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News: Michael Phelps, Kiss Arrest, Richard Serra, Australia, Oral Sex

road.jpg Houston judge and AIDS activist John Paul Barnich, the first openly gay man to become a city court judge in Texas, dies at 63. Gay historian and NYC activist Donn Teal dies at 76.

Pygmychameleonsroad.jpg Google Earth helps scientists find wealth of new species in Mozambique, including pygmy chameleon.

road.jpg Meet the sheriff who's out to get Michael Phelps!

road.jpg Phelps makes first appearance.

road.jpg Two women say they were arrested for kissing at a San Antonio mall: "Garcia said the officers — a Bexar County sheriff's deputy and an employee from a private security company — began harassing them Dec. 26 because her girlfriend gave her a kiss on the cheek while sitting inside the mall on a bench. Mall officials said the women, both 22, were acting inappropriately and were told to leave because they were not complying with the shopping center's code of conduct."

road.jpg Tom Cruise shows off his bod in Brazil.

road.jpg Gay Bishop Gene Robinson leads Maryland Senate prayer "[in which he asked God to bless the legislators with] anger at discrimination in all its forms."

road.jpg Someone left Richard Serra out in the rain...

Cocodormroad.jpg Federal judge: Gay porn website Cocodorm has right to run business out of Miami home: "Cocodorm.com features black and Hispanic men, known as 'dorm dudes,' who share a webcam-filled house together and have sex on schedule. For that they are paid at least $1,200 a month, plus free room and board. Miami has tried to shut the house down, arguing it constitutes an adult business illegally operating in a residential area. The city's Code Enforcement Board in 2007 agreed, but Cocodorm responded to the code enforcement proceedings by suing in federal court."

road.jpg Google now wants to know where you are all the time.

road.jpg Does oral sex help protect against HIV? "The study, published in the (expensive, subscription only) AIDS journal and helpfully summarised by Aidsmap suggests that men who give lots of blow jobs to their HIV-positive partners develop antibodies specific to that partner’s virus, protecting themselves against infection. The more virus their partner has kicking around in their semen, the higher the concentration of specific antibodies, and the protection seems to last for quite a while too."

Pennroad.jpg L.A. Times: Penn's Milk an act of kindness.

road.jpg Jason Mraz meditates on spirituality.

road.jpg Jesus: Is Madonna pulling a power trip on A-Rod?

road.jpg Iceland's Sigurdardottir wants nation to join EU: "Sigurdardottir touted EU membership at a joint news conference Tuesday with Finance Minister Steingrimur Sigfusson, whose Left-Green Movement teamed up with the prime minister's Social Democratic Alliance to form the new two-party minority government. The Alliance party was until recently the only movement in Iceland's five-party parliament to push EU membership as a viable way to rescue Iceland's suffering economy."

road.jpg In the green room: How Ang Lee discovered gay Woodstock figure Elliott Tiber's memoir about the music festival that is the subject of his forthcoming film.

road.jpg Gay extortion suspect sought in Sydney: "Investigators are looking into the matter, which began when a 39-year-old man met another man at a hotel in Bourke Street, Darlinghurst on November 30 last year. The pair went back to the victim's Potts Point home where the items were stolen. 'Since then, the man has been subjected to ongoing threats of violence and forced to handover his bank account PIN numbers,' police said today." Police warn of AIDS cure scammer too!

Emile Hirsch on His Piggy Woodstock Experience


In the recent "photo issue" of Entertainment Weekly there are a few photos of Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock, which is shooting in upstate New York and is based on the memoirs of Elliot Tiber, the gay figure who helped facilitate the famous music festival.

In the film, Emile Hirsch plays a Vietnam vet ("Woodstock becomes a way for him to find the joy he has left in his life.").

Hirsch tells the magazine: "The mud's pretty cold. It's later in the year than it was during Woodstock. We were all shivering, and we had these silver-foil space blankets that miraculously keep you really warm...I did a Superman slide down a hill, and started turning on my back. I was covered in mud. I think there was pig crap mixed in, because we all smelled like crap."

A shirtless Hirsch before he dirtied himself up, AFTER THE JUMP...

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First Look: Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock


Entertainment Weekly published the first photo of director and cast on the set of Taking Woodstock, the film based on a memoir by Elliot Tiber, the gay Greenwich Village interior decorator who facilitated the legendary music festival.

Ang Lee starts his productions off with a "Big Luck ceremony" which is what's happening here, EW writes: "Also pictured are screenwriter/producer James Schamus (in white hat), and actors Demetri Martin (in striped shirt), Emile Hirsch (V-neck T-shirt), and Jonathan Groff (with bag slung over his shoulder and across his chest). The movie also stars Imelda Staunton, Henry Goodman, Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Mamie Gummer, Dan Fogler, Richard Thomas, Skylar Astin, Paul Dano, Zoe Kazan, and Eugene Levy."

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Stellar Cast Lined Up for Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock [tr]
Ang Lee to Make Film About Gay Woodstock Figure Elliot Tiber [tr]

Stellar Cast Lined Up for Ang Lee's Taking Woodstock

Since I posted in May about the casting of Demetri Martin as Elliot Tiber, the gay interior decorator, hotel manager, and Bethel, NY Chamber of Commerce head who played a central role in facilitating the legendary rock festival in upstate New York, the cast has evolved quite a bit.

