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Hasselbeck Gets Behind Romney, Warns America May Soon be Celebrating 'Dependence Day': VIDEO


The ladies of The View discuss the Romney '47 percent' video.

Says Hasselbeck: "I also think there's a general feeling that with more and more people becoming dependent on government that by next July we could perhaps be celebrating "Dependence Day" and not "Independence Day" in this nation."


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Elisabeth Hasselbeck Defends Anti-Gay NOM Spokesman and Former NY Giant David Tyree: VIDEO


Today on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck came to the defense of former NY Giant and NOM spokesbigot David Tyree who has been in Albany working against passage of marriage equality there. Tyree has said gays shouldn't be allowed to raise children.

Said Hasselbeck: "I know David Tyree. I know his heart. He said he has not hate. He loves everyone. He believes everyone is created by God and should be loved as such. He doesn't have bigotry. He truly is just a man who is not a part-time guy following God."

And then Hasselbeck brings up Obama's position opposing same-sex marriage to defend Tyree's views.


Said Tyree in a video put out by NOM earlier this week:

“Marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors a relationship with God — it’s very unique in that way...If they pass this gay marriage bill...what I know will happen if this does comes forth is this will be the beginning of our country sliding toward...anarchy...That will be the moment our society loses its grip with what is right...I don't believe that truth is subjective...If you redefine [ changes the perception of what is good, what is right, and what is just..."

Tyree Says He'd Trade Super Bowl Win to Stop Gays from Marrying [tr]
CNN's Kyra Phillips Hammers NOM Spokesman David Tyree Over Anti-Gay Statements [tr]
Former NY Giant Tyree Comes Out as NOM's Latest Spokesbigot [tr]

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Watch: Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Bill O'Reilly Attack Tucson Sheriff


O'Reilly and Hasselbeck have a conservative commiseration party over the fact that Republicans are being accused (in particular, by Tucson Sheriff Dupnik) of stirring up violence tied to their rhetoric.

Said Dupnik on Monday: "The kind of rhetoric that flows from people like Rush Limbaugh, in my judgment he is irresponsible, uses partial information, sometimes wrong information. [Limbaugh] attacks people, angers them against government, angers them against elected officials and that kind of behavior in my opinion is not without consequences."

However, 10 months ago, Hasselbeck was clucking a different tune, calling Palin's 'crosshairs' map "despicable".

Watch both clips, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Elisabeth Hasselbeck: 'I Actually Support Gay Marriage'

The View's Elisabeth Hasselbeck tries to clear up some misconceptions about her in an interview with Fancast:

Hasselbeck "I am not ultra-ultra-conservative on every issue. I actually support gay marriage. I think the gay marriage thing would definitely surprise people. I mean, for some people, it will surprise them to the point that they won’t want to hear it. 'No, that can’t be, I really want to have this sort of idea of her in my head,' so I sort of rain on their parade there. I am a person that does believe that life begins at conception, but I also don’t believe that the government should tell women what to do with their bodies. So I’m torn there in terms of supporting laws [for or against abortion]. I always say I would rather change a heart than a law. I think it has to start there. Always trying to mandate, mandate, mandate this or that is not the way that I believe this country should run."

In December 2008, Hasselbeck irked Melissa Etheridge on The View with regard to Prop 8, arguing that the majority should be allowed to vote on the rights of the minority. Hasselbeck also seemed to struggle with the concept of marriage equality in a discussion with Portia de Rossi a year later, asking "Take men and women. Women want all the rights of men, but they're not asking to be called men. Do you the word [marriage] more important than the rights?"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Women Come Out as Lesbians Later in Life Because All of the Men are Taken


Elisabeth Hasselbeck's explanation for why many women come out of the closet later in life:

"Older men are going for younger women leaving the women with no one."

Scoffs Joy Behar: "That's ridiculous. I'm sorry. Being gay is not just, you know, holding hands and walking through the tulips. There are things that people do sexually. I don't think you suddenly wake up one day and say, you know, 'I think I want to do that.' You wanted to do it, but you were just trapped in a system that said, 'get married.'"


(clip via the advocate)

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Watch: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Goes After Kathy Griffin on 'The View'


Kathy Griffin appeared on The View today and Elisabeth Hasselbeck waited through a discussion of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and other topics to lay into Griffin's act.

Snaps Hasselbeck: "You've said things about people here that are (a) untrue and (b) not so funny, so do you ever feel weird coming here and sitting here promoting things.

Behar: "This party's getting ugly..."

Answers Griffin: "Actually, this moment is what I live for. So bring it."


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