived diffusible ligand.') With other research showing that levels of brain insulin and its related receptors are lower in individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, the Northwestern study sheds light on the emerging idea of Alzheimer’s being a “type 3” diabetes."

road.jpg Texas student suspended for wearing John Edwards T-shirt to school.

road.jpg Elton John defends seized Nan Goldin photo: "The photograph exists as part of the installation as a whole and has been widely published and exhibited throughout the world. It has been offered for sale at Sotheby's New York … and exhibited in Houston, London, Madrid, New York, Portugal, Warsaw and Zurich without any objections that we are aware of."

Darren Hayes Gets 'Caution', No Charges in Alleged Race Incident

Darren Hayes posted the following on his blog today regarding the alleged racial incident that occurred at a London Thai restaurant in August:

Darrenhayes"Today the Crown Prosecution and The Metropolitan Police concluded there was no case to answer in relation to the recent allegation that singer Darren Hayes had racially abused a door person at a London restaurant on July 22nd 2007. Upon an investigation the Police recommended that no formal charges be brought against Mr. Hayes and that there was no racist undertone to the incident. 'I could never think, let alone utter a racist remark. It's just not who I am,' Mr. Hayes said. 'As a gay man, I find the notion of discriminating against a human being because of race, gender or sexuality to be abhorrent. It goes against everything I have stood for.' Mr. Hayes confirmed that an altercation took place at the restaurant, for which he received a caution, but strongly denied any racial undertones to the brief exchange. He is pleased that any notion of racism has been ruled out by Police recommendation and he was not charged with any crime. 'It was a horrible thing to be accused of and I want to thank all of my friends, family and fans for giving me the benefit of the doubt. The experience has been frustrating and at times made me very sad, but through it all I have to say I support the legal system and our right of protection under the law. I'm glad the truth is out there. I just want to concentrate on my music now.'"

The specific details of the incident, as far as I know, have not been revealed.

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Music News: Exclusive Darren Hayes Podcast Interview [tr]
Darren Hayes Arrested for Alleged Racist Attack [tr]

Music News: Exclusive Darren Hayes Podcast Interview

Darren_2GuestbloggerPlease welcome Robbie Daw, who will be penning occasional music posts for us here on Towleroad! Robbie runs his own pop music site called Chart Rigger.

This week we've got something a bit different for you, in that I had the opportunity to interview Darren Hayes over the weekend exclusively for Towleroad readers. But rather than type the whole thing out, Andy and I decided it might be a bit more fun to stream the conversation as a podcast.

Darren Hayes, who between his years as both the singer for successful Australian duo Savage Garden and then as a solo artist, has sold over 30 million records. A year ago he married his partner, Richard Cullen, in London, and last month he put out the two-disc This Delicate Thing We've Made worldwide on his own label, Powdered Sugar.

Ironically, the same day of his album's release, news of allegations against him -- revolving around a racial slur he allegedly made in a London restaurant -- broke out. In the interview, Hayes talks about all these things, as well as the artists who have influenced him like Annie Lennox and Prince, and how growing up with an alcoholic father made him the artist he is today.

He also tells some great anecdotes about working with Janice Dickinson on his latest video ("We loved having her on set. I did have to run around making her cups of tea.") and getting to sing with Luciano Pavarotti.

Play the podcasts below as you would a video.

PART ONE: "Madonna is about to leave Warners and perhaps forge a relationship with a promoter. I've found myself at the forefront of this movement away from the major label system."

PART TWO: "I couldn't even think, let alone utter, a racist remark. But there's an investigation and I totally support that."

road.jpg NEWS BITES: Madonna buys a sex toy.

Kanye West promises to boycott MTV.

Kid Rock could face jail time after his VMAs brawl with Tommy Lee.

Pet Shop Boys cancel their September 27 gig at the Hollywood Bowl.

Kaiser Chiefs ditch their American tour to "concentrate on recording new material."

It's down to the wire for Phil Spector.


After weeks of the rappers' hype and posturing, 50 Cent's Curtis and Kanye West's Graduation officially began their chart showdown yesterday. However, if country music by a singer who is most certainly not gay is your thing, Kenny Chesney's Just Who I Am: Poets & Pirates is also out.

