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road.jpg A second gay candidate joins race for Mayor Naugle's seat in Fort Lauderdale: "Political newcomer Earl Rynerson, owner of a tile store, joins former City Commissioner Dean Trantalis as an openly gay mayoral hopeful. Rynerson said he wants to polish the city's image, which he said was tarnished by Naugle. Naugle last summer uttered a quote that was heard across gay America: 'I use the word homosexual. Most of them aren't gay; they're unhappy.'"

Jakeroad.jpg Jake Gyllenhaal stumbles out in London.

road.jpg Nigerian bisexual woman faces deportation from Canada, fears persecution: "She fears for her life. If she goes back with her children, she has no one there. Her family has shunned her because she is bisexual. She doesn't have any money and nowhere to go. If she's arrested [her children] will be without a mother. They'll already face extreme discrimination because they were both born out of wedlock, and in fact, Samuel has already endured a lot of harassment while growing up there."

road.jpg ABBA come together for Mamma Mia premiere in Stockholm for first time in 22 years.

road.jpg AUSIELLO: Producers on The New Adventures of Old Christine plan to marry off Julia Louis Dreyfus to Wanda Sykes!

road.jpg The windows to Amy Winehouse's soul.

road.jpg William Friedkin's The Boys in the Band to get DVD release on November 11.

3g_2road.jpg Planning on picking up an iPhone 3G on Friday? Here's a map of AT&T's 3G coverage in the U.S. According to a Digg commenter, here's the code: BLUE = Full Coverage, RED/ORANGE = Decent Coverage, ORANGE = Meh Coverage, LIGHT ORANGE = Enjoy EDGE.

road.jpg Church of Ireland may hold gay unions if homosexuality proven to be biologically determined: "If such comes to be shown, it will be necessary to acknowledge the full implications of that new aspect of the truth."

road.jpg "Dude, look at your pants. Look at your bag. Obviously this is not your kind of place." Homophobic, or just edgy?

Mcavoyroad.jpg Details attempts to atone for past covers with James McAvoy's blue eyes.

road.jpg MacBecks: Musical planned about David and Victoria Beckham...

road.jpg Hagee YouTube suppression to rub off on Joe Lieberman?

road.jpg East London couple turned away from wedding venue owned by Jehovah's Witness: "For the past 13 years I have been with my soul mate, I have never been discriminated against or been judged as they did to us."

road.jpg Jaws: Australian town on alert after sighting of 22-foot Great White Shark in lake with outlet to the ocean.

road.jpg Obama to give DNCC address at Invesco Field at Mile High. SF Chronicle on the rise of the Obamacon...

road.jpg Killer of gay porn producer spilled details, sought legal advice from fellow inmate.

road.jpg Honed down: Kucinich to bring single article of impeachment against George W. Bush. "Few in the House of Representatives have any intention of doing anything with the last 35 articles of impeachment Kucinich set before them last month, so the former presidential candidate appears to be lightening the load. Kucinich sent a letter to colleagues Tuesday asking them to support a single article of impeachment, to be introduced Thursday, which accuses President Bush of leading the country to war based on lies."

Dennis Kucinich Presents 35 Articles of Impeachment Against Bush


Dennis Kucinich brought 35 articles of impeachment against George W. Bush on the House floor yesterday:

"The Ohio representative outlined his intention to propose more than two dozen charges against Bush on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. Kucinich, a former presidential candidate, accused Bush executing a 'calculated and wide-ranging strategy' to deceive citizens and Congress into believing that Iraq posed an imminent threat to the United States. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly said she opposes trying to remove the Republican president who leaves office next January because such an attempt would be divisive and most likely unsuccessful."

"Most likely unsuccessful" seems to be the key phrase in Pelosi's tenure thus far.

As such, the move is not likely to gain traction, but you can watch the clip AFTER THE JUMP...

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Dennis Kucinich Ends Presidential Bid

Dennis Kucinich is dropping out of the presidential race, saying he'll hold a news conference today at noon today to announce it. Again.

Although his far left positions gave him little chance of getting anywhere in a presidential race, Kucinich should be thanked for making (or trying to make, as the case may be) important issues heard. For example: "I believe that equality of opportunity should be afforded to all Americans regardless of race, color, creed or sexual orientation. For that reason I support the right of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons to have the full protections and rights afforded under civil law including the right to marry the person of their choice."

