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Stephen Colbert Enlists Eric McCormack in Response to Joe Biden's Gay Sitcom-Loving Remarks: VIDEO


Stephen Colbert has written a new sitcom in response to Vice President Joe Biden's nod to gay-accepting television ('Will & Grace') in his remarks on Meet the Press over the weekend.

Says Colbert: "These gay sitcom characters are a menace to society. They seduce us into thining that gays are just like us. Normal people with real relationships based on love and mutual respect. Disgusting...Real men know that men don't love each other. They are bros who engage in horseplay...So to rebalance the natural order of television, I've written a new sitcom about two straight guys named Will and Gracin, who are always on the prowl for the ladies. One has a cat and one has a dog. Which is why the show is called "Pussy Hound".


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Sean Hayes, Eric McCormack, Debra Messing React to VP Joe Biden's 'Will & Grace' Shout-out


Yesterday in his remarks in support of marriage equality, VP Joe Biden offered a shout-out to late 90's sitcom Will & Grace:

And by the way, my measure, David -- and I take a look at when things really began to change, is when the social culture changes. I think Will and Grace probably did more to educate the American public than almost anything anybody's ever done so far.

The show's stars had their own reactions:

Said actor Sean Hayes

"On behalf of everyone who worked on 'Will and Grace', we thank Vice President Biden for his comments regarding our show as well as his support for equality for gay Americans and everyone in the LGBT community."

Tweeted Debra Messing: "@chrisdonovannbc @ericmccormack I could not be more proud. Thank you Mr. Vice President for yer support  and yer words about W&G. #humbled"

And Eric McCormack: "Three cheers for VP Joe Biden!  Fantastic interview.  Now who ELSE is gonna step up?"

News: Crater, Chelsea Clinton, Wikileaks, Sonoma County, Alcide

Road Wikileaks releases damning set of documents on Afghanistan, revealing Pakistani aid to insurgency.

Quinto RoadZachary Quinto rehearses for the revival of Angels in America in NYC.

RoadKings of Leon driven from concert by pigeon poop.

RoadPope Benedict has written a children's book called The Friends of Jesus.

RoadPresident Obama to appear on The View on Wednesday: "The president will take the hot seat among the show's five female hosts, who represent a range of backgrounds and political views, at a time when his administration grapples with challenges from the economy to the BP oil spill."

RoadUVA study: Positive development of adoptive children not related to sexual orientation of parents. "We found that children adopted by lesbian and gay couples are thriving."

RoadChelsea Clinton wedding price tag could top $2 million: "Smart money has the ClintVinskys tying the knot on the grounds of Astor Courts, a private, Versailles-inspired Beaux-Arts mansion on 50 acres overlooking the Hudson in Rhinebeck. The rehearsal dinner is said to be at a stone barn at nearby Grasmere, a 525-acre Revolutionary-era estate. Only those personally close to the bride or groom made it onto a tightly-held list that reportedly contains 400 to 500 names, more about which later."

RoadWhat in the world has Eric McCormack been up to?

CraterRoadBest-preserved meteor crater in the world found via Google Earth.

RoadMatt Rettenmund visits Andy Warhol: The Last Decade at the Brooklyn Museum.

RoadClean-up crews finding less surface oil in Gulf.

Road  "Reading on the toilet" is James Franco's favorite guy ritual.

RoadSonoma County settles out of court with Clay Green: "Their nightmare began only two years ago, and no one can undue the psychological damage done to Clay Green and Harold Scull or return to the surviving spouse the home and virtually all the property and personal possessions the two men had shared for 20 years, but their injuries have finally been acknowledged. Last Friday, just two days before his suit would have been opened in court, California's Sonoma County, agreed to a settle Greene's complaint out of court, for the amount of $653,000. Greene will retain $275,000, his lawyers will take $300,000*, and Scull's estate will be given the remainder. It was announced in the San Francisco Chronicle that the nursing home will pay $53,000, but it was not made clear where it will end up."

RoadFirst look: Chris Evans as Captain America.

Jewitt  RoadMale model fix: Jamie Jewitt.

RoadDirect action and political protest hashed out at Netroots Nation.

RoadAlcide at Comic-Con.

RoadThe Kids Are All Right is this summer's sleeper hit: "When the film opened three weeks ago on seven screens, per-theater ticket sales averaged $72,127, the highest for any movie this year. This weekend, after growing from 35 to 201 venues, 'The Kids' continued its winning streak, generating more than $2.6 million (with another robust per-theater average of $13,173, the best of any film in release), bringing its cumulative box-office to just under $5 million."

RoadDiane von Furstenburg has designed a "Team Pelosi" tote bag.

RoadMichelle Rodriguez, on why the strong female characters she plays always get killed: Because I don't take my clothes off, and I'm nobody's girlfriend. The writers are new to the whole tough girl thing, and they don't know what to do with [me]. We've got the dude who's strong, so what do we do with the chick who's strong? We kill her."

Eric McCormack Dogged by Will Truman

MccormackEric McCormack tells The Observer he can't get an acting job because he's been typecast as gay:

"I have this big pink cross to bear. I absolutely loved playing Will. There was nothing hard about it. It was wonderful. But the only downside is the aftermath. I meet all these film executives who tell me how much they loved Will and Grace and say they never missed an episode. Then they say, "so what can we do for you?" What they could do for me is hire me to play someone else."

A big pink cross to bear and millions of dollars in residuals.


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