Demetrimartin_2Variety reported this week on these developments: [Imelda] Staunton and Henry Goodman will play Tiber's parents, and Jonathan Groff (currently starring in the Shakespeare in the Park production of 'Hair' in Gotham) will play Woodstock organizer Michael Lang; [Emile] Hirsch will play a recently returned Vietnam vet, Eugene Levy will play Yasgur, and [Liev] Schreiber is in talks to play a transvestite named Vilma. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is set as a closeted married man having an affair with Tiber, while Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan play a hippie couple attending the concert. Dan Fogler will play a local theater troupe head, and Mamie Gummer will play Lang's assistant."

It's a New York theater junkie's acid trip!

Ang Lee to Make Film About Gay Woodstock Figure Elliot Tiber [tr]

News: Ryan Seacrest, Howl, Ang Lee, Jay Brannan, The Cock

road.jpg UK teen fights for his life after anti-gay attack: "Michael Causer, 19, was battered on Friday morning in Tarbock Road, Huyton, as he walked home after a night out. Today police described the attack as a hate crime. Locals said Mr Causer was never involved in trouble or fighting. One friend told the ECHO: 'Michael is just a tiny lad really. He’s not very big at all. He wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s a little sweetheart. I can’t believe this has happened to him. Everybody’s thoughts are with his family. I can’t believe Michael has been attacked because of his sexuality. It’s disgusting.' Friends said Mr Causer lived with his parents in Whiston and has two sisters and an older brother. Residents said he was delighted after getting a job at a hairdressing salon."

Seacrestroad.jpg Ryan Seacrest attacked by a shark!

road.jpg Ang Lee holds open casting call for Elliott Tiber film in Brattleboro, Vermont.

road.jpg Those of you attending Stockholm EuroPride in Sweden may want to check out this concert on August 1 conducted by New York's Jonathan Sheffer with several guest opera singers. We hear John Cameron Mitchell is also in town for a performance of Hedwig Wednesday night.

road.jpg U.S. Olympic team's Ralph Lauren outfits on display.

road.jpg Harsh lighting does not suit Daniel Craig.

road.jpg WordPerfect creator Bruce Bastian writes $1 million check to fight Proposition 8 at San Francisco HRC dinner: "Supporters of the effort to ban same-sex marriage already have taken in more than $1.2 million from out-of-state contributors for the fall campaign. And even before Bastian, a co-founder of the WordPerfect software company, opened his checkbook, gay and lesbian rights groups and their supporters from around the country had put more than $1.3 million into the fight against the ballot initiative."

Brannaroad.jpg A Mexican man's journey to see Jay Brannan.

road.jpg Colorado bans WTF license plate: "Other combinations banned by the state include KKK, ASS, HEL, FAG, COP, FBI, GAY, JEW, JAP, WOP and CAT."

road.jpg Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan love The Cock.

road.jpg Obama supporter's car keyed: "The words 'white power' and 'I'm gay' were etched into the car of Karen Wastradowski last Saturday. Wastradowski had left her car in the driveway of her home when the vandals struck. She filed a report with Vancouver police. Wastradowski said a blue "Elect Obama" sign in her yard could have caused the crime."

road.jpg Howl: James Franco to play beat poet Allen Ginsburg. “I’ve certainly read ‘Howl.’ I was very into the beatniks when I was in high school, and I still am. So I certainly have read Howl many times.”

Shiaroad.jpg Shia LaBeouf's pre-DUI arrest confession: "It’s not something that is conducive to being a role model. … And I don’t know how to do it like a gentleman. I don’t know how to have one drink."

road.jpg AfterElton calls out science fiction author Orson Scott Card (Ender's Game) for a homophobic essay in the Mormon Times: "In this essay alone, he calls us liars, says that we have 'sex-role dysfunctions,' and that we’re 'tragic genetic mix-ups' (even as he indicates elsewhere in the essay that humans have an absolutely unalterable 'long mammalian tradition of heterosexuality'). Previously, in a long history of anti-gay screeds, Card has said he supports anti-sodomy laws that would criminalize same-sex behavior (though he grants that we shouldn't all be thrown in prison and labeled sex offenders — just enough of us to set an example so that we all go into hiding, living lonely, miserable, fearful lives)."

road.jpg Show us the proof.

road.jpg Mario Lopez named host of Extra.

road.jpg Canadian court claims Nigerian asylum seeker "cooked up" story that he's gay to obtain refugee status: "According to court documents, the man mixed up the names of gay bars he claimed to frequent in Winnipeg, called no witnesses to support his claim, and although he joined the gay lobby group EGALE, he could not describe that organization's function and was therefore accused by the board of only joining up to bolster his claim."

Extras Needed for Ang Lee film about Gay Woodstock Figure


If you're anywhere in the Albany, NY area this weekend and you're interested in being in Ang Lee's film about gay Woodstock figure Elliot Tiber (more on the film here and here), there's an open casting call:

"An ad in today's paper says the production partners, Focus Films and Tuxedo Terrace, are seeking 'all types (college kids, hippies, townspeople, police, etc)" for various filming dates beginning in mid-August and running through mid-October in Columbia County. The casting calls take place from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturday in Hudson at the Smith Middle School, 215 Harry Howard Ave.; 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sunday in Albany at the College of Saint Rose Event & Athletic Center, 420 Western Ave.; and 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday in New Lebanon at the Church of the Immaculate Conception at 732 Route 20. Applicants should bring a non-returnable photo and must be a legal U.S. resident. The production is also looking for vintage vehicles from the era; if you have one, bring a non-returnable photo and a description of its make, model and condition."

Demetri Martin to Star in Ang Lee Film About Gay Woodstock Figure [tr]
Ang Lee to Make Film About Gay Woodstock Figure Elliot Tiber [tr]


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