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Magnum's 'Be True To Your Pleasure' Campaign Features Willam And Gender Nonconformists: WATCH

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Magnum’s new #BeTrueToYourPleasure campaign is less about high-end, European ice cream bars and more about acknowledging ways that gender nonconforming people subvert our ideas about the gender binary.

In a series of brief interviews James, Blake, and Gregory, three genderqueer people, describe the events that led to the formation of their identities.

“My mom made me into this world,” Gregory recounts. “She taught me about not coloring inside the lines. She empowered me to be whatever the hell I wanted to be.”

“I don’t see things as black and white. I see things on a spectrum. I see beauty in many different forms--if we’re talking about gender, I don’t see ‘man’ and ‘woman.’ I see different degrees of male and female and I know I fall somewhere maybe a little left of the middle.”

The ad campaign also features Willam Belli alongside James, Blake and Gregory in a stylized music video to an alternate version of Rihanna's "Umbrella."

While the presence of LGB-identified people in mainstream advertising is on the rise, Magnum’s campaign is one of the few to actually feature trans and/or queer people of color in a significant way. They’re a fantastic set of spots that you can watch for yourself AFTER THE JUMP...


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Sunny D's Latest Ad Is A Blast From The 90s Past: WATCH

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The 90s were a magical time to be a kid. Acid washed denim overalls were en vogue, En Vogue topped the charts, and the advertising for kids’ snacks were on point. The original ad for Sunny Delight managed to capture everything about the 90s that made being a kid fun: the fashion, the slang, the hair - it was the perfect introduction to a drink that swore up and down that it was healthy for you:


In an age of free range, organic kid snacks that have jumped onto the modern health wave, Sunny D’s stuck to its guns with that same classic orange drink. Sunny D’s latest commercial hammers home the idea that while the looks of the bottle may have changed, the juice inside will take you right back to your childhood. Check out that same group of kids from the 90s commercial still running their that poor woman’s house in hot pursuit of some Sunny D AFTER THE JUMP

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Meet 'Mouthfeel', the New Gay Culinary Magazine with a Punk Twist

If you're looking for something a little more sultry than just sumptuous fare in your food magazines, new publication Mouthfeel might just be the new magazine for you, with dishes and dishy boys sure to whet your appetite.
The magazine explores the complexities of food and the characters involved, all from a gay point-of-view and with a hardcore punk aesthetic. Described as being "for readers with unrestrained appetites for food, men, music and humor" each issue promises to serve up profiles, photos, artwork, recipes, essays and more.
Says founder Founder and Creative Director Mac Malikowski of the project, “I wanted to bring together the culture I live in – a combo of food, coffee, humor, hardcore and some hot guys here and there to keep it interesting. My favorite media always carries the torch of counter-culture. And counter-culture to me has always generated the best in food, art, music and my favorite types of guys. It’s a natural equation to me." 
Check out a few more snaps to give you a feel for Mouthfeel, AFTER THE JUMP...
You can also purchase your print copy of the magazine HERE. The first issue is a limited edition run of 100 copies. Online content is slated to be released May 18. 

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McDonald's New Hamburgular Is A DILF In A Mask: WATCH

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McDonald’s has been dealing with an image problem for the past few years. As other fast food chains like Chipotle, Panera, and Subway have made inroads with more health-minded consumers, the iconic hamburger empire’s struggled to keep pace. The chain’s recently revamped its menu and introduced a new happy meal character (clearly meant to scare children) but its latest brand makeover is almost assuredly targeting demographic.

McDonald’s has unveiled the new Hamburgular to be featured in a set of super villain-themed ads and let’s just say that he’s...well he’s fine.

"We felt it was time to debut a new look for the Hamburglar after he’s been out of the public eye all these years," McDonald's' Vice President of U.S. Marketing Joel Yashinsky explained to Mashable. "He’s had some time to grow up a bit and has been busy raising a family in the suburbs and his look has evolved over time."

Over the years the Hamburgular has been both a troll-like old man and a rambunctious, ginger-headed child. With this new incarnation, perhaps McDonald's can convince a few gay couples to have the Hamburgular show up and cater their weddings. Check out the first of the new Hamburgular ad spots AFTER THE JUMP...

(h/t Mashable)


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Australian Conservatives Think This Ad for Maltesers Candy Will Turn People Gay: VIDEO


Australian TV viewers have made official complaints that an advert for Maltesers in which two men kiss promotes homosexuality, reports Business Insider.

The advert, which has been running without problems in the UK and other markets for years, portrays two heterosexual men snuggling up unawares while sleeping.

Complaints to Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) have accused the ad of encouraging young people to be gay and of ridiculing gay people.

One of the complaints reads:

"I find it very offensive that while I'm watching tv with my child that an ad with a man kiss another man to come on to try and sell chocolates just like smoking and drinking alcohol leads to young people to do these things I feel strong that advertising homosexuals is try to turn young people gay."

Another offended viewer wrote:

"The two women place their boyfriends in a sexual/suggestive position while they are asleep. They are seen to kiss. The two women then laugh at what they have done. This ad is offensive because it continues to perpetuate the idea that being gay or male closeness is something to be ridiculed and laughed at."

In response to the complaints, Maltesers owner Mars Confectionery said of the “playful” ad that it would be inappropriate given the context to assume the men are of any kind of sexual orientation.

The ASB dismissed the complaints, ruling that the depiction of two men kissing would encourage young people to turn gay was an "unlikely interpretation and not one that is likely to be shared by the broader community."

On the issue that the ad promoted the idea that being gay or male closeness was something to be ridiculed, the ASB said the practical joke carried out in the ad is "not a derogatory sentiment toward homosexual men and did not depict material which discriminates against or vilifies a person on account of sexual preference."

Its worth noting that the men don't actually kiss in the ad.

Watch the offensive item, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Indie Film 'Out Here' Explores The Lives of Queer Farmers: WATCH

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The idea of the strong, strapping, knowledgeable farmer providing for his family is almost as American as apple pie. In reality, however, farmers are a much more diverse set of people than traditional ideas would have you think. In its new film Out Here, The Queer Farmer Film Project explores what it means to be a modern-day queer farmer here in America.

The film, which is now touring throughout the midwest and along the west coast, explores the relationship between the growing community of queer farmers and the larger modern food production industry that sustains our country.

Check out the trailer for Out Here AFTER THE JUMP...

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