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Nasty Pig Battles a 'Personal Demon' on Fire Island: VIDEO


NY-based apparel company Nasty Pig went to Fire Island Pines for their Fall/Winter video lookbook 'Personal Demon' and gets sandy and wet in the process. Also featured is some of Fire Island's most recognizable architecture.

You may recall their last lookbook, shot in downtown New York. They have stuck with the same director, @lilinternet, who was also behind Diplo's "Express Yourself" video.


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A Stunning Gaze from the Streets of Vancouver: PHOTOS


Today, The Underwear Expert shares with Towleroad new photos of Pierre Olivier Charbonneau, a model found on the streets of Vancouver by photographer Jared Bautista.

Writes TUX:

Wearing classic and timeless pieces from favorite Calvin Klein Underwear collections, Pierre Olivier Charbonneau delivers a gaze reminiscent of a cowboy caught by daguerreotype, and one killer tattoo. Signed to Dulcedo Model Management, Pierre definitely has our attention, as would anyone looking this good in Calvin Klein Underwear.

Check out more shots, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Funkybod Undershirt Offers Instant Pecs, No Hard Work Required

For the man who can't be bothered to use his gym membership but still wants a Gaston-like level of pectoral girth, London-based Funkybod has the undershirt for you. The £50 garment "gives the effect of an improved posture with a natural looking balance all-round" thanks to padded implants for the pecs and arms that they swear feel just like the real thing. Alternatively, one could lift some weights and actually develop the real thing and avoid pool party awkwardness altogether, but it's still a better option than silicone implants or synthol injections.

A Brief Encounter with Steven Dehler: PHOTOS


Today, The Underwear Expert is sharing one of its favorite model/photographer pairings with Towleroad.

Paul Boulon shoots six-foot model Steven Dehler in a variety of Marco Marco underwear including briefs and square cut trunks with Venice Beach, California as a background. Dehler, who is out and proud, has modeled for Timoteo, Andrew Christian and Freedom Reigns but he tells The Underwear Expert he'd rather be commando: "..honestly, I’m not wearing underwear unless I am dancing in it or modeling in it."

Writes Boulon of the shoot: "I'm not drawn to him, I just live with him so that's why I shoot him a lot. And he's beautiful. He shoots easily and knows his body so it makes well for a perfect shoot."

One more shot, AFTER THE JUMP...


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Jimmy Kimmel Tricks NY Fashion Week Groupies into Raving About Non-Existent Designers: VIDEO


On Jimmy Kimmel's latest edition of 'Lie Witness News', he interviews naive New York Fashion Week groupies about designers that don't exist — Joe Isuzu, Ricardo Montalban, Eddie Munster, Meadowlark Lemon, George Costanza — and current trends like poop and watermelons on the models' heads.

All interviewed are quite confident they know what they're talking about: "It's fashion. Look it up!"


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New Internet Fashion Trend: Gym Shorts Dresses for Men


The Daily Dot explains the internet's latest fashion trend:

While most of America spent Sunday watching football, Breaking Bad, or The Newsroom, more than two dozen Reddit users were busy transforming oversized gym shorts into form-fitting dresses.

The latest fashion trend took off late Sunday night after one redditor posted the following how-to Imgur album on Reddit's r/funny forum.

The one short option (above), or the two short option (below). More here.



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