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News: Rush Limbaugh, Berlin, Mitchell Gold, Astros, Kele Okereke

Road BP "pleased" with new cap on Gulf leak — verdict days away...

BerlinRoadBerlin Fashion Week: the whiskered look for Fall?

RoadSloth orphanage filmmaker in talks to produce full-length documentary.

RoadMitchell Gold marries his partner Tim Scofield in Iowa: "The two held the ceremony in Des Moines because Iowa is one of the five states, along with Washington, D.C., that recognizes same-sex marriages. They also appreciated the symbolism of Iowa as part of the nation's heartland, as well as the ruling of district court judge Robert Hanson, which led the Iowa Supreme court to permit same-sex marriages. Judge Hanson performed the ceremony at the Des Moines Art Center on June 19."

RoadA free remix of Kele Okereke's track "Tenderoni".

RoadWill the 'Google App Inventor' be a boon for the Android platform, or just fill it with useless apps?

RoadWATCH: Five minutes of the new film Inception.

RoadBrit TAB: Women often 'go lesbo' at 40.

RoadFacebook to add "panic button" for bullied teens in UK: "The button will actually connect the teens with resources hosted by the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), an organization run in part by the UK government. Teens will be given advice and resources on dealing with potential threats on the Internet, and they may also report users who they believe are acting inappropriately toward them."

RoadThe Mona Lisa of our time?

Flowers RoadBrandon Flowers drops cover artwork for Flamingo.

RoadJames Cameron picks up $350 million 'Avatar' paycheck.

RoadBlindness-causing toxic weed spreads in Ontario, Canada: "The concern is it's a very poisonous plant, in the sense that if you get any of the sap from this plant on your skin, it can cause severe blistering and very bad burns."

RoadMore than 1,000 attend Houston Astros Pride Night at the Park.

RoadGay Dubai student sentenced to three years in prison asks court to segregate him from the general prison population if his sentence is upheld: "The 22-year-old M N was sentenced to three years in jail by Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance in March after he appeared in pornographic pictures that were distributed online. He was arrested at Dubai International Airport on July 20 last year with his male partner, who had been convicted of homosexuality and sentenced to one year in jail. Yaser al Naqbi, M N’s lawyer, said in today's closing argument that his client should be acquitted because of what he called improper arrest and search procedures. He also called the writ used when apprehending M N into question."

RoadJon Hamm dons a baseball uniform.

Butler RoadGerard Butler is ready to mount his Hog.

RoadBombers target World Cup soccer fans in Uganda, kill more than 60: "The bombs exploded at 10:30 p.m. local time in the middle of the match between Spain and the Netherlands under way in South Africa, with at least three explosions hitting a popular Ethiopian garden restaurant and a large rugby field in a different Kampala neighborhood where hundreds of people had massed to watch the game. More than 70 people were injured."

RoadMale model fix: Caleb Lane.

RoadIf Queen Latifah considers being a lesbian to be part of her "personal, personal life" then she will never come out.

RoadCastleford Rugby Club bans three fans for anti-gay abuse of player Gareth Thomas.

RoadRush Limbaugh sells NYC penthouse for $11.5 million: "A year after railing about the high tax burden on wealthy New Yorkers, Rush Limbaugh, the conservative radio talk-show host, is severing one more tie with New York, selling his lushly decorated Fifth Avenue penthouse to an undisclosed buyer. Mr. Limbaugh's 10-room condominium, which features a 30-foot-wide living room with fireplace and four terraces overlooking Central Park at East 86th Street, went into contract Thursday for a bit under the final $12.95 million asking price, brokers said."

News: Big Brother, Ted Olson, Monster Whale, Queer Ink

Road White House AIDS Conference call ends in "chaos, acrimony".

Bb12 RoadMeet this season's gay Big Brother contestant.

RoadRetail rage: Dude doesn't care about G20 riot — he just wants to go shopping!

RoadDavid Mixner on the LGBT community's crisis: We are losing our history. "Those individuals who fought in the trenches in the period from the 1950's through the 1980's are soon to become endangered species as more and more die from natural causes...Deeply aggravating the situation was the deliberate destruction of so much of our history during the HIV/AIDS crisis in the dark years of the 1980's and early 1990's. When some of our early pioneering activists died of HIV/AIDS their families, ashamed of them for both being gay and also dying of AIDS, destroyed any document, record or letter that would shine light on their journey as a homosexual."

