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Canadian Councillor's Campaign Signs Vandalized, Sprayed 'Homophobe'

Jeff earle

A candidate for a seat on the city council in Brockville, Ontario, has had five election campaign posters defaced, one of them with the word “homophobe” in black spray paint, reports The Recorder. 1297620912487_ORIGINAL

Jeff Earle, a council veteran of 23 years, is convinced the “homophobe” charge stems from a vote last February preventing debate on a motion to fly the rainbow flag behind city hall during the Winter Olympics.

A unanimous vote was required to get the motion to the floor. Earle, the only councillor to oppose hearing the motion, says he blocked the vote because of a desire to keep politics out of the Olympics.


Earle, who says the vandalism should be treated as a hate crime, resents being tarred as a homophobe because of that vote:

“I treat it as a hate crime. For them to label that, I find it a little offensive. That vote was not about whether you support individuals.”

City police are currently investigating.

In June, Ontario elected its first female and lesbian premier Kathleen Wynne.

[sign photo via Ronald Zajac/The Recorder and Times]

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart Have a Field Day Over the Florida Gubernatorial Electric Fan Debate: VIDEO


As anticipated, the Wednesday debate night snafu between Florida Governor Rick Scott and challenger Charlie Crist over the use of an electric fan was first-rate fodder for both Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - with the two late night hosts having a blast mocking the absurdity of the whole "fangate" debacle. 

Said Colbert:

"Folks, clearly for Scott's campaign last night blew - and, if you turn the switch the other way, it sucked. But the whole thing is unfair. I don't blame Crist for wanting to bring his own coolant - based on that skin tone I'd say his core temperature is about 450 degrees."

Said Stewart:

"Honestly, we could have delved into all the terrible, actual answers Rick Scott gave in the debate about his horrifying policies for Florida, but that is not nearly as fun as him missing four minutes of a debate because his opponent had a fan pointed at his balls."

Check out the funny segments, AFTER THE JUMP...

And if you happened to have missed the "extremely peculiar situation" from Wednesday's debate, you can watch that HERE

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Jon Stewart Takes Aim at the Fear-Fueled, Hate-filled Midterm Elections: VIDEO


On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart summed up the ongoing midterm elections across the country and how both parties seem to be running on a platform built on fear-mongering rhetoric and "how much they hate themselves." 

"You can form a cogent argument...or you can stand there quietly and wait for your opponent's d--k to slip out of his pants"


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AZ Secretary of State Candidate Blasts Opponent's Vote For Anti-gay Religious Discrimination Bill in New Ad: WATCH

Az ad

Terry Goddard, the Democratic Secretary of State candidate in Arizona, has a new ad out blasting his opponent state Sen. Michele Reagan on her vote earlier this year for the controversial bill that would have allowed religious-based discrimination against LGBT citizens (the bill was ultimately vetoed by Gov. Jan Brewer). 

The ad, titled "Fairness," tells the story of Melanie Puskar-Blakely and Tonya Blakely and how their family would have been treated as second class citizens if Reagan had had it her way.  


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UTAH: Attorney General Candidates Clash Over Same-Sex Marriage Ban - VIDEO

Reyes Stormont

Sharp differences on Utah's same-sex marriage ban have emerged between incumbent Attorney General Sean Reyes and challenger Charles Stormont, reports Desert News.

In what may be the only time the candidates meet head-to-head before the November 4th election, the two took part in a debate on Wednesday sponsored by the Utah Debate Commission at Brigham Young University.

While Republican Reyes said he has a duty to uphold state law, Democrat Stormont said he would not waste taxpayer money fighting an unconstitutional law in a case the state has no chance of winning.

Referring to Amendment 3 defining marriage as between a man and a woman, Reyes said the Attorney General cannot pick and choose which laws to uphold”

"You can't cut and run. You can't thwart the democratic process because you think that you're smarter than the Supreme Court. If my opponent would take off his political glasses for a moment and put on his lawyer lenses or leader lenses, he would see how dangerous that precedent is that he's proposing."

Arguing that 40 lower courts have already overturned bans on same-sex marriage, Stormont countered:

"You tell your clients what their likelihood of success is going to be in court. It's time to actually start giving good, honest, fair legal advice to the people of Utah. We've had far too much political advice on hot-button issues."

During the debate, the candidates also differed on how corruption allegations against former attorneys general Mark Shurtleff and John Swallow should be dealt with.

Watch an interview with Stormont, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Brazil No-Hope Presidential Candidate Goes On Televised Homophobic Rant

Levy Fidelix

The penultimate televised debate before next weekend’s presidential election was overshadowed by a homophobic rant by fringe candidate Levy Fidelix, reports The Guardian.

Fidelix, a conservative and former journalist with no hope of winning, was entitled to almost as much screentime as the leading candidates.

On the Sunday debate, he said that gay people “need psychological care” and are better kept “well away from” other people.  He also suggested that Brazil’s population would be reduced by half if homosexuality were encouraged because “the excretory system” does not function as a means of reproduction.

Although his comments went unremarked upon by the three main candidates – including former environment minister Marina Silva, who earlier this month reversed her support for same-sex marriage – his insults and the other candidates' failure to address them quickly dominated post-debate discussion on social networks. 

According to the most recent polls, incumbent Dlima Rousseff will win the first round on October 5th and then face a run-off with Silva on October 26th.


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