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Elliot Tiber Publishes 'Prequel' to 'Taking Woodstock'

Elliot Tiber, the Greenwich Village interior designer who helped facilitate the legendary Woodstock rock festival in 1969 and whose story was told in the film Taking Woodstock, has published a 'prequel' to the memoirs that formed the basis to that film.

Tiber69 Tiber talks to Publishers Weekly about Palm Trees on the Hudson:

"Maybe I’m too cranky now at 75, but it seems that many younger members of today’s gay/lesbian community take their current freedoms for granted. I always knew I was gay, but there was really no “choice” at all for many of us in the 1950s and ’60s. We often had to remain closeted just to remain safe. Coming out in the summer of 1969 was the most dangerous yet liberating thing that ever happened to me. That summer lit a fire in my head, and the flame has never gone out. But that epiphany does not happen for me in this new 'prequel' book. Instead, I take time to show all readers—gay, straight, whatever—just how painful and often unbearably lonely it was for American gay men in those years. I also write about my frustrating experiences with psychotherapy during those years. Back then, it was either 'Story Time with Dr. Freud' or the ingestion of any number of pills designed to make you feel better for being who you were. If so many people hadn’t been hurt back then by the misguided theories and practices of shrinks, it would actually be funny. I put a lot of humor into those memories throughout the book—it has always been easier for me to deal with life by turning tragedy into laughter. As for the New York Times recognizing me as a 'gay rights icon,' I figure it’s about time! [laughs]"

More of the interview HERE.

Emile Hirsch Ate Pig Crap for Ang Lee


Emile Hirsch talks to Parade about his experience playing a Vietnam vet in Taking Woodstock and the scene in which he and other festival-goers take a wild ride on a mud slick:

"I haven't really had my hair cut since I did Milk. It was fine for Woodstock, but I still can't get a trim because my girlfriend likes it long. I cry myself to sleep every night dreaming of buzz cuts. No, I'm kidding, I like long hair. I'm trying to bring long hair back. When I was actually doing the sliding scenes it was a lot of fun. It was kind of an animalistic pleasure, like a dog rolling around in the dirt. But it wasn't real mud -- it was movie mud. And I was like, 'What is this stuff made of?' because some of it ended up in my mouth. And they said, 'It comes from pig crap. We clean it up and put some vegetable oil in it.'"

News: Jon Huntsman, Ethiopia, Katy Perry, Hubble, Ethan Zohn

 roadWashington Governor Christine Gregoire would like to see a marriage equality bill on her desk. SIGNS "everything but marriage" law.

Mayer  roadJohn Mayer in lipstick assault.

 roadThe Pool: Inside a White House photo-op

 roadAFP on the secret life of gays in Ethiopia: "Under its penal code, the very act itself can bring three years behind bars. And if the offender 'makes a profession of such activities' the penalty rises to up to five years. The law also seeks a maximum sentence of up to ten years if any kind of coercion is involved. Yet, there are calls for more stringent rules against the homosexual community whose exact size is impossible to determine due to fears of repression."

 roadColorado conservatives see "chipping away of legal barriers" to civil unions.

 roadHollywood Reporter: Taking Woodstock a "solid but minor" Ang Lee film.

 roadPolitical masterstroke? Obama nominates Utah Governor Jon Huntsman as ambassador to China.

 roadKaty Perry's Adam Lambert cape censored on iTunes.

 roadObama names lesbian Jenny Durkan for U.S. attorney: "Obama himself said that all six of his nominees for U.S. Attorney 'have distinguished themselves as fair, tenacious and respected attorneys throughout their careers in both public and private service.'  And Gov. Gregoire had this to say: 'I am so pleased the Obama administration also recognizes Jenny's leadership and experience, and nominated her for this important position.  I hope the Senate will act quickly on the nomination to confirm her.'"

