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David Hyde Pierce Reveals He is Married, Speaks Out on Prop 8


David Hyde Pierce reveals he was married in California to his partner of 25 years Brian Hargrove, on The View. He also voices his anger about Proposition 8.

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A Report from Ron Burkle's 'No on Prop 8' Beverly Hills Fundraiser


I have a report from last night's major 'No on Prop 8' fundraiser at Ron Burkle's estate in Beverly Hills.

GreencacresOur source writes:

"First the good news: 'No on Prop 8' raised at least $3.9 million from last night's event! Ron Burkle underwrote the entire evening so that every dollar donated went to the No on Prop 8 campaign. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom donated $100,000. David Hyde Pierce donated $50,000. They also announced that in the past two weeks, 'No on 8' had taken in $10 million to the 'Yes on Proposition 8' campaign's $2 million. If I'm doing my math correctly, at this point we should be fairly even with the bigots in terms of funds raised.

Fund_2"Mayor Gavin Newson opened the event by calling the fight for marriage equality the civil rights issue of our time.

"Patrick Guerriero stated that 'No on Prop 8' had just completed a Spanish language radio ad that was ready to air. He also announced that 'No on Prop 8' would soon be running recently completed ads specifically to address and counter the false claims made in the advertisements run by the Yes on Proposition 8 campaign.

"Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa stated that the campaign was trying to reach out to Hispanic voters and that he would volunteer to be the face of the television ads and the voice of the radio ads.

"Now for the entertainment!:

Melissa"Melissa Etheridge opened her set with Laura Nyro's 'Wedding Bell Blues', only she changed the lyrics 'Marry me, Bill' to 'Marry me, Jill.' She also played Janice Joplin's 'Bobby McGee'. Throughout the set she made lots of jokes as well as pointed comments about what Yes on Proposition 8's $25 million dollars could have bought (housing for people left homeless by Katrina, etc...) In the middle of her set, she said she wanted to help raise more money for No on Prop 8 by auctioning off a song, any song, for the highest bidder...with bidding starting at $50,000. There were no takers, so she started into her next song. She closed her set with 'Bring Me Some Water'. After that, Lorri Jean (director of the L.A. Gay and Lesbian Center) announced that two anonymous men (David and Paul, I believe), had agreed to donate $50,000 to No on Prop 8 if Melissa Etheridge would sing a song at their wedding ceremony on December 20. She accepted their proposal!

Noonprop8"Mary J. Blige followed Melissa Etheridge. I don't know her music, so I can't really tell you much of what she sang. The only one of her songs that I've been able to figure out is 'No More Drama'...very powerful! She also performed a cover of U2's 'One'. She looked AMAZING!"

Donate to the 'No on Prop 8' campaign HERE.

***As a footnote to this report, I'd like Towleroad readers to know that based on the tracking the campaign has done off links from this site, together you have raised at least $63,000 so far for the 'No on Prop 8' campaign.

More reports at Variety, The Advocate, and Bilerico.
(Etheridge/Blige photos Becky Sapp©Berliner Studio/BEImages)

Clay Aiken Snaps at Another Reporter Over the "Gay" Question


Here's another shot of Clay Aiken in his Monty Python garb.

And though he'll choke the chicken, he apparently can't handle some types of nuts.

Is it true you’re allergic to nuts?
I’m allergic to a number of things: tree nuts, coffee, mints, chocolate. Some fans tried to introduce me to carob a few years ago. But it gave me the runs, so… [Laughs]

Speaking of which, is it safe to say Rosie O’Donnell had diarrhea of the mouth when she called Kelly Ripa “homophobic”?
Oh, God. I think people on TV say certain things just so they can get attention. I didn’t agree with Rosie. But I appreciated her trying to come to my defense, in one way or another!

What do you make of people nagging you about the “gay” thing?
I think the majority of the American public cares less about it than reporters like you do.

Has anyone ever confronted you about it in public?
I can’t come up with any specific incidents. But I’ve been called everything in the book at some point or another—gay, ugly, nerdy, fat.

Clay Aiken [time out]

Aiken will make his Broadway debut on Friday as "Sir Robin" in Spamalot, a role which was originated by David Hyde Pierce, who last May was gently nudged out of the closet.

Clay Aiken to Take Stage as "Sir Robin" in Spamalot [tr]

First-Timer David Hyde Pierce Among Tony Award Winners


David Hyde Pierce came out publicly last week, just in time to be able to thank his partner at the Tony Awards. In an unexpected win, the three-time Emmy Award winner took home his first Tony for his role as Lieutenant Frank Cioffi in Curtains, beating out favorite Raul Esparza.

Hyde Pierce noted his significant other at the end of his acceptance speech, joking: "My partner Brian - cause it's 24 years of listening to your damn notes. That's why I'm up here tonight."


A full list of Tony Award winners follows after the jump...

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David Hyde Pierce Nudged Out of the Closet

While a People magazine cover may be the de rigeur method for celebrities to come out these days, some take a more subtle approach, such as burying the news in the 16th paragraph of an AP profile.

DhpAfterElton notes that Pierce, heretofore reticent to discuss his sexuality, has his information offered up in a recent story on the actor:

"He worked at Playwrights Horizons, the Public Theater, Shakespeare in the Park and a lot of regional theaters such as the Guthrie in Minneapolis, Chicago's Goodman and Long Wharf in New Haven, Conn. Pierce got to Los Angeles in the early 1990s when his partner, actor-writer-producer Brian Hargrove, wanted to write for television."

While this is probably not earth-shattering news, it's still worth noting that Mr. Hyde Pierce has broken out of that glass closet.


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