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News: Sydney, Mexico, Jury Duty, Ke$ha, The Sun, Conan

 road 700 couples have wed in Mexico City since marriage equality came to that city last year.

Sydney  road Lily Tomlin joined hundreds of thousands of LGBT supporters for Sydney's gay Mardi Gras parade in support of marriage equality.

 road Gay man gets out of jury duty by pleading inequality.

 road Somehow I'm not that surprised that the TSA failed to detect that a Jet Blue passenger boarded a flight with box cutters in his carry-on.

 road Rachel Maddow beats almost everyone in the ratings.

 road Miss New Mexico mysteriously pulls out of an LGBT awards show.

 road Ke$ha wants to be the face of safe sex.

 road Support to reverse the recent rejection of a gay/straight alliance at Flour Bluff High School in Texas swells.

 road Ed Westwick suits up in leather.

 road Human rights organization demands that hateful Serbian bishop apologize for calling gays and lesbians the "stench and poison littering capital Belgrade."

Conan  road Lionsgate releases the official web poster for the new Conan the Barbarian remake - and it doesn't sit still.

 road Scientists are calling a video shot in China that shows what appear to be two suns an optical refraction.

 road Promo photos for the new Dancing with the Stars released.

 road Focus on the Family pastor speaks in California, draws protesters.

 road The Earth could be on its way to a sixth mass extinction: "The new threat is man-made, inflicted by habitation loss, over-hunting, over-fishing, the spread of germs and viruses and introduced species, and by climate change caused by fossil-fuel greenhouse gases."

 road More of the same: Mitt Romney slams President Obama in New Hampshire speech.

 road FOX News regurgitates old news and broadcasts it as new.

Chace Crawford Throws His Head Back, Laughs at Gay Rumors

Ed_chace Metro UK asks Chace Crawford how he responds to rumors he's having a secret gay romance with co-star Ed Westwick:

"I just throw my head back and laugh. It’s not hard to deal with when there’s no truth to it. Just ignore it and it’ll go away."

Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass Has His Gay Kiss


Gossip Girl played its gay Chuck Bass kiss well last night.

Says the womanizing Bass (who apparently plays men as equally when it comes to being a cocktease): "Do you really think I've never kissed a guy before?"



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News: Walt Whitman, Submarines, Leona Lewis, Polaroid, Steve-O


HRC's Joe Solmonese responds to 2017 letter uproar.


18-year-old arrested in beating death of Oakland Park, Florida gay man.



Clinton disappoints gay activists in Moscow by not decrying anti-gay abuses of Mayor Luzhkov at Walt Whitman statue unveiling, but does urge Russia to respect human rights and the democratic process: "In an innovative society, people must be free to take unpopular positions, disagree with conventional wisdom, know they are safe to challenge abuses of authority."


Man punches singer Leona Lewis in the face at book signing.


Gay poet Carl Phillips a finalist for National Book Award.


House Minority Leader John Boehner thinks sexual orientation is not an immutable characteristic, and that's why he opposes hate crimes legislation that includes it.


Ed Westwick explains his giant feather tattoo.


Navy considers allowing women to serve on submarines: "Some sailors and wives warn that putting men and women together in extremely close quarters underwater for weeks at a time is just asking for sexual harassment cases and wrecked marriages. But supporters of the idea say it is a matter of fairness and equal opportunity, and what worked on ships can work in subs."


Last-minute donations pour in for Referendum 71 in Washington: "The campaign in favor of R-71, called Washington Families Standing Together, now has nearly $1 million in the bank. Big donations include $60,000 from a special fundraising committee set up by the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest gay rights group. Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer and co-founder Bill Gates each gave $25,000. The campaign against R-71 also has some last-minute donors. A relatively new committee called Vote Reject on R-71 has collected about $200,000 from the Family Policy Institute of Washington, a Lynnwood-based conservative religious group."


GQ launches in China.


Swayze Patrick Swayze gets a memorial jack-o-lantern.


Masks come off: Michael Jackson's kids to co-star in Jackson family reality show.


Gay sex club closes after man falls to his death in D.C.: "At Men’s Parties, safety doesn’t mean ensuring that the apartment’s stairs, surfaces, and exposed metal pipes provide a secure sexual landscape for party attendees. It doesn’t even mean encouraging members to engage in protected sex. At 1618 14th St., 'safe' means ensuring anonymous sex for a group of gay men sporting wedding rings, sensitive careers, or shame."


Same-sex marriage state by state: an interactive map.


Polaroid instant film cameras to make a comeback.


Video Phone: Beyoncé and Lady Gaga team up for super secret music video.



Steve-O stands up for frogs.


Senator Olympia Snowe, the sole Republican vote on the Senate Finance Committee which approved the health care bill yesterday, says any final bill that includes a public option won't get her vote.


Queer theory: "Vampires have overwhelmed pop culture because young straight women want to have sex with gay men."


Make love on a real train and get crabs while you're at it.


John Mayer gets $800 haircut, debuts new video, wants to sodomize an editor at New York magazine.

Ed Westwick Goes Shirtless for Arena Homme +


Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick takes his top off for the Winter/Spring issue of Arena Homme +. This was apparently shot before he acquired the massive amounts of ink on his arms.


Ed Westwick Sports Some Major New Ink


Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick went out and got some big tattoos to celebrate his masculinity. One more (which, unfortunately, does not resemble Chace Crawford), AFTER THE JUMP...

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