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First Look: New Milk Stills


A bunch of new stills from Gus van Sant's Harvey Milk biopic Milk have been released. Here's Sean Penn as Milk in San Francisco City Hall. Below, James Franco as Milk's lover Scott Smith.

Check out the trailer for Milk here. For all of our coverage on Milk and Harvey Milk, click here. Milk is released to limited theaters on November 26.


Penn and Josh Brolin as Dan White, Milk's fellow assemblyman and assassin.



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Grabeel, Luna, Smith Join Milk Cast as Production Begins

Grabeel_2 Luna_2

As production is set to begin this week on Gus van Sant's Harvey Milk biopic about the slain SF supervisor and gay rights leader, a few new castings have been announced to round out an already stellar cast.

Smith_2High School Musical star Lucas Grabeel has been cast as Dan Nicoletta, Milk's close friend and supporter who worked at the camera shop at 575 Castro which also became Milk's campaign office. Douglas Smith (Big Love) has been cast as activist Paul Hogarth, and (Diego Luna (Y Tu Mama Tambien) has been cast as Jack Lira, Harvey Milk's friend, supporter, and rumored lover who killed himself in 1978.

San Franciscans and Castro residents, we welcome any photos and info you have on the production!

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News: Hillary Clinton, Estonia Pride, Gael Garcia Bernal, Mike Jones

road.jpg Jim David on The Gay Squirm Factor: "It's enough to make you want to move to Scandinavia, where nobody cares about the gays. If it just wasn't so freaking cold."

Bernalroad.jpg Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna host human rights benefit in Mexico City: "The $300-a-plate meal in the capital will benefit Mexico's Commission for the Defense and Promotion of Human Rights as well as Witness, an organization founded by singer Peter Gabriel that promotes the use of video and film to document human rights abuses."

road.jpg Former Andy Warhol sidekick Bob Colacello to W magazine: "I'm presumably gay. I believe in going out, not coming out. It takes more courage to be openly Republican than to be openly gay in New York today. I'm a bit of a contrarian."

road.jpg Putting it all online? Recent developments in "cloud storage" solutions from Google, Microsoft, and Apple.

road.jpg Tropical Depression 4 forms in Atlantic. Will become "Dean" if named...

Martinroad.jpg Ricky Martin shows off his skills.

road.jpg Gay Pride march in Estonia takes place peacefully: "An estimated 300 people gathered in the historic part of the city to celebrate their sexuality, protected by private security officers and an increased police presence. Despite fears of a repeat of last year's violence, when Estonian skinheads injured several marchers by hurling missiles, the event passed off without any significant incident. About halfway down the route, anti-gay demonstrators formed an alternative procession. About a dozen mostly Russian-speaking men, women and children chanted 'no pride' at the marchers."

road.jpg Ted Haggard escort Mike Jones in new play about soldiers who "go AWOL after being exposed to friendly-fire nerve gas in an all-base orgy."

road.jpg British military puts gag order on soldiers' blogs: "Members of the Armed Forces and MOD Civil Servants must seek prior permission from [MoD media authorities] if they wish to communicate about defence via books, articles or academic papers; self-publish via a blog, podcast or other shared text, audio or video; take part in external questionnaires, polls, surveys or research projects, speak at conferences, private engagements or other events where the public or media may be present; or contribute to any online community or share information such as a bulletin board, wiki, online social network, or multi-player game..."

Brithookuproad.jpg Britney Spears' hot tub hook-up talks to Access Hollywood.

road.jpg Inside the Hillary Clinton fundraiser at The Abbey in West Hollywood: "...we hear people starting cheering loudly in the VIP room and camera flashes seep through the curtain separating us common folk. She's coming! The crowd begins to chant "Hillary! Hillary!" and it really starts to feel like a rock concert. Then at about 9:00 we see it, her bright red jacket slips through the maroon curtain and the crowd is in a frenzy! 'We Love You Hillary!' and 'You're Fabulous!' seem to be the shouts of choice."

road.jpg Artist constructs Stephen Colbert portrait out of 768 mini Rubik's Cubes.

Gael Garcia Bernal, Diego Luna, Alfonso Cuaron for Gay Unions

Bernal_lunaActors Gael Garcia Bernal and Diego Luna, and director Alfonso Cuaron voiced their public support for Mexico City's legalization of same-sex civil unions in a one-page ad taken out in Mexican newspapers.

Said the celebs: "The vote for the civil-unions law was a vote in favor of liberty, social equality and the strength of civil society."

The new law, which has not surprisingly raised objections from religious and social conservatives, gives gay couples spousal and inheritance rights and allows them to register their relationship with civil authorities. It does not go so far as to label the union a "marriage".

Below, a couple of clips related to the excellent Cuaron-directed 2001 film Y tu Mamá Tambien which stars Bernal and Luna. The film's official trailer and an interview that took place in New York around the time of the film's opening.

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