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Hillary Clinton Crushes Biden, Cuomo in Early 2016 Democratic Presidential PPP Poll


Since it's never too early to be thinking about the next election, Public Policy Polling surveyed Democrats in Florida and found that Hillary Clinton beats all others by a wide margin as the choice for President, Business Insider reports:

PollThe poll results, shared exclusively with Business Insider, find Clinton grabbing a clear majority — 61% of Florida Democrats pick her as the hypothetical 2016 Democratic nominee. Only 14% of Florida Democrats choose Biden. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo comes in third, earning 8% of the vote.

The poll shows that as two high-profile members of the current Obama administration, Clinton and Biden enjoy the most early name recognition. Clinton has an 82% favorability rating among Florida Democrats, while Biden's favorability rating sits at 74%. Cuomo is the only other candidate about whom the majority of Florida Democrats have an opinion.

Both Biden and Clinton have fanned the flames for 2016. Upon casting his vote in this week's election, Biden didn't rule out voting for himself again, leading to some speculation he's considering a run.

Clinton, meanwhile, has brushed aside any questions she might be planning to make a second bid after a 2008 Democratic primary loss to President Barack Obama.

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Illinois Catholic Bishop Warns Voting Democratic Supports 'Intrinsic Evil' Because of Abortion, Gay Marriage: VIDEO


Bishop Thomas John Paprocki of Springfield, Illinois isn't instructing you "for whom you should vote" but warns that voting Democratic is supporting "intrinsic evil" and putting your soul at risk, Right Wing Watch reports.

Says Paprocki in a video:

Certainly there are "pro-choice" Republicans who support abortion rights and "Log Cabin Republicans" who promote same-sex marriage, and they are equally as wrong as their Democratic counterparts. But these positions do not have the official support of their party.

Again, I am not telling you which party or which candidates to vote for or against, but I am saying that you need to think and pray very carefully about your vote, because a vote for a candidate who promotes actions or behaviors that are intrinsically evil and gravely sinful makes you morally complicit and places the eternal salvation of your own soul in serious jeopardy.


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Democrats Fire Back at Mitt Romney's 'Compassionate' Ad: VIDEO


In response to Mitt Romney's first direct-to-camera ad in which he tries to portray himself as a compassionate conservative, the Democratic Rapid Response team put out this clip, spliced with responses to Mitt's claims from Mitt himself.


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Bill Clinton Discusses His DNC Speech with Jon Stewart: VIDEO


Jon Stewart praises Clinton's choice to use facts and numbers rather than ideology in his speech to the Democratic National Convention and asks Clinton if he knew he was "crushing it".


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DemRapidResponse On Values Voter Summit: VIDEO


Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, Ollie North, Jim DeMint, Tony Perkins, Mike Huckabee, Steve King, Michele Bachmann, and Kirk Cameron all spoke yesterday at the Family Research Council's Values Voter Summit (where, if the VVS's twitterfeed has it right, someone named Star Parker just suggested President Barack Obama's popularity among young people might lead to something like Mao's Cultural Revolution). Rick Santorum shall be speaking presently. The VVS's talks haven't yet made it to the web; the blooper-reel's nowhere near compiled; and yet already the industrious Democrats at DemRapidResponse have addressed the summit with an ad.

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Out DNC Treasurer Andrew Tobias Is Top Obama Fundraiser

TobiasbundlerPresident Obama regularly cites small donors as an integral part of his 2008 campaign success. And, yes, nearly half of his political donations come in the form of $5 or $10 gifts, but the other half, as The New York Times reports today, comes from deep-pocketed donors hoping to see the commander-in-chief stay in the White House.

"All told, Mr. Obama’s top 'bundlers' — people who gather checks from friends and business associates — raised or gave at least $200 million for Mr. Obama’s re-election bid and the Democratic National Committee through the end of May, close to half of the total up to that point," writes Nicholas Confessore.

At the top of the list of most efficient, productive Obama fundraisers is openly gay author and Democratic National Committee treasurer Andrew Tobias, who helped rake in more dough than any other bundler during the 2011 and 2012 seasons so far, thanks in part to his connections to gay donors.

But documents obtained by the Times only reveal a small portion of Obama's big money donors.

Mr. Obama’s publicly disclosed categories stop at the $500,000-and-up level, however. The internal documents show that at least 60 individuals and couples reside in an even more elite club, having raised more than $1 million for Mr. Obama and the party.

They include Frank White Jr., a technology entrepreneur who has raised $2.3 million for Mr. Obama’s re-election campaign; Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, who has raised $2.7 million; Robert Wolf, a former executive at UBS Americas, the banking company, who has raised about $1.3 million; and Reshma Saujani, a lawyer who is running for New York City public advocate next year and is active among young larger donors, who has raised about $1 million.

Of all the hundreds of bundlers flung from coast-to-coast, Confessore points out that 260 of them did not raise money for Obama during his 2008 race against Hillary Clinton.


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