News: Giant Rat, RENT, Seth Green, KGB Attack, Sia

road.jpg Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth kicks off gay-bashing over MRSA staph infections.

Giantratroad.jpg Scientists discover ancient skull of a rat that was the size of a car: "The creature lived about four million years ago, weighed about a tonne and ate mostly soft vegetation. It was so big that it probably spent much of its life semi-submerged in water, like a hippo, to reduce the stresses caused by its size."

road.jpg EVICTED: Broadway musical RENT to end run on June 1st after 5,012 performances.

road.jpg Warrantless wiretapping will be a "walk in the park" comapred to the plans that National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell has for cyberspace that would give the government the authority to examine the content of any e-mail, file transfer or Web search.

road.jpg Seth Green wins the prize for cheesiest mustache ever.

road.jpg Yesterday, I posted that a judge ruled Dennis Kucinich could participate in the Las Vegas MSNBC debate. At the last minute, the Nevada Supreme Court overturned that decision. Here are the details: "The Supreme Court's unanimous order said that blocking the debate unless Kucinich got to participate would be “an unconstitutional prior restraint” on the news network's First Amendment rights. Justices also said the lower court exceeded its jurisdiction by ordering Kucinich's participation even though “he first requested and was denied relief” from the Federal Communications Commission."

road.jpg HARD LABOR for Homosexuality: Sentence handed down in Cameroon.

Gayrussianjournalistroad.jpg KGB and militia raid apartment of Russian gay TV journalist: "A group of his gay friends soon arrived to support the journalist. They offered to be witnesses of the search. But the militia and KGB agents forced them to leave. The hard disk from the journalist’s computer was confiscated, along with a video camera and a flash memory stick. Mr. Padsasonny is said to have fled Gomel and is now in hiding."

road.jpg Miss the American Idol premiere? Here are last night's four audition tragedies.

road.jpg Australian singer Sia (you may remember her "Breathe Me" song that covered the final moments of Six Feet Under) is a lesbian. She also says she was "born out of the butthole of a unicorn called Steve."

road.jpg For British man with gigantic 13 1/2-incher, bigger is not better.

Mcdreamyroad.jpg McDreamy wants to show he's more than just a suit.

road.jpg mtvU looking for people willing to talk about their HIV-positive status or how AIDS/HIV has affected them in some way: "MTV's college channel, mtvU, and the Kaiser Family Foundation have teamed up to develop an anti-stigma campaign in partnership with POZ Magazine. The goal of the project is to challenge common misperceptions about people living with HIV/AIDS in the United States. The heart of the project will be a collection of photos and stories about real people who are either HIV positive, or are HIV negative but have in some way been affected by the virus. We are seeking a diverse group of people willing to be featured online and perhaps on-air with their photo, their HIV status, and their story about why HIV is an important issue to them. If you are U.S.-based person, 18 years of age or over and would like to lend your face and story to this project, please contact as soon as possible. No direct link to HIV/AIDS is necessary - an interest in the issue is sufficient."

road.jpg George Michael lands multi-millon dollar deal for his memoirs: "one of the biggest book deals ever concluded in UK publishing."

News: China, Fabio, Antarctica, Oprah, Dame Edna, Scotland, Britney

road.jpg Teen gay bashes straight couple after mistaking short-haired girlfriend for a man: "The boy, 16, has been charged in juvenile court with the assault, occurring after asking the man and his girlfriend if they were 'two gay guys.' They then became "f$%^ing gay bastards" as they were thrown to the ground, punched and kicked on a busy Dublin street."

Blakeroad.jpg Nightmare Garden: Actor from British children's TV series claims on-set injury and anti-gay harassment: "Isaac Blake claimed he suffered an injured pelvis while wearing the chunky brown and pink costume to entertain millions of viewers as one of the three Tombliboos. The 28-year-old said he had to go to hospital and was forced off work for a week after being made to bend over for long spells for closeup shots while wearing the suit. At an employment tribunal, Mr Blake, a trained dancer, also alleged that he was discriminated against and verbally abused for being homosexual. He claimed a colleague called him a 'bitch' and a 'faggot' but when he made a formal complaint he was told to 'shut up and get on with it'."

road.jpg OWN: Oprah Winfrey gets her own network! What an appropriate name for it.

