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GOP Establishment Seeking to Tweak Party's 2016 Anti-gay Marriage Platform with Sen. Rob Portman's Help


An interesting tidbit of news out of CNN today:

PortmanWhatever the Supreme Court decides, social conservatives active in the Republican Party are vowing to leave tough language opposing same-sex marriage in the GOP's 2016 platform.

But a group of establishment GOP leaders wants to drop the language, believing it hurts the party with young people and some other voters.

And CNN is told they hope Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio will take a lead role in reshaping the platform.

Watch CNN's John King discuss Portman's possible 2016 role, AFTER THE JUMP...

Portman, you'll likely recall, became the first sitting GOP senator to back same-sex marriage. That was back in March 2013. Since then Sens. Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, and Mark Kirk, as well as a handful of GOP House members, have joined the growing ranks. 

Wrote Portman in an op-ed for The Columbia Dispatch shortly after his announcement:

Portman2Two years ago, my son Will, then a college freshman, told my wife, Jane, and me that he is gay. He said he’d known for some time, and that his sexual orientation wasn’t something he chose; it was simply a part of who he is. Jane and I were proud of him for his honesty and courage. We were surprised to learn he is gay but knew he was still the same person he’d always been. The only difference was that now we had a more complete picture of the son we love.

At the time, my position on marriage for same-sex couples was rooted in my faith tradition that marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. Knowing that my son is gay prompted me to consider the issue from another perspective: that of a dad who wants all three of his kids to lead happy, meaningful lives with the people they love, a blessing Jane and I have shared for 26 years.

The Republican Party's current platform, last updated in 2012, has this to say on the issue of marriage:

The institution of marriage is the foundation of civil society. Its success as an institution will determine our success as a nation. It has been proven by both experience and endless social science studies that traditional marriage is best for children. Children raised in intact married families are more likely to attend college, are physically and emotionally healthier, are less likely to use drugs or alcohol, engage in crime, or get pregnant outside of marriage. The success of marriage directly impacts the economic well-being of individuals. Furthermore, the future of marriage affects freedom. The lack of family formation not only leads to more government costs, but also to more government control over the lives of its citizens in all aspects. We recognize and honor the courageous efforts of those who bear the many burdens of parenting alone, even as we believe that marriage, the union of one man and one woman must be upheld as the national standard, a goal to stand for, encourage, and promote through laws governing marriage. We embrace the principle that all Americans should be treated with respect and dignity.

Of the six declared GOP 2016 candidates for president, four (Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Marco Rubio) are completely opposed to marriage equality. Carly Fiorina has remained vague on the issue saying recently that the debate over same-sex marriage "is an important conversation that is going on in homes, churches, and communities across the country. I think that the worst thing the Supreme Court can do right now is shortcut this conversation."

Rand Paul, meanwhile, remains "offended" by same-sex marriage but says he's open to gay couples signing marriage "contracts" just as long as religion isn't involved. 

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Ben Carson Worried 'Other Groups' Will Want to Marry After Gays Get Equal Rights: VIDEO


Speaking with CNBC's John Harwood, retired neurosurgeon and 2016 presidential candidate Ben Carson was asked to elaborate on his opposition to marriage equality.

Said Carson:

“Recognize that if you change the definition of marriage for one group, what do you say to the next group? Do you say, ‘Well, we changed it for this group, but that’s it, we’re not changing it for anybody else.’ Does that seem fair?” 

When pressed on what "other groups" he was referring to, Carson remained vague but said bigamy was one "possibility." Seeing as Carson has previously compared gay people with pedophiles and people who have sex with animals, one can only imagine what perversions the soft-spoken nutbag had swirling around in his head. 

It's just too bad the media is always playing "gotcha politics" with him when he shares his prison sex and bestiality related fantasies. 

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UK Prime Minister David Cameron Speaks Out Following Conservative Party Election Victory: VIDEO


Speaking outside 10 Downing Street the day after his election night victory, UK Prime Minister David Cameron reflected on his previous coalition government and looked ahead to his Conservative Party's majority government.

Said Cameron:

"I truly believe we are on the brink of something special in our country. We can make Britain a place where a good life is in reach for everyone who is willing to work and do the right thing. Our manifesto is a manifesto for working people. And as a majority government, we will be able to deliver all of it. 

Watch a portion of Cameron's speech, AFTER THE JUMP...

The Scottish National Party (SNP) took 56 of Scotland's 59 seats in the Westminster parliament. For more on the UK general election, check out POLITICO's "10 Early Take-Aways from the UK Elections".

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Conan O'Brien Casts the 2016 Presidential Race Movie: VIDEO


Conan O'Brien spilled the beans last night on the cast of the upcoming TBS made-for-tv film based on the 2016 presidential pack.

Check out the spot-on, hilarious picks AFTER THE JUMP...


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Jon Stewart Considers Mike Huckabee's Presidential Chances: VIDEO


Last night on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart looked at the ever-expanding field of Republican contenders for President. As Stewart pointed out, this is the part of the election process that is most similar to Big Brother: we weed out the crazies who have no shot of winning. Enter: Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson and everyone's favorite theocratic demagogue, Mike Huckabee. Stewart was sure to point out that Huckabee's announcement yesterday that he would seek residency at 1600 Pennsylvania of course included him opining the erosion of "natural marriage" and the worshipping of "the false god of judicial supremacy." Stewart commented, "Ah yes the false god of Judicial Supremacy, or as your founding father dinner-mates once called it, the constitutional rule of law."

Watch as Stewart digs into (and eviscerates) the pack of GOP hopefuls, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Mike Huckabee Announces Run for President: VIDEO


The former Arkansas Governor today announced his second Presidential bid while speaking from his hometown of Hope, Arkansas. The town is also home to former President Bill Clinton. A point of origin is about all these two men share, however, as many, including Huckabee, were quick to point out. Huckabee made an unsuccessful bid for the White House in 2008, using his strong following among Evangelical Christians to catapult him to success in the Iowa Caucus and finish a strong second in the South Carolina primary. He would go on to lose the Republican Party's nomination to Senator John McCain who was of course defeated by Barack Obama and his message of "hope." Indeed, "hope" was center stage during today's announcement in more ways than one. After frequently name-dropping his home-town and his connection to it, he went on to talk about President Obama and what he termed as the president's failure to deliver on his message of hope and change:

"You know it was 8 years ago that a young, untested and virtually unknown freshman senator made great speeches about hope and change. But eight years later our debts more than, and the country is more polarized than ever in my lifetime...we were promised hope. But it was just talk."

The Clintons also figured squarely in Huckabee's speech. He noted that he came to power in Arkansas at a time when the state was dominated by the "Clinton machine" and it was that experience which taught him to be a leader:

"I governed in a state that was the most lopsided and partisan in the country," he told supporters. "No Republican governor had more Democrats and fewer Republicans. I challenged the deeply entrenched political machine that ran this state. It was tough sledding, but I learned how to govern and how to lead."

As the AP notes, "Huckabee sees himself as an economic populist and foreign affairs hawk who still holds deeply conservative views on social issues such as abortion and gay marriage." That image seems to match public perception.

Just last week, speaking of the Supreme Court's consideration of whether to overturn all same-sex marriage bans as unconstitutional, Huckabee commented,

"I respect the courts, but the Supreme Court is only that - the supreme of the courts. It is not the supreme being. It cannot overrule God. And when it comes to prayer, when it comes to life, and when it comes to the sanctity of marriage, the court cannot change what God has created."

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