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Fences feat. Macklemore & Lewis - 'Arrows': VIDEO


The Seattle-based tattooed lumberjacks of indie group Fences have just released their album Arrows, getting a publicity boost by collaborating with "Same Love" duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. But you already knew that.

What you may not know is that they've released the music video for the song "Arrows", so if you've been on the fence (*rimshot*) whether or not the album is for you, you can check out the scrufftastic song and dance AFTER THE JUMP...


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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Join Seattle Indie Pop Group Fences to Sling Some 'Arrows': LISTEN


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis look set to give a big chart boost to Seattle indie pop group Fences with their new collaboration "Arrows", out this week. The "Same Love" songmakers lend their talents to the track which "is largely about letting go of control and searching for your identity" according to Billboard. That theme is part of the reason that Fences (aka Christopher Mansfield, asked Macklemore, an old friend, to join him on the track.

Said Macklemore to Billboard: "He's fu---d up in the same way that I'm f----d up. Because of that, our lives relate beyond the music. I've always admired his talent for illustrating with words and evoking imagery."


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