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Report: Obama, Not Feinstein or Committee, Made Warren Choice

According to Americablog:

Warren_2"A powerful Democratic friend contacted me this morning to let me know that they talked to the key players yesterday, and Diane Feinstein, chair of the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, had nothing to do with the pick of Rick Warren as Obama's invocation speaker at the inaugural. The decision was made by Obama himself, I'm told, and Feinstein just assumed that he had vetted it with his staff. Difi went along with Obama's decision, not the other way around. If this is true, then our apologies to Senator Feinstein for suggesting that she was involved. But Jesus. This is rather uncharacteristic of Obama, making some grand gesture from his gut, and not checking it with his brain, or the brains around him. Unless, of course, his brain trust thought this was a brilliant strategic move. I can easily imagine them thinking, what better than to make a nod to the religious right and the religious left, by having Rick Warren and Joseph Lowery, at his inauguration?"

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Senator Dianne Feinstein on Harvey Milk, Prop 8, Marriage Equality


Maureen Dowd spoke with California Senator Dianne Feinstein about Harvey Milk and Proposition 8 in a column published over the weekend. Feinstein's well-known, soon to be extremely well-known gut-wrenching press conference following Milk's assassination, frames both the Friedman/Epstein documentary The Times of Harvey Milk and features prominently in Gus van Sant's biopic Milk, opening this week.

Feinstein2Feinstein also campaigned against Proposition 8 in an ad that was run statewide before the election.

Said Feinstein of Milk: "I was the one who found his body. To get a pulse, I put my finger in a bullet hole. It was a terrible, terrible time in the city’s history...It’s very painful for me. It took me seven years before I could sit in George Moscone’s chair. It took me a long time to talk about it. I was only recently able to talk about it."

On the validity of the nearly 20,000 same-sex marriages in California: "You can’t redact it. You can’t blot it out. It’s so intrinsic to the Constitution that you cannot remove it by a vote of the people."

On same-sex marriage in general, and gay adoption: "I think as more and more people have gay friends, gay associations, see gay heroism, that their views change. I think people are beginning to look at it differently, I know it’s happened for me. I started out not supporting it. The longer I’ve lived, the more I’ve seen the happiness of people, the stability that these commitments bring to a life. Many adopted children who would have ended up in foster care now have good solid homes and are brought up learning the difference between right and wrong. It’s a very positive thing."

The NBC Nightly News report on the Milk and Moscone assassinations, AFTER THE JUMP...

Marriage on the Rocks [maureen dowd]

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Dianne Feinstein Speaks Out Against Proposition 8


Airing statewide in California tonight is this message from Senator Dianne Feinstein urging a 'no' vote on Proposition 8, the California ballot measure that would ban same-sex marriage.

Says Feinstein: "Proposition 8 would be a terrible mistake for California. It's about discrimination and we must always say NO to that."

Watch it, AFTER THE JUMP...

The "no on Prop 8" still needs your help. Donate HERE.

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Resolution to Censure Dianne Feinstein Killed Without Vote

A resolution to censure California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, submitted by progressives within the party last week, was killed before it even got to a vote, the HuffPost's Rick Jacobs reports:

Feinstein"When the resolution was brought up late in the session, the Party's senior advisor and long time chief spokesperson, Bob Mulholland, stood and shouted from the side of the room, 'Object, and object!'" There were other shouts from the room as committee members joined in. Committee Co-Chair John Hanna objected and then others objected and then, as if to make sure that we got the point, everyone who wanted to join the chorus of objections demanded that their objections be counted, too. It was a sort of pile on moment, in which one veto simply would not do. It all happened within about a minute."

The move to censure came following two dubious votes — one to confirm assumed torture-supporter attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey and the other to confirm racist bigot judge Leslie Southwick in Mississippi — and other less-than-left activity by Feinstein, including recent word that she supports granting immunity to telecom corporations that shared customer email and phone records with the federal government as part of the warrantless surveillance program.

According to Jacobs, because the motion to censure was submitted as a "late" resolution (within 10 days of the meeting), any member can kill it with a single objection.

Late last week, for California.

