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Dominic Cooper to Play Freddie Mercury?


Dominic Cooper is the latest actor being floated for the role of Freddie Mercury in a Queen biopic to which Sacha Baron Cohen was attached.

Daniel Radcliffe was falsely attached to the project last week by a UK tabloid, and the publication floating the latest casting rumor lists "a trusted source" as the root of the last report, so take it with a grain of salt, although physically Cooper is far closer to Mercury than Radcliffe was.

Above, Cooper in The Devil's Double.

Movies: Get Yourself 'An Education'



Nathaniel Rogers would live inside a movie theater but for the poor internet reception. He blogs daily at the Film Experience.


Have you ever seen a star being born? It’s a particularly thrilling film experience and contrary to popular conceptions of celebrity – from Warhol’s 15 minutes meme to the enduring reality TV craze -- true star breakthroughs don’t happen every year. They’re rare like comets or maybe even eclipses. You have a chance to see one this month as AN EDUCATION begins its platforming release and Carey Mulligan deservedly rises to the top of Hollywood’s “must cast” list. In the fall’s first obvious Oscar contender (expect a Best Picture nod) Mulligan plays Jenny, a 16 year old girl who is wise beyond her years… though not quite as wise as she thinks she is.

Jenny takes up with a much older man David (Peter Sarsgaard) who gives her, you guessed it, an education… but not only a sexual one. Then there’s the not so small matter of Jenny’s schooling. She’s aiming for Oxford, egged on by her higher learning obsessed father (Alfred Molina).

But why is Dominic Cooper holding an armadillo?



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The Wet Look: Dominic Cooper

Cooper1 Cooper2

Mamma Mia's Dominic Cooper got all wet for the July issue of Attitude and though he was Speedo-clad for some scenes in the ABBA film, he tells readers he wasn't worried about being too exposed:

"This was a padded, armoured, ultra-colourful Speedo unit. So when that's freeze-framed on the DVD..."

One more shot AFTER THE JUMP...

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