Hubble  roadA commentary on the NASA TV live feed of the Hubble repair: "One of the striking things, watching the astronauts work, is how slowly everything goes. They move slowly, slowly, slowly, like fish in glycerin. They can barely bend their hands to grasp tools because of all the pressure keeping them alive inside their suits."

 roadFormer Survivor winner Ethan Zohn battling cancer: "On April 30, Zohn was diagnosed with stage two Hodgkin's disease. The diagnosis came after months of unexplained itching and night sweats, originally thought to be a skin condition."

 roadMadonna denies that she's planning to hold Kabbalah ccommitment ceremony with Brazilian boytoy Jesus Luz.

Pine  roadChris Pine demonstrates the wonders of gold-digging for the paparazzi.

 roadFirst record to be released on Justin Timberlake's record label TenMan gets some vocal help from Timberlake himself.

 roadMale model fix: Todd Sanfield.

 roadConyers on Obama: "Why is he becoming so conservative now that he's got the job?"

 roadNew strategy against AIDS involves insertion of a gene that produces protective antibodies: "The new method worked in mice and now has proved successful in monkeys, too, they reported Sunday in the online edition of the journal Nature Medicine...That doesn't mean an AIDS vaccine for people is in the wings, Johnson said. Years of work may lie ahead before a product is ready for human use."

 roadIowa attorney: risks paid off in marriage case. "Was the case winnable? Would it pose a security risk to the firm? Would other clients disapprove and take their business elsewhere?The firm's senior lawyers discussed the concerns, Johnson said, but quickly gave him the go-ahead. Over the next several years, Johnson estimates his firm poured roughly $500,000 into research, travel, and other expenses for the case."

Ang Lee, on Taking Woodstock and Brokeback Mountain


The Hollywood Reporter talks with Ang Lee about his forthcoming film Taking Woodstock, which takes its plot from the memoir of Elliot Tiber, the gay man who helped facilitate the legendary music festival.

THR: Since part of Elliot Tiber's story is about his coming out as a gay man, do you think the film will be viewed as a companion piece to "Brokeback Mountain"?

Lee: I think it's a very different story. In "Brokeback," being gay is the main issue. In Woodstock everybody's there, everything is tolerated for three days of peace and music. Our lead character could be anybody. It just happened to be Ellliot Tiber, who just happened to be himself. He's a closeted gay at the beginning, but he comes to terms with it. We didn't make big deal out of it.

Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock Gets a Psychedelic One-Sheet


An acid trip of a poster for Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock, the summer film about Elliot Tiber, the gay man who facilitated the legendary music fest in upstate New York, has dropped.

I've reposted the trailer, AFTER THE JUMP...

New Trailer for Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock [tr]
Emile Hirsch on His Piggy Woodstock Experience [tr]
First Look: Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock [tr]
Demetri Martin to Star in Ang Lee Film About Gay Woodstock Figure [tr]

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New Trailer for Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock


A trailer has arrived for Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock, the adaptation of the memoir Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life by Elliot Tiber, with Tom Monte.

Ang3 Taking Woodstock tells the story of Tiber, the gay man who helped facilitate Woodstock, providing the permit that made the Festival possible, as well as the eventual location on his milkman Max Yasgur's farm.

The film stars Demetri Martin as Tiber, Imelda Staunton and Henry Goodman  play Tiber's parents, Jonathan Groff plays Woodstock organizer Michael Lang; Emile Hirsch plays a recently returned Vietnam vet, Eugene Levy plays Yasgur, and Liev Schreiber plays a transvestite named Vilma. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays a closeted married man having an affair with Tiber, and Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan play a hippie couple attending the concert.

Emile Hirsch talked about the mudslide scene (below) last year, to EW: "The mud's pretty cold. It's later in the year than it was during Woodstock. We were all shivering, and we had these silver-foil space blankets that miraculously keep you really warm...I did a Superman slide down a hill, and started turning on my back. I was covered in mud. I think there was pig crap mixed in, because we all smelled like crap."

Check out the trailer AFTER THE JUMP, which Demitri Martin introduces in his trademark drawing style...

Emile Hirsch on His Piggy Woodstock Experience [tr]
First Look: Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock [tr]
Demetri Martin to Star in Ang Lee Film About Gay Woodstock Figure [tr]


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