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News: Bill Gates, Warhol Scent, Gyllenspit, Vegas, Britney Spears

road.jpg I think now she's doing it on purpose. Britney Spears has run over another foot.

road.jpg Striking gay WGA writers are holding their own march: "It will totally be "Norma Rae" meets the Abbey."

Gatesroad.jpg Closet Idol fan? Bill Gates spotted at Kelly Clarkson concert.

road.jpg In wake of progressive Democrats move to censure Dianne Feinstein, her spokesperson defends: "[Feinstein] has been an independent voice for California."

road.jpg Barack Obama says there are no existing records from his days in the Illinois state senate: "'I don't have _ I don't maintain _ a file of eight years of work in the state Senate because I didn't have the resources available to maintain those kinds of records,' he said at a recent campaign stop in Iowa. He said he wasn't sure where any cache of records might have gone, adding, 'It could have been thrown out. I haven't been in the state Senate now for quite some time.'"

road.jpg Meet the Dixie Chicks of competitive Bridge.

Silverroad.jpg Andy Warhol Foundation launches first of several fragrances: "The scent developed by Aurelien Guichard is a smoky yet spicy cocktail of incense, grapefruit, wood resin, amber jasmine, cedarwood and violet, one Warhol’s favorite aromas. The term is no longer '€˜unisex'€™ but '€˜universal'€™ to indicate that the perfume can be worn by both men and women and is said to smell like metallic rubber."

road.jpg For you Scissor Sisters fans (or haters, I suppose): Whack-a-Sister.

road.jpg Scab-lash: Ellen DeGeneres cancels NYC tapings. "We're delighted that Ellen DeGeneres has decided not to come to New York to tape her program. She knows that the Writers Guild East would have been there to protest her lack of solidarity, not only with her Guild writing staff but all the striking members of the Writers Guild, of which she is a member. We will be even more delighted if she does not cross the Guild picket lines at the NBC Studios in Burbank, where her show usually is produced."

road.jpg Scientists identify oral sex "swallower" gene...in fish.

Gyllenspitroad.jpg Yes, Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon have been captured swapping spit in public.

road.jpg Broadcast of McCain supporter calling Hillary Clinton a bitch sparks war between McCain campaign and CNN: "Now McCain's campaign is trying to turn this to its advantage -- by opening fire on the network and portraying it as both a Hillary ally and a liberal media foil to McCain. McCain campaign manager Rick Davis has just blasted out an email to supporters demanding that CNN apologize to the Arizona Senator for smearing him."

road.jpg Bjorn Borg unveils new underwear line, and invites folks to send in pictures of themselves wearing it. Flashback: Model Search.

road.jpg In July 2006, Patricia Todd became Alabama's first openly gay elected official when she ran a run-off race in the House. Pam Spaulding over at Pam's House blended has posted a series of videos of Todd talking about some of the homophobia she faced during her election.

road.jpg BOOK: Gay community in Vegas on the upswing.

Progressive Democrats Moving to Censure Dianne Feinstein

Following two recent dubious votes — one to confirm assumed torture-supporter attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey and the other to confirm racist bigot judge Leslie Southwick in Mississippi — the Huffington Post reports that a coalition of progressive Democrats will ask the California Democratic Party to censure the long-serving Senator at an executive board meeting this weekend.

FeinsteinAccording to the HuffPost, "The move comes as Feinstein again finds herself under fire for saying Thursday that she now supports granting legal immunity to telecom companies that shared customer email and phone messages with the federal government as part of the warrantless surveillance program."

This follows an "illuminating" trip to California as a guest of George W. Bush on Air Force One.

The full text of the resolution, which can be read on their site, concludes:

"Whereas these examples are far from the only instances where Senator Feinstein, after seeking and securing the support and endorsement of the California Democratic Party, has failed to support the policies and principles of our party. Therefore be it resolved that the California Democratic Party expresses its disappointment at, and censure of, Senator Feinstein for ignoring Democratic principles and falling so far below the standard of what we expect of our elected officials."

Here's the online petition for censure.

Feinstein Faces Dem Censure After Backing Mukasey [huffington post]

GOP Lauds Feinstein as "Linchpin" Vote for Racist Bigot Judge [tr]


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