RoadDo we really need another one?

RoadPete Wentz shows off his treasure trail.

RoadNew York legislature approves bill that would extend funeral and bereavement leave to same-sex couples: "The bill, which passed the Assembly 107-26 this month and the Senate on Monday, prohibits discrimination by employers in the state who provide such leave to other workers and would take effect 60 days after signing. Paterson has been a strong advocate of gay rights, including same-sex marriage; he will review the bill when it reaches his desk, spokesman Morgan Hook said Tuesday."

Monster_whale RoadMonster whale once ruled the seas.

RoadChris Colfer is a hero to his epileptic sister.

RoadTed Olson urges Judge Walker to consider Supreme Court's recent classification of gays and lesbians as an identifiable "class" in his decision regarding Proposition 8.

RoadEd Westwick looks good with jet lag.

Road"Ex-gay" leader dies.

RoadIowa activists react to Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling upholding ban on same-sex marriage: "Justin Uebelhor – a spokesman for the pro-gay marriage group 'One Iowa' — agrees that the legislators who’re elected in the next several years will decide the issue. A resolution calling for a statewide vote on gay marriage must pass two separate Iowa General Assemblies in order to be placed on the ballot so voters can decide. 'I think the ruling in Wisconsin really underscores the importance of protecting a pro-equality legislature here in Iowa,' Uebelhor says. 'I think Iowans want their leaders to focus on improving our economy, bringing jobs to the state and working to improve our education.'”

Situation RoadThe Situation celebrates his birthday.

RoadMichelle Bachmann will. not. have. a global economy!

RoadHundreds gather in Chicago for LGBT police conference.

RoadQueer Ink: India's first gay online bookstore opens. "The books are for homosexuals and anyone who is coming out, or wants to know more about these subjects.  It’s about empowering and informing. Gay people want role models, to see their lives reflected in fiction. I think one would hesitate to pick up books like this in a normal retail space, which is why I did it online."

RoadRyan Kwanten loses his pants.

Road70,000 sea turtle eggs to be relocated and hatched away from oil spill: "It's never been done on such a massive scale. But doing nothing, experts say, could lead to unprecedented deaths. There are fears the turtles would be coated in oil and poisoned by crude-soaked food."

RoadRick Scott attacks Bill McCollum in Florida governor race: "Former hospital executive Rick Scott, a deep-pocketed and increasingly serious candidate for Governor of Florida, attacked his Republican Primary rival today for having backed former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani in 2008. Attorney General Bill McCollum "endorsed pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights candidate Rudy Giuliani for president in 2008 and was a Giuliani campaign leader in Florida," wrote Scott consultant Keith Appell in a memo to reporters. McCollum faced attacks from the right on gay rights his 2004 Senate bid, but has more recently been criticized for retaining an anti-gay activist since accused of hiring a gay prostitute as an expert witness."

Towleroad Guide to the Tube #686

WILLIAM KRUSE: Gulf charter boat captain took his own life.

RESTREPO: Film on Afghanistan takes box office by storm.

PRIDE PHOTOS: Mike Diamond talks to the finalists in Next magazine's Pride photo contest.

JOACHIM LOEW: Germany's manager has lunch at the World Cup.

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Watch: Video Shows Dying Dolphins, Sperm Whale Amid Oil Slick


Environmental activist John Wathen recently produced this video of the Gulf oil spill detailing the devastation of the BP oil disaster on some of the wildlife in the Gulf.

Fires Says Wathen of the above photo:

"Then we found this guy. A Sperm whale swimming in the oil had just breached. Along his back we could see red patches of crude as if he'd been basted for broiling."


"Then there was this pod of dolphins found later, some already dead, some in their death throes. It seemed to be that they were raising their heads and looking at the fires, wondering why is my world burning down around me? Why would humans do this to me?"



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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #684

PENSACOLA: The crudest beaches in the world.

BAAA: Best little goat bridge in the world. Maryland farmer devises fun way to get his goats from one pen to the other.

LA-Z-BOY GRANDPA: Can nap anywhere, long as he's got his chair.

FLAGSTAFF: A haunting time-lapse of the recent brush fires there.

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Watch: Is it Raining Oil in the Suburbs of New Orleans?


A man reports that it rained oil in River Ridge, a suburb of New Orleans. Though toxic rain has been discussed as an expected result of the BP disaster, there's always the possibility that this is from the bottom of someone's vehicle.


(via buzzfeed)

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