road.jpg Judge orders MSNBC to include Dennis Kucinich in Las Vegas debate today.

road.jpg Kennith H. Burns, founding member of pioneering L.A. gay rights group Mattachine Society, dies at 81 of lung failure: "In 1953, when McCarthyism was strengthening its grip on the national consciousness, Hay and other Mattachine leaders with communist ties were ousted and Burns assumed a prominent role in the organization. The society moved in a more conservative direction during Burns' tenure as Mattachine president in the mid- to late 1950s. Along with other Mattachine leaders, including Harold Call and Don Lucas, he urged members to temper their public image and assimilate into society. 'We must blame ourselves for much of our plight,' Burns said during this period. 'When will homosexuals ever realize that social reform, in order to be effective, must be preceded by personal reform?'"

Fabioroad.jpg Fabio offers up Details on George Clooney West Hollywood catfight: "He laid a hand on me, so it would have been self-defense if I had beaten him down. I could have fucked him up. Oh my god, I could have beaten the shit out of him. I was so pissed off. Right then, I could have knocked him over and beat him. I could have punched him in the face while he was on his back. That's how you really hurt someone—their face can't amortize the punch so it takes, it takes the whole impact."

road.jpg Dame Edna ill, ordered to rest for six months...

road.jpg Stuart Ellanson, an inmate serving life sentence for murder of gay man gets 15 additional years for holding a dental technician hostage at the prison: "He held the woman captive in a storage room in the prison's health complex for about five and a half hours before releasing her. He was then arrested. Ellanson is serving a life term for murder as a hate crime in the stabbing death of a man in Superior in 1991. The criminal complaint said Ellanson told investigators he killed the man because he was gay."

Antarcticaroad.jpg MELTING: Antarctic ice loss jumps 75% in a single year.

road.jpg Britney SNAPS (4:13), and picks up a British accent while doing so.

road.jpg Outsports looks at the aquatic side of Project Runway's Jack Mackenroth: "'Swimming just came fairly naturally to me, and I really enjoyed it,' said Mackenroth, now 38. And he was very good at it, too. He has three All-American titles and set a national record at the 2006 Gay Games in Chicago in the breaststroke leg of the 4-by-50 meter medley relay. Also in 2006, he finished 12th in the 50-meter breaststroke at the Masters World Championships in Stanford, Calif. 'Swimming has been rewarding,' said Mackenroth, who played soccer and baseball as a youngster and now admits that he, 'was hopeless at all of the other sports.'"

Chinaroad.jpg China Daily looks at what gays face in that country: "The more you try to oppress sex, the more resistance will rise up." Time takes a look too.

road.jpg Scotland's hate crime laws to be widened to include sexual orientation, gender identity, and the disabled: "It aims to strengthen the law to protect disabled people and those from the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered communities by extending statutory aggravations to cover crimes motivated by malice or ill will towards victims."

road.jpg RESEARCHER: Heterosexual couples have something to learn from same-sex couples: "In a series of studies Green conducted with Michael Bettinger and Ellis Zacks, lesbian couples were found to be emotionally closer than gay male couples who, in turn, were found to be emotionally closer than heterosexual married couples. 'It all comes down to greater equality in the relationship,' Green said in a statement. 'Research shows that lesbian and gay couples have a head start in escaping the traditional gender role divisions that make for power imbalances and dissatisfaction in many heterosexual relationships.' Heterosexual couples could learn from gays couples about sharing housework and childcare, using softer communication in conflict and having more nurturing behaviors toward one another and their children, the researchers conclude."

road.jpg The Gawker job interview.

New Hampshire Primary Votes to be Recounted

Following a request by Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard, the New Hampshire Department of State issued a press release on Friday that a recount of ballots cast in the primary would go forward.

Clinton_obamaThe HuffPost reports: "The demand for a recount isn't about the New Hampshire primary--anything short of a result showing Obama winning by more than say, 5% would still put the vote within the realm of a Clinton 'comeback' from Iowa. It's about the amount of distrust that voters have in the machine voting systems--machines which studies have shown to be not just hackable, but often poorly conceived and constructed. People who conduct business over cell phones, computers, and ATMs are nervous about electronic voting because they feel that something about the whole process has gone amiss; the voting machines' source codes are proprietary to the companies so any flaws remain hidden except when extensive studies, such as those conducted by Ohio and California are done."


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