Other albums dropping yesterday included alt rock act Hot Hot Heat's Happiness LTD., Scottish DJ Calvin Harris' I Created Disco and Rogue Wave's Asleep At Heaven's Gate.

iTunes also has up new singles by Alicia Keys' ("No One") and Backstreet Boys ("Inconsolable"), and a remix EP for Gwen Stefani's "Now That You Got It."

Darren Hayes Arrested for Alleged Racist Attack

Singer Darren Hayes was arrested Friday night for an alleged racist verbal attack on a waiter at a Thai restaurant in London last month, the Sydney Morning Herald is reporting:

Darrenhayes"Hayes fronted police in London last Friday night, where he was arrested for racially abusing a member of staff at Busaba Eathai in Wardour Street on July 22. The attack did not involve physical violence, but is believed to have been directed at a male member of staff. Hayes was released on bail. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: "We can confirm that a 35-year-old man was arrested by Westminster police on suspicion of racially abusing a member of staff. 'He was arrested after voluntarily attending a Central London police station by appointment. He has been released on bail pending further enquiries, until the 21st of September.' The spokesman would not comment further."

Hayes' new double album, This Delicate Thing We've Made, came out in the U.S. today.

UPDATE: Hayes lawyer released this statement on his MySpace blog today: "Darren is unable to comment to any extent as the incident is presently under investigation by the police, with whom he has cooperated fully. However he is deeply upset at the allegation which he strenuously denies and anyone who knows Darren will recognise that the particular nature of the allegation is totally abhorrent to him and contrary to everything for which he has stood"

Darren Hayes Disses John Howard [tr]

Music News: Darren Hayes Disses John Howard, Plus Duran Duran, Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Phil Spector, Robyn


GuestbloggerPlease welcome Robbie Daw, who will be penning occasional music posts for us here on Towleroad! Robbie runs his own pop music site called Chart Rigger.

For the past two weeks, Brisbane-born Darren Hayes and his British husband, Richard Cullen, have been zipping around Australia as Hayes promotes his album, This Delicate Thing We've Made (out next week), and current single, "On The Verge Of Something Wonderful."

While Down Under, Hayes has been met with the realities of being a legally-married gay man outside of England, as Cullen has to travel with him on a tourist visa, rather than as his partner, under the current laws.

John_howardIn turn, the pop star has worked some criticism of Prime Minister John Howard's anti-gay policies into his interviews: "It makes me angry and frustrated. I'm Australian and the way the law sits I can't bring my partner home as my partner. I would never have voted for John Howard and I encourage people not to. I don't think he speaks for this country in the same way I don't think George Bush speaks for the U.S."

Meanwhile, Darren scored the seventh Top 20 hit of his solo career on Sunday's official U.K. singles chart when "On The Verge Of Something Wonderful" debuted at #20. He posted on his MySpace blog that today he begins shooting the video for its follow-up, "Me, Myself And I."

road.jpg TimbalandWhile everyone's eager to speculate on the Madonna/Justin Timberlake/Timbaland collaboration, let us not forget that first comes the new Duran Duran album that J.T. 'n' T. had their Midas-dipped hands in.

Entertainment Weekly is currently streaming "Night Runner," a track produced by Timbaland and Danja, which features Timberlake on vocals along with Simon Le Bon. Actually, "Night Runner" isn't so much shocking as it is confusing...why don't you try figuring out which vocals are Le Bon's and which are Justin's.

Duran Duran's twelfth studio album is titled Red Carpet Massacre, and will be released October 30. But despite the early promotion of "Night Runner," the confirmed first single is the Timberlake-produced "Falling Down."

Prior to the recording sessions, longtime band member Andy Taylor split from the group last fall.

road.jpg Murder trail, shmurder trial! Phil Spector continues working with an artist he says "reminds me of a young John Lennon."

road.jpg Courtney Love is a stripper...again.

road.jpg On the official Pet Shop Boys site, Neil Tennant denies The Sun's claim that Damon Albarn gave the Boys the smackdown.

After the jump: the return of Robyn, and today's new releases.

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