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Irish Sports Star Donal Óg Cusack Explores Homophobia Worldwide In New Documentary: VIDEO

Donal Óg Cusack

In a documentary to be screened next week on Irish broadcaster RTE, the first openly gay GAA sports star Donal Óg Cusack looks at the attitudes and opinions towards homosexuality in Ireland and around the world, reports the Independent.

The legendary goalkeeper for Cork’s hurling team caused a stir when he came out in 2009.

In Coming Out of the Curve, Cusack argues that homophobia is "the last great prejudice of our time.”

0He speaks with politician Vitaly Milinov, one of the main forces behind Russia's extreme anti-gay law. Cusack also travels to the United States where he meets gay people who are happy to share their stories.

One of those stories is from rugby player Brian 'Bru' Amerlynck (right) who battled for years with his homosexuality before deciding to come out last year.

Back in Ireland, Cusack speaks with Cork footballer Valerie Mulcahy who says she found it difficult during her formative years to deal with her sexuality. Mulcahy is the first female GAA player to come out publicly.

Towards the end of the documentary, Cusack says:

"I hope that humans will evolve to a stage where this will not matter anymore. I believe that time will come but it would be naïve to think that we are at that stage right now.”

Watch an interview with Cusack just after he came out, along with a powerful speech he gave at the Foyle Pride Festival, County Derry in 2012, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Irish Hurler Conor Cusack Comes Out


In a lengthy blog post published on Monday, Irish hurler Conor Cusack, came out of the closet. Cusack played the Gaelic sport of hurling with the Cork senior inter-county team in 2006 and now plays with the local club in Cloyne. He has made national headlines in Ireland for his devotion to helping others battle depression, which he has battled his whole life.

Cusack writes, in part:

I’ve known for a good while now that I have been sexually attracted to men. In that time, I’ve had relationships with women, and enjoyed them immensely but I’ve always had more fulfilment from being with a man. I’m not sure what label society would categorise me under. I remember a doctor one time telling me I was a bi-polar depressive and a different guy a few weeks later telling me I was a manic depressive. Go figure that one out! Life for me is never black or white (though I know a lot about the blackness) but more about different shades of grey....

...I have been comfortable with this area of my life and I never felt the need to discuss it with anyone. That is until recently. As I crossed the border from Galway into Clare and then back home to Cork and through the towns of Buttevant, Charleville and Mallow, I thought strongly about the current Mental Health work I am involved with. I thought about all the different people that I have spoken to and about all the upcoming events that I have committed to. I asked myself the question ‘Do I need to talk and discuss this aspect and area of my life?

Cusack is the brother of hurler Donal Og Cusack, who came out as gay in 2009.

Out Irish Hurler Dónal Óg Cusack Gives Powerful Pride Speech: VIDEO


Irish hurler Dónal Óg Cusack, who made headlines when he came out in 2009, gave a powerful speech to the Foyle Pride Festival in County Derry last week, the Irish Times reports.

Said Cusack:

"When I did come out to them (his teammates) we had lots of deep conversations. And their loyalty to me then and since then has been one of the most moving and meaningful things in my life. It’s been a great positive. So have all the encounters with young people thinking about coming out. All the meetings with people who took a bit of encouragement in taking big steps in their own lives....When I came out a few years ago I wasn’t making any big statement about myself I was following up on a promise I made to myself when I was younger. I was at a gay club in Cork and somebody recognised me as a hurler. I pretended not to be who I was and I felt sick afterwards. I promised I’d never pretend to be something that I wasn’t."


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Irish Hurler Donal Og Cusack: 'I'm Gay'

Donal Og Cusack, a legendary Irish goalkeeper in the Gaelic sport of hurling, has come out of the closet in a new biography, the Belfast Telegraph reports:

Cusack "The player has lifted the lid off his bisexual past in a candid story of his life that makes him the first ever senior GAA star to publicly declare his homosexuality. The Cork hurler from the small village of Cloyne is a legend in GAA circles after winning three All-Ireland finals. Yet in what may shock the sporting establishment, he admits to sleeping with both women and men before accepting his sexuality as a gay man in his autobiography Come What May published by Penguin Ireland and due out this month. In an honest and down-to-earth account of his life as one of the GAA's most high-profile players, he reveals how he tried to date women as a young man even though he knew from the age of 13 or 14 'that I was a bit different'. 'I tried to go out with women to make sure, to see what kind of feeling it gave me,' he writes.' I went out with nice women and good women, but sure, I still knew. I wanted something else. I get more out of men. I just do. Always have. I know I am different but just in this way. Whatever you may feel about me or who I am, I've always been at peace with it,' he said."

Watch a clip of a hurling match, AFTER THE JUMP...

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