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Some Beards Found to Be as Filthy as Toilets in Swab Test: VIDEO


Know any guys with smelly beards? Guys who can't keep their hands off their own beards? Never seem to wash them? Appear to have things living in them?

Albuquerque's Action 7 news warns that many beards contain poop, after doing a swab test on several hirsute subjects:

“I'm usually not surprised and I was surprised by this...Those are the types of things you'd find in (fecal matter),” Quest Diagnostics microbiologist John Golobic said, referring to the tests. Even though some of the bacteria won’t lead to illness, Golobic said it’s still a little concerning. “There would be a degree of uncleanliness that would be somewhat disturbing,” Golobic said.



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Derek Theler Misses His Handlebar Pornstache: PHOTO


The Baby Daddy actor, who has a penchant for sharing shirtless (and sometimes sweaty) selfies, took to Instagram this past Thursday to wax nostalgic about his old handlebar pornstache in honor of #TBT. Theler captioned the photo, "#tbt to this summer in Africa. One of my strongest looks if you ask me." We couldn't agree more. 

In case your thirst for all things Theler still isn't quenched, take a trip down memory lane of some of his more memorable Instagram moments, including his centaur look and his shirtless dune buggy adventure.  

WATCH: Dog Tries To Suck Up To His Hunky Human After Destroying His Bed


After this canine destroyed his new dog bed, one of his humans decided to have a talk with him about the dog's "poor choice." "I'm not mad I'm just very disappointed," wrote C.J. Huffman who posted his conversation with his dog to YouTube. The video has received nearly 800,000 views as of this posting. The popularity of the video seems to have prompted Huffman's update on the video: "So since my neckbeard is getting about 50% of the attention I think it's safe to say that if I'd known thousands of people were watching I probably may have cleaned it up a bit... Also not slouched so much..." 

Watch as Huffman's dog tries to placate his human, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Schick Razor Ad Campaign Compares Thick Beards To Rodents On Your Face: PHOTOS

Schick Beard Mammal campaign

On the one hand, the latest ad campaign for Schick razors is pretty brilliant. They collected men with prodigious, enviable beards and had stylists and/or Photoshop artists trim, weave, and shape the whiskers into remarkably lifelike small mammals curled around the models' chins. On the other hand, they're comparing having a full pelt of face-fur to having a rodent dangling from your nose and have accompanied the ads with the tag #FreeYourSkin.

Maybe my interpretation is off, but it seems like associating a beard with an adorable fluffy animal would actually encourage men to grow them out rather than shave them off. Whatever the intent, the beards are epic and the models aren't half bad either.

Check out the other ads, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Bear Cub Tank Top: PHOTO


Harley Neville has a special grooming regimen.

(via imgur)

Some folks think it looks like an owl, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Are You a Beardist? - VIDEO


Do you discriminate against people with beards? Or are you a beardo?

The 'Day Drunk Gays' explore social agita over the facial hair phenomenon in their return episode, AFTER THE JUMP...

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