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News: John Barrowman, Caribou, Kirsten Gillibrand, China

Road GOP-appointed judges backing gay marriage.

RoadD.C. Court of Appeals upholds decision denying Harry Jackson's marriage initiative.

Marine RoadAncient species of marine life photographed deep under Australia's Barrier Reef.

RoadRemember 'Eight is Enough' pin-up Willie Aames?

RoadJosh & Josh interview the first gay couple married in Argentina.

RoadMetroWeekly's Chris Geidner interviews the first out transgender Congressional staffer, Diego Sanchez: "I feel strongly that we're going to be all right with ENDA, that we've got clearly enough support to pass the bill even right now and we're almost there to defeat the motion to recommit that would limit gender-identity inclusion. We're almost there, and I'm hoping that it still comes up this year. I don't know whether it will. I can't predict that."

RoadThe DADT Dog Tag project.

RoadClay Aiken and Chaka Khan to release duet track.

RoadRevealed: Project Runway Season 8's 17 contestants.

Asylum  RoadDid Britain's X Factor put a gay asylum seeker in danger?

RoadFormer Tory MP Ann Widdecombe: Gay asylum seekers in fear for their lives "seem to have wanted to come here merely so that they can be overt about their lifestyles."

RoadThe NYT chats with mathematician/musician Caribou.

RoadFind out who you write like.

RoadUK father jailed for three years for attacking 15-year-old girl with baseball bat after she taunted his son with homophobic slurs. "He drove to the scene with his wife, grabbed a baseball bat out of his car and ran towards the group, according to The Telegraph. Canham struck his victim over the back of her head, causing her to pass out in front of holidaymakers last summer. The victim's eight-year-old sister was also present, Ipswich Crown Court heard. Canham admitted wounding the girl with intent to cause her grievous bodily harm. According to The Mirror, he saw a "red mist" when he attacked the schoolgirl."

Road LGBT candidate Andrew Williams may join Sally Kern in the Oklahoma state house.

Reynolds RoadEW has the first look at Ryan Reynolds in his glowing Green Lantern CGI bodysuit.

RoadSenator Kirsten Gillibrand is well-positioned, financially, for the fall elections: "She's raised nearly $11 million overall and now has $7.2 million in cash-on-hand - part of the reason why, despite her lack of traction in the polls, she's the odds-on favorite in the fall."

RoadNever underestimate the power of your actions.

RoadWest End Bares: John Barrowman to host British version of Broadway Bares in September!

RoadThe fourth Mel Gibson rant, if you can bear it.

RoadChinese University students to take HIV test: "University students in East China's Zhejiang province are to undergo physical examinations in an effort to get an accurate picture of the HIV/AIDS infection rate among the student population. The results will help related departments work out detailed and effective measures to control and prevent the disease from spreading further, according to Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which is running the program. The move comes after the Hangzhou branch of the CDC found eight HIV carriers during a spot check of 2,000 university students at three universities, a case rate of 0.4 percent."

Barney Frank Names Transgender Man His Senior Policy Advisor

Congressman Barney Frank announced the replacement of outgoing Senior Policy Advisor Joe Racalto with Diego Sanchez. Sanchez, a transgender man, is currently the Director of Public Relations & External Affairs for AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts and this past August was the first transgender person appointed by the DNC to the Platform Committee, according to The Transadvocate. They also note that he is a member of the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) Boston Steering Committee and the HRC Business Council.

SanchezThey report: "Breaking with most transgender activists, Sanchez has also continued to work with the HRC (even though they are one of the few organizations that do not oppose a gay only ENDA). Some worry that the HRC and Barney Frank will use Sanchez as cover for their continuing support of the two bill strategy...Sanchez may be a buffer for Frank to the GLBT community, but his background will also help in some important policy arenas."

Writes Autumn Sandeen at Pam's House Blend: "Honestly, I'm quite pleased at this development. I don't expect miracles to happen with regards to federal gender identity and expression inclusive legislation because of this hire, nor do I expect Rep. Frank to completely embrace a fully inclusive ENDA just because he hired a Latino transman. However, my trans peers and I, as well as the broader LGBT community and our allies, can find progress and hope within Rep. Frank's hiring of Diego Sanchez. If nothing else, it's a strong statement about Sanchez's qualifications, as well as about Rep. Frank's commitment to equal employment opportunity -- at least within the federal workplace."

Sanchez spoke at the most recent HRC Dinner in San Francisco. Sanchez crossed picket lines (unlike a number of prominent San Francisco politicians) of LGBT protestors to do so. Watch his speech, AFTER THE JUMP...

Diego Sanchez Named Senior Legislative Adviser To Barney Frank [transadvocate]
Diego Sanchez Is Rep. Frank's New Legislative Advisor [pam's house blend]

(image by Tom Williams via HRC)

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