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Out Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan Loses Oakland Mayoral Race

Oakland Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan has lost her bid to become the city's mayor, The San Francisco Chronicle reports:

KaplanOakland native and one-term Councilwoman Libby Schaaf cruised to a decisive victory Wednesday in a ranked-choice race that saw her take the lead and keep it through 14 elimination rounds.

In the end, the last three candidates standing were Schaaf, Councilwoman Rebecca Kaplan — who had been favored to win in polls — and incumbent Jean Quan. But it was never close. When Quan was eliminated, her redistributed votes were almost evenly split, boosting Schaaf to victory from 49 percent of the vote to 63 percent. Kaplan lost with 37 percent of the vote. [...]

Kaplan said in a statement that “Mayor-elect Schaaf and I share a deep and profound commitment to making Oakland stronger, safer and more prosperous. We’ll together represent the entire city, and I’m excited to partner with her on a wide variety of ways to improve the city that she and I both love.”

Kaplan also ran in the city's 2010 mayor race, where she came in third. 

Nevada GOP Candidate Lauren Scott Fails in Her Bid to Become First Transgender State Lawmaker in U.S.

Lauren scottLauren Scott, a transgender woman and veteran of the Persian Gulf War, has failed in her efforts to become Nevada's (and the nation's) first openly transgender state lawmaker. 

The AP reports:

Democratic Assemblyman Mike Sprinkle defeated Lauren Scott by a 54 percent to 46 percent margin to win re-election Tuesday.

Sprinkle received nearly 900 more votes out of a total of some 11,500 votes in a blue-collar district in Sparks where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by 13 percent.

Scott won the June primary with the help of an endorsement from Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, who appointed her to the Nevada Equal Rights Commission in 2012.

Jon Stewart Takes a Look at the 'Tectonic Skullf**k' Midterm Elections: VIDEO

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 7.22.39 AM

Jon Stewart puts his comedic spin on the GOP's landslide victories in Tuesday's elections. Dick doodle gifs included. 


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Anti-gay Former Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt Wins Race for Colorado House Seat


Former Navy chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt will be taking his special brand of anti-gay nuttery to the Colorado State Capitol starting next year - having been elected to the state house in Tuesday's election. 

Klingenschmitt trounced his Democratic opponent, Louis Fornander, by nearly 40 percent in the race for district 15's seat. 

In response to Klingenschmitt's victory, Right Wing Watch has compiled a list of some of his more radical views. 

You can also check out the headlines for the past four Klingenschmitt-related stories we've posted here on Towleroad to highlight how scary nuts this guy is:

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Gay People 'Want You To Disobey God So You Go to Hell With Them"

Gordon Klingenschmitt Warns Same-Sex Marriage Allows Gays to 'Recruit Your Kids'

Gordon Klingenschmitt Warns Christians Are Being Forced to "Worship Sodomy"

Gordon Klingenschmitt Says Rep. Jared Polis Wants to Behead Christians, Nominates Him in Ice Bucket Challenge

And while it's possible voters were unaware of Klingenschmitt's more incendiary anti-gay rhetoric, the scarier alternative is that perhaps voters were aware of all this insanity and honestly believe he's the best candidate to represent the district's 'values' in Denver...

Three Lessons from the Midterm Election Results for LGBT Equality?


Capitol2Although likely disheartening for many Towleroad readers, the 2014 election results may offer both tests and even some opportunities on our long journey to equality. The media postmortem today is pretty standard: some are calling it a Republican "wave"; thoughtful pieces are reminding us that such a conclusion is a bit over the top. Some are fawning over how the Republicans did it, others are reminding us that it was a lot of money, a lot of fear, a dash of Ebola, a whole lot of nonsense, and a health dose of Obamizing local races. Chris Johnson has a fine piece up at the Washington Blade on what the election may mean for LGBT equality. 

There are hints of truth in lots of these analyses, but I think they miss the mark by focusing only on the results.

That sounds counter-intuitive. Results matter, and they matter a lot. But we can learn from how this campaign was conducted and we do a better job next time.

Here are three lessons from the 2014 midterm elections for LGBT equality.

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Governor Butch Otter Wins Re-Election In Idaho, Vows Not To Back Down From Gay Marriage Fight: VIDEO


Republican incumbent Butch Otter has been re-elected to Idaho's top office. Otter has been an outspoken opponent of marriage equality despite a ruling from the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals that struck down the state's ban on gay marriage, a ruling that was upheld when the Supreme Court decided not to take up an appeal of the case. Now, re-invigorated by his victory, Otter has reiterated that he will not be backing down from his anti-equality stance. From KTVB:

The newly re-elected governor vowed not to back down in the fight against gay marriage. Otter said he did not believe any Idahoans purposefully discriminate against gays.

"We don't have anything against the gay lesbian society," he said. "But what we do believe in is traditional marriage. We believe in that to the degree that in 2006 we passed by an overwhelming majority a Constitutional amendment, and we don't change our Constitution on a whim."

Otter also defeated openly gay candidate Steve Pankey of the Constitution Party who was only able to muster 1% of the vote. 

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